Thursday, November 27, 2008

Port Macquarie Preservationists

Check them out.

Top level Victorian Police conspiracy hid the truth about African refugee crime wave

Sudanese crime rate double that of Adelaide general crime rate


Some homework for you all before the weekend. Watch this clip and then listen to the amazing turn around from Alex Jones. I know we are preaching mostly to the converted? But the rest of you if you don’t get the idea by now you never will. And that would make you one of four things?


You know things are bad when the Zionist openly threaten mass extermination of the White Race

and the Alex Jones Turn around

Thanks to Australian New Nation and David for the heads up.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well hasn’t it been a busy month? With all the news coming out of the UK and the hilarious moaning from our favorite double agents Fight Dem Back I think us white folk deserve a break? Look unless you are into watching Anarchi$t @ndy and Campbell Smith at $lackbastard pretend to be concerned Anarchists go have some fun.

You all deserve a nice refreshing BEER and some quality time with fellow travelers. Hey here is an idea, go have that Sunday lunch with your family. Turn off the PC and get some fresh air into those lungs.

As you will see from the Weekend movies I have posted here all our problems will be waiting for us when we all get back to it on Monday. Go have some fun this weekend people.

How to Destroy Nations with Love and Tolerance


Monday, November 24, 2008

Call off the Hounds? No Bloody Way!

Flash Back 2006. Who are the SILENT Partners at Fight Dem Back?


political tar baby

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Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 8:19 pm


“FDB started as a bunch of pissed off residents of a neighbourhood with a high percentage of migrants or ethnic people, which had been targeted with an anti-immigration nazi sticker campaign by the PYL.

Considering all the grief FDB have put the PYL & other nazis through since then, you could call that one VERY expensive PR failure. PR is supposed to get you positive community regard- and the PYL couldn't have gotten anything less resembling good ink, thanks to FDB actions.

At the time of the formation of FDB a few years ago, there was no particular need for a top-down hierarchical structure- and there still really isn't any need for such.

However, recent bullshit out of one or two pathetic nazis, where said nazis were trying to claim some sort of info-war victory through discussions with some non-core

FDB associates, prompted the FDB core to identify some the voting membership, that is those who are authorised to speak publicly on behalf of the group. Krapper & Perrin's recent shyte (sic) is a bit like interrogating a private to find out what the generals are up to. Doesn't work too well, does it?

Mind you, the nazis crowing about what they don't know is actually a fair bit funnier than their usual shenanigans... and I want to thank them all for a good year's-end belly laugh.

While there may be only 13 core, voting FDB members identified, this in no way reflects the total number of people who support FDB, either financially or through other participation. There's quite a few more active FDB associates and core members who prefer to be silent (and thus not named by Darp), but who are really quite noisy in the background. Several don't even post publicly on FDB. To be deadly honest, these are the people that Krapmonkey and Stuggie should be worrying about- not me, Darp or the rest of the identified core FDB membership, though the screen names FDB readers are familiar with will always be the ones responsible for media and other 'official' public contacts.

Despite the identification of some of the voting membership, FDB will remain very ad-hoc and a deliberately 'broad church' with anti-racism as the sole objective.”

Okay, so let’s review the importance of this revealing post by Brian Stokes aka ‘Weezil’. For two years now the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang has sneered at and derided anyone who suggested FDB’s strings were being pulled by more powerful and sinister forces. Any who suggested that FDB was anything more than the front presented to the world through their website were labelled “Right Wing conspiracy nuts”.

People have been openly encouraged to support, join and even donate their money to FDB who are represented in the compliant and complicit Controlled Media as brave and tireless campaigners for truth, justice and the Multicultural way. Yet now we find out this open and honest, law abiding, peace, love and goodwill to all people group dedicated to social justice and Racial harmony has “silent” members. Apparently Darp and Weezil etc are simply…

“the ones responsible for media and other 'official' public contacts.”

So basically the genius that is Brian Stokes, with the obvious intent to further intimidate his victims, has ‘come out’ with this revelation that fully vindicates everything the White Nationalists have been saying all along about FDB’s command structure. FDB is merely a FRONT ORGANISATION.

Let’s run that by again. The public have been encouraged to donate money, via a PayPal account on their Website, to an already proven criminal group who have deliberately misrepresented themselves all along! This is FRAUD, pure and simple. How many of those foolish enough to donate would have done so if they had known there was a secret leadership with its own undeclared agenda? It is comparable to making donations to a secret society like the ‘Skull & Bones’ or the ‘Cosa Nostra’ or, more relevantly, Jemiah Islamia!

