Friday, October 31, 2008

A Tissue for Mathew Henderson Hau and FDB.

We offer up here a tissue so that Mathew Henderson Hau can wipe away the tears. Oh the anger and outrage he is displaying. What a load of BS. These guys have zero credibility and absolutely no sympathy from anyone who has taken the time to investigate the truth about the members of Fight Dem Back and Anarchi$t @ndy from slackbastard.

Take it away scumbag.

Darp (Mathew Henderson hau)Posted: Thu Oct 30, 2008 11:52 am Post subject:

It appears that the booty of Asher's childhood toys garnered from a Nazi raid on a garage sale has given them sufficient whacking off material to last until their Teutonic fuhrer rises from the dead. You gotta worry about the inner workings of minds like that...

A Nazi raid? Vivid images of evil SS officers storming the sleepy neighborhoods of New Zealand on a Sunday morning wow you gotta wonder what drugs this guy is on. But hey after reading the reports from FDB and Asher/Ash Goldman on NZ Flag Day I would guess drugs are a bit of a problem with these double agents. Reality just does not have any meaning what so ever to these frauds.

But hey it sounds good?

And need we remind FDB members about who is harassing activists family members? In fact no one from White Law has ever spoken to or even seen a FDB members relatives. In fact it’s near on impossible to even see the activists. They all hide like gut less toads. Hey @ndy and Mathew you sure as hell know about that.

Fact is that since 2005 Fight dem back and its members have endangered the children and spouses of White Nationalists they have harassed Whitelaw staffs family via email they have used explosives in an attempt to harm or maim a QLD Nationalists elderly mother.

So folks don’t feel sorry for these double agents just feel happy knowing that they have just about outlived their usefulness.

Further Reading No Quarter

A real Garage Sale raid in Palestine carried out not long after Asher Goldman returned from Israel. More than a dozen Palestinians were murdered in this raid alone, nice work FDB.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Anarchism / Antifa On The Run In NZ: Are Some Lefties Waking Up To Asher Goldman?

The NZ Flag Day demo in Wellington on October 25 proved pretty much conclusively that anarchism, indeed antifa generally, is on the run in Kiwi land. The nationalists from NZ National Front and other patriotic groups outnumbered the scum: 68 to 34.

The nationalists (with the exception of the local NF branch) were actually delegates to special meetings from all over the country to get the NZ show back on track. The anarchists were mainly locals with some South Island recruits drawn in. So why so few, considering that back in 2004 about 200 broke off from an anti-racist rally to offer the patriots some violence? The anarchists had been advertising their ‘No To Fascism No To Racism’ demo for weeks. Anarchist/Zionist leader, Asher/Ash Goldman, had been promising that the “fascists” would be directly challenged. But when the big day comes, all he’s got is the freak show hard core: “ice” users (methamphetamines), hippie chicks with bare breasts and fags in masks. (See Good bye Anarchism Hello Zionism)

The arrests of many anarchist type contacts on weapons charges earlier this year took a bit of the fight out of the far-left, but Whitelaw thinks it goes a lot further than that.

There has been an unfolding crisis on the NZ left over the last year. We have noticed that very disturbing trend where the far-left gets obsessed with “racism” and “fascism” so much that they actually lose the bigger picture. After all, lefties are supposed to be against the State and against capitalism. Yet, they spend most of their time challenging – well, the nationalists. Whom does that serve? It actually serves the very forces that the lefties claim they are fighting! Antifa is therefore a disease that corrodes the brain and we are certain some lefties have started to feel it! Is it that some lefties would prefer to get on with their mission-statement rather than fight only the nationalists?

From our point of view at Whitelaw, we don’t mind a fight with the left, if in fact it is them we are fighting. The trouble with antifa is that it serves someone else and we are fairly sure the hand of this ‘someone else’ is well and truly in motion.

Look at Asher, the main actor here. We see that he was a member of a Zionist, socialist, youth movement. Without long trowelling searches through the internet or the uni library, we think this movement was part of something called “Labour Zionism”, a trend that went right back to the “Bund” in Tsarist Russia, but hey, we at Whitelaw are just supposed to be red-necked fascist know-nothings, so we won’t push the history too far. (We will let @ndy do that.)

