Thursday, December 11, 2008

We Won the War?

Well fellow travelers I have something that will stir the Patriotic heart and fill your soul with racial pride. I give you our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd aka KRUDD.

I will give credit for finding this gem to the guys at APP. Good find


Hello Asian Masters. I will keep the Australian population busy hating the Muslims while you guys buy up all our land. I thank you comrades for securing all those Sheep and Cattle stations for the Communist cause. As promised I have given every person in Australia $1000 for each child. This will ensure the purchase of more useless Chinese crap over Christmas. This will secure your exports and make sure that China will survive the World Wide Economic crisis.

I have put the Australian Navy on forced leave so you can smuggle more Non Whites and Drugs into our Racist country. I am forever your Servant K.RUDD

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