They have incessantly accused their political adversaries (their targeted victims) of being devious and too cowardly to stand up in public for their beliefs. So where is the honesty and transparency now in Fight Dem Back? If their cause is so righteous and they truly believe they have nothing to hide why is there now this belated admission to an inner secret order? Who are these dark, shadowy figures who make a lot of noise in the background (push policy?) but are too shy to show their faces? Why are these “silent” members so reluctant to be “famous”?

“FDB started as a bunch of pissed off residents”

This is an absolute lie. FDB started in the diseased mind of Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ to stroke his own already massively bloated ego. He initiated a very personal vendetta, driven primarily by his feelings of inadequacy and repressed self-loathing due to his mongrel status, and dragged in as many people as he could along the way. This consisted almost exclusively of the cultural detritus of society. The feckless student class, the political dilettante, the n’er do wells, the chip on the shoulder brigade, Trade Union thugs.

It was only after the group gained some momentum that his current ‘handlers’ in the extreme Left political establishment ‘talent spotted’ him and began grooming him as a ‘useful idiot’. He has since been kept on a drip feed of filthy lucre, from the Eastern Suburbs’ Chosenites, with promises of a big pay off once he had “eliminated” certain White Nationalist figures. Also, along the way he has courted and employed for “special missions” the services of militant Islamists, violent Anarchists and Trade Union bully boys.

“However, recent bullshit out of one or two pathetic nazis, where said nazis were trying to claim some sort of info-war victory through discussions with some non-core”

Is that anything like John Howard’s “Non-Core” policies?

“FDB associates, prompted the FDB core to identify some the voting membership, that is those who are authorised to speak publicly on behalf of the group.”

This cynical move was “prompted by abject terror at being directly implicated (too late) in serious criminal activity by their underlings.

“Krapper & Perrin's recent shyte (sic) is a bit like interrogating a private to find out what the generals are up to. Doesn't work too well, does it?”

Yet again he indicates there is a “hierarchy” to FDB after seemingly going to great pains to deny it. Strange

“There's quite a few more active FDB associates and core members who prefer to be silent (and thus not named by Darp), but who are really quite noisy in the background.”

Now if that is not a “thinly veiled threat” then I don’t know what is. Interestingly all this verbal wankery by Weezil is an absolute gift to White Nationalists. He is admitting that his already proven Terrorist group has “silent” or secret members who are a danger to decent Australians like the White Nationalists.

“To be deadly honest, these are the people that Krapmonkey and Stuggie should be worrying about”

“Deadly”? Now that is a strange word, is it not, to employ in reference to “silent” members of a criminal gang if one is hoping to maintain the ‘good guy’ image of FDB? Sadly, for FDB’s propaganda minister, he has stood on his dick with this one. The threat is clear and unambiguous.

“While there may be only 13 core, voting FDB members identified, this in no way reflects the total number of people who support FDB, either financially or through other participation.”

Financially. This means there is a money trail leading directly back to the real villains in all this. So far, Whitelaw Towers have only discovered small traces of this trail. Following this latest shit storm the breadcrumb trails have now undoubtedly been covered, erasing any evidence and maintaining the anonymity of the “silent” members.

Other participation. Well we know what this means. It is ‘services rendered free of charge’ such as their agents who work in the Government bureaucracies with access to people’s personal files and their computer hackers etc.


BNP member being arrested by MI5?

Yes readers it would seem that a Whistle Blower on the inside has let the cat out of the bag. As our readers already know groups such as Fight Dem Back are just useful idiots and agents for the Australian Intelligence Groups. These groups and self proclaimed Anarchist such as @ndy the Anarchi$t at Slackbasterd not only collect information on Left Wing and Pro Palestinian groups they also harass White Nationalists as a cover. How many times readers have you heard them say how closely they work with authorities?

Readers of this article will also be well aware of the roll the MI5 played in the covert running of the British arm of C18.


But a police informant who had infiltrated the party said it was the work of MI5.The covert operative told us security chiefs ordered the leak to halt the party’s rise in power.He said Combat 18 splinter groups within the BNP are hellbent on violence against Muslims, prompting spooks to take action.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Crikey it’s the British/Zionist Press!

Hell we thought Greg Roberts was bad? Sadly for the BNP no matter how many Right Wing Jews you have as members they still can’t control the press.

'Firebomb' At BNP Home After Leak . 9:12am UK, Friday November 21, 2008
"A car outside a British National Party member's home has reportedly been firebombed after personal details of the group were leaked. "

Then same link different story…

'Firebomb Near Leaked BNP Home'. 9:42am UK, Friday November 21, 2008

"A suspicious car fire close to the home of a British National Party member is being investigated by police. "

Interesting. Looks like the first reporter was on the list?