One thing we can say: Labour Zionism had that Trotskyite flavour to it and Trots have shown themselves on the wrong side of so much internal leftie crap to make one wonder whether Stalin was right about them after all. Were they people who sprouted ultra left words but who served the capitalists anyway by what they actually – did!?? And inevitably, with the antifa comes the usual Jewish persons who steer things in a certain direction. Again, any self-respecting-leftie would say he was against Zionism and for Palestine and against those Zionists here who seek to distort local politics to serve their agenda. But we haven’t seen too much of that in the NZ left scene for a while and despite a few noises from Asher, obviously well played songs, he’s rather quiet too.

Ok, Asher is Jewish. He had a very Jewish upbringing. He obviously embraced one of the types of Zionism. He has written for the Jewish newspaper in NZ. Thanks to good intelligence, NZ nationalists were able to intrude right into Asher’s life. They gained access to even his baby-books. They have several of them. They even got hold of his toddler toys. The NZ nats even obtained his kiddy cash register, a toy Kyle Chapman, prominent NZ nationalist leader, is photographed with. Kyle was delighted to look into Asher’s soul but all he could see was smoke?

The NZ nats have been thorough, finding people who knew Asher in his earlier life, to tell what they know. One nationalist, a psychologist, has now offered a ‘profile’ of Asher which should make good reading and this could guide future activities. We know that Asher suffers from Depression and that it’s stuffed his life. He admits to that. The lifestyle of anarchism and a double agent wouldn’t help much either. Is he the personality type who is open to manipulation? Would he really understand what was happening to him? Is he a victim of Zionism instead of the hated Fascism?

Whitelaw asks: what did Asher say at the rally last weekend in Wellington? He went on about someone at the nationalist demo as being in jail for violence. Whatever the truth about that – why the bloody hell would an anarchist care? Shouldn’t he be happy about that? And then try to recruit the bloke for the Anarchist Revolution? Get real. Asher sounded like a bourgeois goody-boy.

Not to be outdone on the sympathy stakes Asher/Ash also claimed during a New Zealand Television interview that his “family had been burnt to death”. One has to wonder at the way the Zionists always play the sympathy card for attention. Does he feel the same sympathy for the victims he set up recently while collecting information on Pro Palestinian supporters in Israel?

Before we take the anarchists in NZ and or in Australia seriously, they should purge this snivelling secret-Zionist from the ranks. Next, he’ll start talking to “anti fascist” security police. Yes, it’s time for a purge! Let’s get some real anarchists in charge of the anarchist scene. At least we’ll really know what we’re dealing with.

Kyle Chapman puts some real currency in Asher/Ash child hood toy cash register. Mmm I wonder if his parents were trying to say something in getting him a cash register?

Australia First spokesperson Jim Saleam checks out Asher/Ash Goldman’s child hood favorite Book (obtained by Nzed Nationalists) hopefully to get some insight into the twisted mind of a Zionist. The inscription reads To our darling Asher on your third birthday love mummy and dady.

Australian Protectionist attack Kiwi Patriots.

Oh crikey someone give Darrin Hodges (APP spokesperson) a smaller shovel. Because at this rate the hole he is digging for himself and his fellow APP members is getting a tad deep.

We are ashamed to print this and truly feel we must apologize to our comrades over in New Zealand for such outrageous remarks from an Australian citizen.
It has always been our mission to expose the enemy with in and outside of the White Nationalist movement. So add this one to the list

darrinh AdministratorHero Member
October 21, 2008, 05:50:36 PM
"This after warning people not to post on internet forums. This is also a bloke who thinks he'll get anywhere in the political realms by posting on a Neo-Nazi web forum. Saleam is irrelevant, and is going to New Zealand to march with the Nazi's and Satanist's over there. APP is the nationalist party of Australia, "

We would like to state that staff at Whitelaw Towers refuse to paint all the members of APP with the same Zionist brush and as always will have an open door policy to those members.

We feel that it is wise to have open dialogue with the APP just in case one day they decide to rid themselves of the likes of Hodges.

Once again we apologize to our comrades in New Zealand.

Good-bye Anarchism Hello Zionism

Asher Goldman Kiwi Zionist Agent
Asher Goldman Anarchist Traitor/ Government Agent

Yes folks will the real Anarchist please stand up. They come in all shapes and sizes in the Mossad. While his mates in Kiwi Land are all being put away (that would be the real anarchists) Asher Goldman is still out and about collecting information for his masters.

Stay tuned for our in depth reports on the rather Successful Flag Day held by Kiwi patriots and the very interesting story on the demise of the Anarchists in New Zealand. Whitelaw staff would love to take credit for the last bit but we must give that credit to Fight Dem Back, Asher Goldman and @ndy slackbastrd. Thanks fellas.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Be Back Soon

Whitelaw staff is taking a well-deserved break we will be back in about week maybe a little longer. Stay proud brothers and sisters.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The testimony of an Australian

Thinking of going on an overseas trip? Maybe travel to Europe? Well unless you have spoken out against Zionism or questioned the events of WW2 you should be safe in Europe? What you are about to read will put Asher Goldman’s covert trip to Israel for Mossad to shame.
I am an Australian that worked for a major NGO in Cambodia my exposure to the mossad murder squads operating in the S.E. Asia came about thru the acquaintance of a fellow Australian.

I met Brian at the boarder town of KIoh Kong. Brian was young man from Sydney that had just finished school with an English Major and had come to Australia to teach English for a year we talked in length about how he had lost his entire family in an accident his desire to help the impoverished Cambodian people.

Brian was leaving for Srey Ambel the next day on a small boat to teach at a small local school that he had arranged thru a Cambodian friend he had been corresponding with for a few years.

A few weeks latter I was in the Srey Ambel area and went by to visit Brian. He had never arrived, and was not replying to e-mail from me or his friend at the school he was to teach at, his friend at the school said maybe he had decided to travel around for a few weeks, but no one knew.

Two weeks later while I was in Phnom Penh, I was at a restaurant on the riverfront, I met a man there that introduced himself as Brian, using Brian’s name and background story but it was a deferent man. I tried to get as much information out of him without letting him know I had known the real Brian after our conversation I went strait to the Australian consulate they told me they would look into the report.

The next day I was talking to a Diane, NZ women that I had known for some time that worked for a different NGO. Diane was very alarmed when I told her of what had happened and said I was in great danger and told me to meet her later that day in the Toul Tom Pong Market.
There I was met by Diane and a man I will refer to as Tom that Identified himself as a NZ security Official.

“These mossad run gangs like to throw there victims off of tour boats they do a lot of operations off the southern coast of Thailand and Cambodia” Tom said, as he showed me documentation of 8 people whose bodies where found that ‘disappeared’ like Brian, 5 where Australian.
Tom also showed me some photos of 5 more mossad agents suspected of involvement in the disappearances.

One I identified as the man I met that was using Brian’s Identity, it was a photo of Zev Barkan.
“This is a real bad guy, vicious. He’s killed a few of the victims himself witnesses have said he likes to personally throw them over board while the boats are moving and then turns around and run the victim over, chopping the victim up with the prop” Tom said

As he showed me photos and documents that connected Barkan and 4 other mossad agents to terrorist training camps in southern Thailand And documents linking them to armed terrorist actions in southern Thailand along with documents that linked telecommunications and money wire transfers originating in Israel.

Tom informed me that NZ security Operations have evidence that some Australian Officials are involved in a cover-up of these mossad operations for political reasons that reach up to the highest levels of the Australian Government.

“This guy is an Australian official we linked to Barkan, we have evidence he was involved in the terrorist training camps but not the murders Barkan is in hot water with him because of the murders but he is involved in the cover up of the murders and that why you are in so much danger, now they are committed into covering the murders up” Tom said, as he showed me pictures of Barkan meeting the man at the Australian consulate I had made the missing person report to.

Tom informed me I was in grave danger because of my visit to the Australian consulate, and if I did not Leave Cambodia immediately I would be dead before the end of the week.
Tom arranged for me to fly out of Cambodia to NZ on a small NZ government plane that night.

And now I find myself in NZ living in a safe house not knowing when it will be ok to return to my life. I am writing this in a hope it might save someone from the fate that Brian suffered.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


“Phil Anselmo” Have pride in your heart. Because Today is a White Day!

Fight Dem Back US Representatives.


(3 hours ago)

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"we are going to kill yall obama for president

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Australian Protectionists reaction to the Death of Jorge Haider.