A car outside a British National Party member's home has reportedly been firebombed after personal details of the group were leaked. Source

Maybe if the Australian Federal Police find the time between finger printing dead fish HERE and tracking hard working Aussies HERE just maybe they can lend their British colleagues a hand?

Oh FDB (especially you Brian Stokes and Denise Garside) is it still funny? Yes folks Brian Stokes and Denise Garside not only helped spread this list they think its all a bit of a laugh.

Welcome to the real game Brian. I doubt you will last. It just isn’t the type of game a spineless geek like you should play. You should have stayed in bed that day hey. Or stuck to picking on school kids

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Yes Mathew LOSER.

Oh lordy how the big tuff anti racist anarchist types go to water when the pressure is on. Just recently the Australian New Nation Forum found that it had a certain Mathew Henderson Hau posing as he does as an Australian White Nationalist.

So it was decided that our good friend from ANN Defend This would set little Mathew up. Hell we all know that as soon as the pressure is on old Darp he squeals like a stuck pig. And he did.

The plan was for Defend This to post a thread that would have little Mattie boy running for cover and with out any hesitation posting it on FDB. Now a few of the trusted members were made aware of this and they all sat back and watched. Once the bait was taken it was only a matter of time for them to figure out whom the FDB plant is.

Once we get our final report from ANN be sure that we will reproduce all the threads ever written by this creep. Lets see how racist an anti racist is shall we?

Oh we will also produce a few threads from Defend This that shows that this was all just a little sting operation. Boy it does all sound a bit childish doesn’t it.
The good people at ANN have notified me that registration for the forum will be closed while they spring clean. So if you would like to join Australia’s Number One Patriotic Forum just stay tuned.

British schoolboy who planned to bomb BNP members stands trial


London, Oct 8 (IANS) A British schoolboy, who planned to make bombs and blow up members of Britain’s far right political party BNP, has been standing trial for allegedly angering his teachers and fellow pupils with his radical views.

Terrorist sympathiser Waris Ali, who glorified the 9/11 terror attacks on the US in his books, attended Westborough High School, in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire - the home town of a number of the London Suicide Bombers - the Daily Telegraph has reported.

Ali, now 18, even asked librarians and a policeman about how much potentially lethal fertiliser he could keep at home before it was illegal under anti-terror laws, Leeds Crown Court was told Monday.

Ali along with his schoolmate Dabeer Hussain, also 18, had allegedly downloaded a 3,000-page terror manual and cooked up a ‘gunpowder plot’ to blow up the BNP. They were found with digital copies of the “Anarchist’s Cookbook” on their home computers.
However, Ali denied three charges of possessing the terror manual, 3.5 kg of potassium nitrate and a quantity of calcium chloride, while Hussain denied one count of possessing the cookbook, which lists how to make lethal bombs, the newspaper said.

Nichola Colloby, Ali’s former religious education teacher, told the court the school was 85 percent Asian, but none of them was as radical as he was.“Wasir said he was interested in becoming a politician and he was very interested in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was also of the opinion that that the terrorist attack on America was a good, positive thing and he saw America as the enemy,” Colloby said.

She also said that Ali has written the slogans “President Bush must die” and “Tony Blair must die” in his paintings during the art lessons. The boy who loved to discuss American struggle and about Muslims marked Sep 11 in his year planner as “Twin Towers blown up - 3,000 dead!”

Ali also angered his fellow students and Colloboy, who has an American partner, with his words “All Americans MUST die”. The court also heard that the Dewsbury schoolboy had been researching home-made bombs on the internet and had chemicals capable of making explosions stored in his bedroom. He had bought the potassium nitrate and calcium chloride on e-bay.

The trial continues.

All we can say is lucky this chap didnt have a copy of the BNP hit list.


You just have to love the British. Meanwhile we all sit back and wait for the first casualty. I see Fight Dem Back still thinks this is all a bit of a joke. In fact “Mathew Henderson Hau” and “Brian Stokes” are so worked up over it they are even trying to claim that they hacked the list.

Well we do know they helped spread it around. So if any one from the UK would like the details of these guys for any possible legal action just drop us a line.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Meanwhile those crazy kids at Rev Left are all about cooking up some trouble. You recall Rev Left? Yep the same forum that anarchi$t @ndy hangs out at. Not to mention our favorite double act from FDB Rollo and Kaoos AF.

I think the authorities better get involved and real quick. Seeing as the Reds are talking about using the BNP list as a hit list. I would guess it wont be long before a few people are hurt. I only hope that this is going to backfire on groups like FDB who have actively supported the spreading of this list. And by the looks of it had direct involvement in it.

Rev Left…

Comrade Joe
Stealing your shoes 24/7
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: Kent,England
“Iv been searching round for teachers take this guy for example. All we need is for some internet warriors to find out his school and there goes his job!”

And from the same turd

“My,my we have quite alot of work to do.

Anyone feel like setting up a closed invite only group so we can discuss information on these bastards.
Atchuly the first one gave away his school adress in his email adress. Il go and sent an email to the school tommrow”

Rentboy for hire
“It'll be quite risky if we were to be planning militant actions against them on an internet board though, you can always be traced by the authorities.”

Fair dinkum you watching FDB? See what you have done! Still think its funny? Probably.

Comrade Joe
Stealing your shoes 24/7
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: Kent,England
“Nah Its a crime for a teacher to be in the BNP as it is for pigs. Also we can fuck up some peoples crediblity if they have other jobs.”

Oh what about the Children of these BNP people? Can anyone imagine what would happen if a list of Zionists was put on the net with addresses? Along with the children of the same? Anyway..

Fidel Follower
Junior Revolutionary
“Turns out a couple near me are both on the list, and his son is at school with me......”

This is typical from these bastards. Staff at Whitelaw has had their children attacked at schools after groups such as FDB published details of their parents.

And from this guy below. He also posted a series of pictures (above)from some film about Stalin that depicts the execution of a man. Implying that this is how the list should be used.

Revolutionary in Learning
“I am sure all those people knew the risk when they gave their details to a far right party, they were literally asking for it”

And Whitelaw staff no exactly what happens when a WN is exposed in a small rural town. One WN from an Australian Small Town outed by FDB had to deal with these idiots at Rev Left. See Rollo
here after they threatened to POISON HIS WATER SUPPLY. Yes folks a man with a wife and two children.

Read on..

Must! Sell! Newspapers!
Commie Club Member
“There are two members from my home town, a small place in rural ***********. This pisses me off no end.”

And don’t think they are not seriously contemplating violence or vandalism

Kid A
Junior Revolutionary
“I don't think some of the comments I have read on urban75, indymedia etc from keyboard warriors are jokes - OK they might be said with a tongue in the cheek but that idea permeates into their real world politics.

Christ, I can't beleive I am saying this... I got arrested in Fratton, Portsmouth a few years ago for errr, doing something to someone's property because they had a BNP poster in the window!”

We are sure that what is being said behind the scenes is nothing to what is being said in public. If anyone has any info or read something on the net that is of a threatening nature please send it to us at

Take Note!

Oh how the real haters come rolling out. I just wonder what so called community-based groups like “Mathew Henderson Hau” Fight Dem Back will do when someone is killed? We note Denise Garside FDB member in the UK is up to her hairy armpits with this one. What do you think she will say about about this sort of stuff being displayed on open forums in the UK?

Originally Posted by duckapluck

"Found two women who live near me"
Forum Member
Join Date: Jul 2003
"I found a man who lives only a few streets away."

Or what about this…

Yesterday, 18:01
Eli Cody
Forum Member

Join Date: Jul 2008
Posts: 55
"I hope they all get shot."

Lets just say that if anyone gets hurt it opens up a Pandora’s Box. Brian Stokes Co Founder of Fight Dem Back we have noted how you have assisted Denise Garside. You just moved up the list. Mathew will be happy.

Weezil "Brian Stokes"is at it again...

Read about it HERE

Weezil's history of threats and intimidation

Read on HERE

Entire BNP membership list goes online

So you would like to find out who would do such a thing? Well if I was in the UK I would start here.

Denise Garside more on it HERE

Considering these guys are the first to break the news I would guess that they are responcible?

"November 18, 2008
Entire BNP membership list goes online
Posted by Antifascist 114 Comment (s)

Before reading this, you should appreciate that there are very strict limitations on what we are allowed to print and we intend to stay strictly within the law in the comments that we allow.

Having said all that, this breach of data security is startlingly bad for the BNP, not simply for the fact that the party has lost data - almost everyone seems to have managed to do that recently - but for the nature of that information.

Not only does the data, now available online, include the entire membership list with full names (and former names where there have been changes for any reason), addresses, contact numbers, email addresses and in many cases the member's age, particularly where those members are under eighteen. Yes, that's right. This list includes members as young as fourteen, male and female. Where a family membership is bought and paid for, the whole family is listed.

As if this isn't bad enough, the notes that are attached to many of the entries leave a lot of the members open to difficulties in their jobs, some of them being in the armed forces or the police and the BNP too - an illegal combination, and where not illegal, frequently frowned upon. Other members are noted as construction managers, receptionists, district nurses, lay preachers, police officers, company directors and teachers among many others.