What of the Neo Conservative Right the Australian Protectionist Party? After the tragic news had been passed onto the APP from a member of the London BNP what was the reaction? Sadness and a sense of loss as in the message posted by Greenwich of the London BNP? Nope it would seem the reaction from these Neo Cons isn’t that much different than that of the Zionists at FDB. Its all a bit of a joke to them.


London BNP

"I am sad to bring you this news from Europe.....Jorg Haider, leader of one of Austria’s main nationalist parties, has died in a car crash just after winning a stunning victory in Austria’s general election.”

Now from a member of the APP forum.


Quote from: jaxxen on October 12, 2008, 04:53:07 PM 1
Quote from: Casapound on October 12, 2008, 02:08:43 PM 2
1/The conspiracy theorists are going nuts all over the net.
2/Can you blame them? My immediate thought was "hmmm... someone's been tinkering with his car."

"Yes! It was The Brotherhood of Jewish Mechanics!"

And the APP spokesperson Darrin Hodges.
1/Yes! It was The Brotherhood of Jewish Mechanics!
"Really? I thought it was the Jewish Mechanics Front!"

And his sidekick and founder of Down Under News Links

1/Yes! It was The Brotherhood of Jewish Mechanics!
"That made me lol"

Whitelaw staff is disgusted at the reaction but not surprised. And hope that others are as disgusted as we are.
Please note because of claims by Darrin Hodges about staff sourcing his picture from Zionist sources we are forced to explain. It was a Google search you idiot. It was also the only one we found that did not show your face. Please feel free to send us another.

Australia First’s reaction to the Death of Jorge Haider.

Whitelaw staff has been busy gauging the reaction of different groups to the recent tragic death of Jorge Haider. Of course by now we have seen the comments from the Zionist groups such as Fight Dem back and the Anarchist traitor and FDB founder @ndy at Slackbastard.

This morning one of our NSW staff contacted the Spokesperson for Australia First Dr Jim Saleam and asked if he would care to comment on these tragic events. Below is a copy of the fax received from Australia First today. We have been lead to believe an official statement will be made public very soon.

The Death of Jorge Haider.

Australia First Party directs its condolences to the Alliance for the Future of Austria on the death of its founding leader, Jorge Haider.

Our party notes the firm stand taken by Mr. Haider against immigration into Austria, against the loss of his country’s identity and freedom in the Euro-Super-State and for the preservation of Austrian sovereignty.

The matter of Mr. Haider’s death in a car accident last weekend has raised many questions. Mr. Haiders death came right at the moment of the current crisis of globalising capitalism. If any Austrian politician was placed to take advantage of this moment, it would have been him. The death of Mr. Haider was convenient to the Austrian elite and to the Euro-crats who manage and profit from corporate and banking power. Austrian nationalists will undoubtedly pursue the truth, whatever that may be.

As with the death of any person important to any freedom movement, we are sure the Austrian nationalists will only say: the struggle continues.

Dr Jim Saleam Australia First Party.
Well-said Australia First.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hate Speech from the Anti Racists on the Death of Jorg Haider

Founding Member of Fight Dem Back Mathew Henderson Hau
Yes folks the heroes at Australia’s only Anti Racist web site Fight Dem Back, what do they have to say about the tragic death of Jorg Haider?

In a thread on the Fight Dem Back forum named “Haider is now in hell” we have this rubbish.

Founding Member Donald Oorst

“Lol. Burn in hell Joerg. God is an antifascist.”

Denise the UK correspondent of FDB and member of Unity News / Lancaster Unity / Unity forum.

“We're all going to the funeral. Why don't you come along to pay your respects - but bring your own beer, crisps and party hats”

Lets keep in mind that Fight Dem Back is a community minded organization that has been touted as being a respectable and professional group.

Shocked? How about Anarchist @ndy and we use that term jokingly. @ndy another founding member of Fight Dem Back as we have shown is just another Zionist. Of course he is happy. Haider had only just spoken about breaking the strangle hold the banks have on his native people. As @ndy knows anyone saying evil things like this must go.

From Slackbastard. Comments section.

Ultimate Hater
“Hey Stefan if alive I would have put a boot in his head and now dead I would cheerfully piss on his fucking grave and smash his tombstone. How do you feel about that Stefan? Oh you are not impressed? Probably because you are a fool who thinks that bad people dying ‘accidentally’ is more tragic than when they die on purpose.