Like this wasn't enough, the BNP has also listed hobbies or interests where for some reason they are deemed relevant. Thus we have short-wave radio hams, amateur historians, pagans, line-dancers and even a witch (male).

The contributors to nazi sites, many of whom are also members of the BNP, are suddenly in a frenzy, expecting to be outed at any moment. Here's just one comment from the North-West Nationalist blog:
'I've just had a call, I'm on it to. I want my fucking member money back, like has been mentioned here, I could lose my fucking job. I'm bloody angry.'
Not surprising really. I'd be pretty pissed off too.

Curiously, there are quite a number of BNP members abroad, presumably ex-pats or those working abroad temporarily - Australia, the USA, United Arab Emirates, Sao Paulo, Spain and the Netherlands were some that I noticed. Isn't the BNP opposed to foreign workers? I'm sure it was last time I looked.

One final thing (for the moment, because I'm sure this one will run and run): the list appears to include the December rebels. At first, I took this to mean that the membership list was a year out of date but after a good look through, it's become clear that by keeping a running list (as opposed to a clean list each membership year) the party is able to claim a much larger membership than it in fact has. Some of the additions to the list are as recent as September of this year, indicating that some of the members listed - though how many is anyone's guess - are not in fact members at all. The implication is pretty clear (to me, at least) - BNP members are being defrauded when they have been told that the membership is growing exponentially. Take off all the dead members, those who have resigned (many still listed along with their reasons for leaving) and the most recent batch of rebels and the size drops considerably.

It's been suggested that the party's former treasurer John Walker is responsible for posting the list up publicly. We wouldn't know but by doing so, the poster has stuck a stick of dynamite under Griffin's rear end. The consequences and the repercussions may be interesting to watch.

Just as a complete aside, I should point out that we do not have a copy of this list, nor do we want one. The information we had was obtained online and appears suddenly to have been removed, at least for the moment... "

Sorry Brian you will have to wait this is more important than some small time fag like you. But we will get to it soon ok. Stay Tuned FDB.

Oh Oh Yes he’s The Great Pretender

Read about it HERE

Monday, November 17, 2008


Although Whitelaw Towers has publicized this video exposing Zionist treachery around the world a few things must be noted. First off that this particular author would like to point out that he believes the excuse for occupying Palestine at the end of WW2 due to the Holocaust was just another Zionist lie. A lie that is used by the Zionist in an ever-increasing way. To such a point that any legitimist questioning of the Holocaust is now illegal in most of Zionist Occupied Europe.

I would also like to point out that this video is also offered here for the members of Fight Dem Back and @ndy $lackbastard who continually support Zionist organizations. These Zionist controlled groups that masquerade, as Anti Racist organizations are guilty of supporting the destruction of Christian and White European Heritage around the world. They are guilty of ignoring the Zionist occupation of Palestine and the Ethnic Cleansing of the Palestinian people.

In short these people spend more time looking for scapegoats to guilt the white Community to accept more non-white refugees. These refugees fleeing Zionist wars are then used as pawns to further destroy our White Heritage. Ever wonder why there is always a Jewish Lawyer representing Refugees? How about the Jewish Lawyers who represent the Palestinians? These lawyers are what Israel calls Sayanim. Every Jew living abroad is just another agent for Israel.

FDB and other groups like them are the problem and will never offer up a solution. In the end they are just making sure that the occupation of our White Homelands by Non Whites runs just as smoothly as the occupation of Palestine by the Zionist Jews.

Don’t be fooled these people are well aware of what is truly going on. This is why they spend so much time running decoy for their Zionist masters. In short the Anti Racist movement is just another propaganda machine for the Israel lobby. They spend their time making up stories of evil Nazis and yet ignore, no suppress what is truly happening around the world.

What we must insure is that people and members of these Anti racist pro Israel groups never get into a position of power with legitimate Humane Rights Groups such as World Vision and such. This is something I fear may happen if we do not stay vigilant. I’m sure groups such as the New Right and The National Anarchist could cover that subject and others we have spoke of far better than us.

A special warning to our NS comrades. Some of the scenes you may not approve of but for the rest of you lot I think you will find it very interesting and educating. When you have finished watching this video please ask yourself one simple question. Why are these groups like FDB so quite on these very real issues?

Warning! This is real. Unlike what FDB go on about. Over 18 only!

PS @ndy $lackbastard Founding member of Fight Dem Back.. Next time you joke about “Fear of Zog” think about this film you piece of shit. What say you Asher Goldman?

Please watch HERE or HERE

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Brian 'Weezil' Stokes The Incredible Bullshitting Man!