So in summary burn in the pits of hell Joerg Haider I hope your friends and followers are with you soon”.



"I just wish he’d lost control into a crowd of his supporters."

What a lovely bunch of people these Zionist puppets are. I bet they make the IDF proud? They are truly the scourge of mankind. These people have zero credibility.

Mossad spied on Austria's Haidar

50 kmh Accident?
LONDON, June 2 (UPI) -- The Israeli secret service, Mossad, spied on Jörg Haider, the right-wing Austrian populist, The London Times newspaper reported Thursday.

Mossad used Peter Sichrovsky, one of Haidar's closest aides, to gather information on his contacts with Arab dictators. Sichrovsky said he had been a Mossad informant for five years until retiring from politics in 2002.

"I wanted to help Israel and certainly did not do anything wrong," said Sichrovsky, who was secretary-general of Haider's Freedom Party and a member of the European Parliament.
The Austrian state prosecutor said Wednesday he would open an investigation to determine whether Sichrovsky should be prosecuted. Spying for a foreign power carries in Austria a jail sentence of up to three years.

The revelations, in the news weekly Profil, stunned the Austrian political class. The Jewish community had regarded Sichrovsky as a traitor, while anti-Semitic Freedom Party activists made no secret of their distrust.

The Freedom Party became a member of Austria's governing coalition in 1999, prompting a diplomatic boycott by the European Union. Haider had publicly praised the SS and Hitler's employment policies. Israel withdrew its ambassador.

Source and more Here

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Obituary: Joerg Haider

To his supporters Joerg Haider was a patriot who dared to speak uncomfortable truths.



Austrian far-right politician Joerg Haider has been killed in a road accident, police reports say.

Oh yeah it was an accident. The day of the sword is near. Lets say thanks to a great man. Dont get mad get even.

Friday, October 10, 2008

One Good Reason not to have a Jew at your Funeral

Sorry folks the powers that be have decided that this Zionist has spoken out of school. Racist bastards.

What scum.

Australian Free Speech Under Attack

Watch this video and consider what will become of free speech in this country if we do not act now. Also note the enemy of the Australian people who are most likely the ones that sit at the same table as Frauds such as @ndy. Yes folks these people who show up on the video at 2.58 min will be the same ones that will gaol you. Act Now.

Listen to Rev. Ted Pike on Dr. Toben's Arrest with Hosts Robby Noel & Rick Adams & Mark Dankoff Here

Another Fake Hate Crime!

A 19-year-old member of Baltimore Hebrew Congregation was being held yesterday after being charged in connection with the spray-painting of a swastika and the word "Nazis" at the synagogue in Pikesville.

Matthew Ian Saunders, whose family worships at the temple, and two other young Jewish men - Daniel Alexander Diaz, 19, and a 17-year-old who was not identified by police - were charged with two counts of destruction of property and damaging the property of a religious entity.

The charges involve spraying offensive graffiti early Sunday on a sign at Baltimore Hebrew Congregation on Park Heights Avenue and at another Pikesville institution, Beth Tfiloh Congregation High School on Old Court Road.

Saunders and Diaz were ordered held in lieu of $50,000 bail at the Baltimore County Detention Center, while the youngest of the trio was released to the custody of his parents, police said.

Cpl. Michael Hill, a Baltimore County police spokesman, said the matter was not being treated as a hate crime because "we don't know the motivation." In any event, he said, under Maryland law a person cannot be charged with committing a hate crime per se, but must be charged with carrying out an act such as damaging religious property, which is covered by the hate-crimes statute.

Another police spokesman, Bill Toohey, said the Pikesville incidents were not motivated by hate. After questioning the suspects, investigators determined that the sites were "not targeted because they were synagogues," he said. "It wasn't directed at the institution or because of hostility to that belief.

"Del. Samuel I. Rosenberg, who introduced the hate-crimes statute in 1988, said, "You don't need to establish a religious animus to prove that someone damaged a property owned by a religious institution.

"Because of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, the offices at the high school and synagogue were closed yesterday and no one could be reached for comment.

That all three accused men are Jewish "makes it all the more problematic," said Art Abramson, executive director of the Baltimore Jewish Council. "The initial concern is that you're dealing with a hate group or a terrorist incident. Thankfully, it's not that, but this is of great concern, not only as an issue of law enforcement but it's an issue in these individuals' backgrounds."