Hey! Nice 'tash there Weez.
Brian 'Weezil' Stokes laughing it up big time at what he's managed to get away far...but NOT for too much longer.

In June 2005, during a heated online exchange with a certain minor he was stalking and harassing, Brian Weezil Stokes not only claimed to be married but to have a daughter…

“You fuckers threatened to dob me in to the cops for growing pot and publicly accused Darp of being a pedophile. These stunts did some real damage- can you imagine the thoughts of my wife and daughter, believing that while there's never been a cannabis plant in this house, the coppers could come crashing through our front door at 4am because of your hack jobs? This was no joke, no little high-school stunt. You decided to fuck around with real adults and their families in a real world of LAWS.”

Yet, strangely, in April 2008 he writes…

“Hard for me to comment as I have no children. I will say that in a lot of cases, the free public schools have been underfunded (some would say deliberately, by the last conservative govt) and thus many are of poor quality compared to private schools, which cost $1000s per year. My housemate pulled her daughter out of a public school when that school’s administration refused to address bullying and abuse amongst students. The private school she selected had specific policies and procedures against bullying and teachers took much more care in managing student life culture.”

Hmmm…Call it loose with the truth or economical with the facts or whatever but our ol' Weezy is quite clearly a LIAR. One can only speculate at the veracity of anything ELSE he claims about himself…

Ah! What a funny old fellow is Weezil, he talks all manner of shit, he leads a very exciting life and lying's his favourite game, which is hardly so very surprising...

Friday, November 14, 2008

White Guilt Is Now Dead

By Tom Adkins

Look at my fellow conservatives! There they go, glumly shuffling along, depressed by the election aftermath. Not me. I'm virtually euphoric. Don't get me wrong. I'm not thrilled with America 's flirtation with neo socialism. But there's a massive silver lining in those magical clouds that lofted Barak Obama to the Presidency. For today, without a shred of intellectually legitimate opposition, I can loudly proclaim to America : The Era of White Guilt is over.

This seemingly impossible event occurred because the vast majority of white Americans didn't give a fluff about skin color, and enthusiastically pulled the voting lever for a black man. Not just any black man. A very liberal black man who spent his early career race-hustling banks, praying in a racist church for 20 years, and actively worked with America-hating domestic terrorists. Wow! Some resume! Yet they made Barak Obama their leader. Therefore, as of Nov 4th, 2008, white guilt is dead.

For over a century, the millstone of white guilt hung around our necks, retribution for slave-owning predecessors. In the 60s, American liberals began yanking that millstone while sticking a fork in the eye of black Americans, exacerbating the racial divide to extort a socialist solution. But if a black man can become President, exactly what significant barrier is left? The election of Barak Obama absolutely destroys the entire validation of liberal white guilt. The dragon is hereby slain.

So today, I'm feeling a little "uppity," if you will. From this day forward, my tolerance level for having my skin color hustled is now exactly ZERO. And it's time to clean house. No more Reverend Wright's "God Damn America ," Al Sharpton's Church of Perpetual Victimization , or Jesse Jackson's rainbow racism. Cornell West? You're a fraud. Go home. All those "black studies" programs that taught kids to hate whitey? You must now thank Whitey. And I want that on the final.

Congressional Black Caucus? Irrelevant. Maxine Waters? Shut up. ACORN? Outlawed. Black Panthers? Go home and pet your kitty. Black separatists? Find another nation that offers better dreams. Go ahead. I'm waiting.

Gangsta rappers? Start praising America . Begin with the Pledge of Allegiance. And more ebonics. Speak English, and who knows where you might end up? Oh, yeah.pull up your pants. Your underwear is showing. You look stupid. To those Eurosnots who forged entire careers hating America ? I'm still waiting for the first black French President.

And let me offer an equal opportunity whupping. I've always despised lazy white people. Now, I can talk smack about lazy black people. You're poor because you quit school, did drugs, had three kids with three different fathers, and refuse to work. So when you plop your Colt 45-swilling, Oprah watchin' butt on the couch and complain"Da Man is keepin' me down," allow me to inform you: Da Man is now black. You have no excuses.

No more quotas. No more handouts. No more stealing my money because someone's great-great-great-great grandparents suffered actual pain and misery at the hands of people I have no relation to, and personally revile. It's time to toss that massive, obsolete race-hustle machine upon the heap of the other stupid 60s ideas. Drag it over there, by wife swapping, next to dope-smoking. Plenty of room right between free love and cop-killing. Careful.don't trip on streaking. There ya go, don't be gentle. Just dump it. Wash your hands. It's filthy.