Abramson, who spoke with the Saunders' rabbi to confirm that the family worships at Baltimore Hebrew Congregation, raised the possibility that, as he put it, the young men might be "self-hating Jews.

"The arrests came after a police officer remembered seeing a Dodge Neon carrying three people leave the parking lot of Baltimore Hebrew Congregation at 3 a.m. Sunday while he was responding to an unrelated matter. Later, when the vandalism report came in, detectives in Pikesville used the tag number to trace the vehicle's ownership, which led to the arrests Tuesday of the three young men.

Asher/Ash’s Trip to Israel Pays off.

Nice work Asher

Jews and Wolves

Just another example of the hypocrisy of the current rulers of this world. Sorta makes you want to go and grab a bucket and heave last nights dinner in it.


BOSTON (AP) -- A woman who admitted fabricating a best-selling memoir about surviving the Holocaust by living with wolves cannot be sued by her former publisher because the lawsuit was filed too late, a Massachusetts judge ruled.

Excellent New Aussie Blog!

PORT MACQUARIE PRESERVATIONISTS - resisting the refugee madness in the Hastings
Port Macquarie Preservationists are a group of concerned Hastings citizens who seek to inform the Hastings community of the dangers of the area becoming an official, or even unofficial part of the federal government's refugee relocation program. We cite four soild reasons for refusing the scheme: #1: The region's housing crisis #2: The region's medical crisis #3: The health threat posed by refugees and #4: Refugee crime and terrorism links as experienced in other areas of the country

Check it out here

Fun with @ndy the Left Wing Traitor.

Raul Castro blindfolds a prisoner ready for execution.
Is this @ndy's future?
From @ndy at Slackbastard. Enjoy.
"G’day Jim!
Whatever ya reckon mate.
Fightdemback! was established in late 2004 by a number of anti-racist activists from Australia and Aotearoa / New Zealand, and officially launched on ANZAC Day, April 25, 2005.
Since then, among other things:
the ‘White Pride Coalition of Australia’ has dissolved; "

Oh @ndy who is the idiot? You see the WPCA forum was shut down because it was full of FDB members causing trouble. It had nothing to do with pressure from FDB or any other left wing nut jobs. In fact it was decided by the senior members of the forum that they should all go and join another forum and start again. Ever heard of Australian New Nation? Duh. As for the trusted members of the WPCA forum all I repeat all of them are still working away to bring you @ndy and your mates down. And all is going to plan.
"Peter Campbell of the WPCA, and the distribution of a text — “How to build a David Copeland special” — has been exposed in national media; "
Mmm love this one. As it has been explained countless times on this blog and Victor Whitelaw the whole story that was presented was and is a total fraud. Created by FDB to silence their number one critic. Their number one enemy at that time. No one was arrested or charged. In fact it’s a bloody wonder you guys who created it never got charged. But seeing, as you work for the state @ndy no surprise in the end.
"the ‘Patriotic Youth League’ has dissolved (and its desultory handful of rallies routed); "

The good old PYL. This is what started it all. You guys picking on a 15 year old kid and threatening his family. Yes well as far as I know bar one exception all those young men have grown up. And you guessed it they to are working with others to bring you down. They are aware that you are also a fake and a fraud. They may be young but sure as hell are wise to you. The PYL was a good idea but was doomed to fail anyway. Had nothing to do with you at all. Unless you count the lies you and Mathew Henderson spread about them in the paper. Hey what happened to all the FDB connections in the News Print? Oh that’s right they figured you out also. FDB = Fraudulent Bastards.

"the ‘Australian National Front’ was aborted;"

Oh my please stop. Yes folks we have it at last. BVH past mod of Storm Front was the catalyst for the destruction of the Australian National Front. It was he that solely destroyed it from his position at Storm Front Down Under. Yes folks that’s his brother at the helm now SCB. As we have highlighted here it was the Whitelaw Project that exposed this traitor as a FDB stooge. The chosen idiot. Set to run White Nationalism into hole never to emerge again. @ndy once again has shown how stupid he is. It must be noted that it was Andy’s blog that published photos of members from SFDU that were passed onto him by BVH David Innes.