In fact, Obama's ascension created a gargantuan irony. How can you sell class envy and American unfairness when you and your black wife went to Ivy League schools, got high-paying jobs, became millionaires, bought a mansion, and got elected President? How unfair is that??? Now, Like a delicious O'Henry tale, Obama's spread-the-wealth campaign rendered itself moot by it's own victory! America is officially a meritocracy. Obama's election has validated American conservatism!

So, listen carefully.Wham!!!

That's the sound of my foot kicking the door shut on the era of white guilt. The rites have been muttered, the carcass lowered, dirt shoveled, and tombstone erected. White guilt is dead and buried. However, despite my glee, there's apparently one small, rabid bastion of American racism remaining. Black Americans voted 96% for Barak Obama. Hmmm. In a color-blind world, shouldn't that be 50-50? Tonight, every black person should ask forgiveness for their apparent racism and prejudice towards white people. Maybe it's time to start spreading the guilt around.

Muslims preach sedition at UK conference

Courtesy of New South Wails.. HERE


The conference organizer, Anjem Choudary, declared at the conference that “as Muslims, we will not submit to any man-made law, any government, or any prime minister -- Bush or Brown -- or Jacqui Smith. We submit to Allah.” Instead of submitting, he called upon Muslims to rise up: “It is our religious obligation to prepare ourselves both physically and mentally and rise up against Muslim oppression and take what is rightfully ours. Jihad is a duty and a struggle and an obligation that lies upon the shoulders of us all. We will not rest until the flag of Allah and the flag of Islam is raised above 10 Downing Street.”

Now one would think that Denise Garside from Unity News UK’s number one Anti Racist Anti Race Hate organization would be all over this? Nope just like Australia’s FDB and @ndy $lackbastard they ignore all racism towards white folk and support the destruction of our heritage.

CHARGES have been quietly dropped over a riot in which an out-of-control mob attacked and injured police.,21985,24643853-2862,00.html

"CHARGES have been quietly dropped over a riot in which an out-of-control mob attacked and injured police.

The policeman who laid the charges said last night he was disgusted at what had happened and he believed there was no justification for abandoning the case.
Sen-Sgt Mario Benedetti, the officer in charge of Moonee Ponds police station, said he did not find out until this week about last month's decision. "

I along with many others (follow the link and check out the news poll) have no doubt that this is politically motivated. How many articles does Whitelaw have to do that shows that both sides of Parliament are hell bent on Forced Multiculturalism at all costs?

What sort of message do you think the Black African community has received from this? I will tell you, that they can get away with attacking our Police and that our laws are set up to protect the criminal and punish the victim.

This has far reaching consequences. A perfect example of what happens when State and Federal Governments go easy on non-whites can be seen with the Australian Aboriginals. Ask any Crowd Controller or Police officer they will tell you that the indigenous youth do not respect any authority. In fact they know that no matter what the system is set up to protect the criminal. They know that the Liaison officer will step in and have the criminal released or charges dropped.

Hell if you thought that the criminal element in the Aboriginal community was cocky wait till the Black Africans get on the gravy train of racial harmony.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Warning! Colored woman who truly is a fine example of her race.

“The Voice” Prime Minister KRUDD and Australia’s Internet Censorshit

Visit the Australian New Nation forum.

Tell them Whitelaw sent ya.

Three River Greens “Owen Jones” and Fight Dem Back!

" Owen Jones" odge FDB member from NSW.

Ah yes remember the days when the Greens party was just that an environmental Party. You know promised to look out for our environment so that our children may have a future. Well it would seem that Greens Party member “Owen Jones” aka “odge” along with his mate Founder of Fight Dem Back “Mathew Henderson Hau” have added terrorism to the Greens Portfolio.

But it would seem that Owen has been a little concerned about what he may have said on the FDB forum? “Owen Jones” aka “odge” Greens Party Member of “Three River Greens” take it away…

“I've just removed content of this post. It was written in the heat of the moment in response to a threat. I don't want potential employers etc to google me and find this. Sorry.”

Crikey what type of threats did he make that forced him to remove his posts? Well what ever it was it must have been bloody shocking. Hell I reckon he should have removed these also.

Owen Jones proud Homo Sexual and great neighbor.

"I'm gay and so's my wife!
I got hit on a while back last year by a middle aged married guy. When I confronted him he got so worked up he started yelling "Faggot" across the neibourhood. He thought it would offend me and get me to lay off. I just laughed so hard. lord knows what the neighbours think of him now. His wife backed him up even though she was a witness. He was that shitfaced pissed and stoned.

We made up a few months ago (although I don;t trust him as far as I can kick him). He was into quoting ACA about Cronulla, immigration etc last I saw him.”