"the ‘Australia First Party’ has split into three, with one splinter retreating into inactivity in Shepparton, the other retreating into a bunker in Tempe, and the third forming the equally ineffective ‘Australian Protectionist Party’, the NSW Chairman of which, Darrin Hodges, describes the leader of the second faction, Dr James Saleam, as a pathological liar and an oily spiv (among other things);the functioning of the annual fascist gathering known as the Sydney Forum has been disrupted, and the 2008 gathering cancelled;"

Oh boy ,come on 2008 gathering cancelled? The year aint over yet sunshine. Disrupted? Sure has because the people involved have been very busy this year with bigger projects you dud.
Now the AFP. It again had nothing to do with you except the involvement once again of your traitor mate Barron Von Hund David Innes mod at SFDU. It was he that started the ball rolling upsetting the apple cart. In the end it helped AF cut away the dead wood and took the approach that many believed should have been taken long ago. Ever noticed how since the early retirement of the FDB plant BVH things seem to running a lot smoother. Once again @ndy you blew it. No wonder the friends you once had are not as keen as they once were to help you. Its just you and the feds now @ndy boy.

"the Birmingham Hotel — previously the venue for the annual Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial gig — has undergone a change of management (”It’s not shit any more!”);the venue for the ISD gig has been exposed and publicised three years running, with its audience dwindling and its costs increasing;"

Well from what I see all you did was persecute a businessman and help advertise the ISD gig. I guess we should thank you for the second part. From what I hear from my B&H comrades they are very pleased with you. Dwindling hey nice try @ndy it’s exactly the opposite. Dwindling is the FDB membership roll. Dwindling is the support FDB once had. Dwindling is the amount of anarchists who support you @ndy because you are a traitor. Everything these groups do Left and Right is collected by you and passed onto the authorities. Nice work by the way in NZed. I suspect that Asher’s Palestinian mates will also be rounded up and shot accidentally of course by the IDF some time this year.

"the ‘Great Australian Bikini March’ was cancelled;"

Can’t comment on that. But I will try. People outside of the WN/NS circles organized this. These were just average Aussies. But once again BVH played a roll in this at SF along with Benny boy who has been known to step on his dick a fair bit. This once again had more to do with you using your inside man and Benny’s stupidity than anything else.

"the ‘Stormfront Down Under’ site has gone from bad to worse (and two moderators — David Innes and Rhys McLean — have retired, leaving it in the capable hands of David’s brother Paul);"

Yeah it just didn’t work out for ya did it @ndy. Or did it? Who cares SF same as many WN forums are outliving there usefulness. What goes on behind the scenes is more important. On the street @ndy we are strong you are weak. Well the real Anarchists and Left-wingers anyway. Thats just how you want it isnt it @ndy. Many are slowly putting all the pieces together. @ndy I’m sure it will be painless when it comes?

"Sue Bateman of One Nation in WA has been exposed as a (former) member of SF;and so on and so forth."
Once again @ndy and FDB admit that BVH David Innes ex mod from Storm Front Down Under was a FDB informer. It was he who passed on the pictures to FDB and all the info sourced. Once again what has @ndy and FDB done since BVH was outed here at Whitelaw? Nothing folks. Bar helping the Hammer Skins and Blood and Honor with promotion of the ISD gigs. Once again thanks.

The far right is on the rise @ndy that’s what bothers you and your internationalist friends. I guess you and your controllers will have to take the game to another level. It is you who will play into our hands this time. You know why? Because the system is broken. You are a tool of a broken system @ndy. Your own people are seeing with there own eyes who is responsible for the crap that is going on. And when they get their hands on you @ndy they will tear you into strips. Fact is we have more in common with the true left wing activists than you. Why because we are not working for the Authorities like you. We are fighting the system and we are gaining ground.

Hear that sound @ndy? That’s the collapse of Capitalism. And we all know who is going to rule the day when the crap hits the fan. It aint you. But I’m sure you will get a fair trial.
When all the talk is over @ndy you will be seen for what you truly are. A traitor to your own principles and people. You are a disgrace and if Che was around I’m sure he would have you shot ASAP. You are not only the enemy to us but also a bigger enemy to the left.
You have been so cocky in the past you and FDB have outed yourselves. Your constant bragging of whom you all work for and with is your own demise. Sleep well traitor. I know I will.
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