Owen Jones great neighbor and student of boxing (student of being punched around the ring)

”He's the kind of guy who'd **** anything that moved, or at least had a pulse. What offended us was the abuse of trust we are neighbours, his wife was present, and my wife was not. They deny everything of course. I've been totally cool and honest about the whole thing. I've received threats but not responded. He asked me why I didn't just punch him out. I had to explain that while I'm younger, bigger, fitter and stronger (and irresistable) I'm still a pacifist.

From past experience it takes a few punches to the head for me to loose it, then when I do.... look out. I'm not real fond of myself after.”

Well Owen my guess the Greens are not exactly fond of being associated with a known Left Wing sting operation such as FDB and or @ndy $lackbastard. And if FDB is not a honey trap it sure as hell is a criminal terrorist organization.

Any way Whitelaw may just have to open up the old vault and drag some rather embarrassing home truths out about “Owen Jones”. You know the sort of stuff he may have said about the elderly local residents of Port Macquarie.

Not to mention the threats he has made against Port Macquarie White Nationalists. Put that in your joint and smoke it odge.

Drop the Three River Greens a line and tell them we said hello.

Susie Russell
Candidate for Lyne
Ph: 0429 655 044

Jaci Cartwright, Treasurer
Phone: 6582 1009 (evenings/weekends only)

Owen Jones, Webmaster/ringmaster
Phone: 0417266439

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Are We Scared Yet? You Should Be.


What we need is radical thought not radical action at this stage. For White Nationalism to survive we cant afford wasting precious time on outdated Mainstream tactics. Every second we waste on Mainstream tactics the more ground we surrender to the enemy.

Whitelaw would like to thank our good friends over in NZed for the valuable help they have given us in the past. Cheers Lads.

Special Report from our comrades in New Zealand.

Nationalist Alliance
Flag Day and Nationalist Meetings Report

For obvious reasons we don’t give out exact details of all events and

Travel Sponsorship

Organising this event was months long. We pre booked accommodation and travel for as many people as we could way before the event. This meant that when the late committers got on board we had already stamped a good number of people on all the needed plans. This in turn encouraged other people to get on board. We set up sponsorship for those who were in financial hardship. This allowed more people that would like to go but were held back by situations out of their control to be there anyway. We raised hundreds of dollars for this project. It mainly paid for accommodation and helped some people with their travel tickets and fuel.

Flag Day Protest

There are already a few reports of this part of the event, so I won’t dwell on it. I would like to say though that it was a pathetic turn out from the reds and their anarchist flunkies. I was actually sad for them. To see their passion and their struggle to try and make us change our minds and go away was really moving. They were in such small numbers we outnumbered them by 2 to 1. We had hoped they would have their punk fest sorted out and they would have hundreds to appose us. But they stuffed up their concerts and their plans. So this tiny little group of misfits came out to meet us. They report that they stopped us from going to the Cenotaph, but we had already agreed to go to parliament instead. It’s like they were blind to all the police lines and barricade set up at parliament. Maybe they were too stoned to see it all set up. Or just as likely they just like to tell big stories to make themselves feel better and try to get some people to think they are heroes.

It was a great event. We had a good time making fun of the lefties, and we bonded as a movement. We needed that a lot. The fact the lefties tried to attack 2 17year olds who wanted to go home early showed their desperate and uncontrolled position on the day. They need to try and make themselves look like they did something. But it just resulted in two of their rejects getting arrested and an even stronger bond of brotherhood for our people.

These are things that people miss when they find reasons not to come. It’s the union of people, the flowing ideas, the comradeship, the peace of being around a whole group of strong-minded right wing individuals who have found a way to work together. We have built a warrior class again.

Flag Day Meetings

The General explanation of each meeting is as follows:

General Meeting Facilitated by Nationalist Alliance Chairman Kyle Chapman.
Recognition and thanks was given for the great effort Vince and the Wellington National Front had done to organise the weekend’s events:

• Fund raising for food on the BBQ.
• They organising safe transport for the social activities.
• Set up the legal paperwork for the march to parliament.
• Organised the train ride into Wellington.
• And much more!

Thanks were given to Jim Saleam for his support and for his attendance. He spoke and thanked all those in attendance.

Collin Ansell and Vince from the National Front Also spoke to those in attendance.

Kyle Chapman commented on how the Right had matured as a movement, where we had now been able to out number the left, stand united as one force, that we had a whole week end with no infighting or major disruption. He also explained about the purpose of the Nationalist Alliance to support Nationalist Organisations in finding the people they need to achieve their goals and to help anyone who wants to be active to find the organisation most suited to them. The Nationalist Alliance is about activity and encouraging everyone to help our movement grow and be more accepted by the public.

National Front AGM
It’s not my place to comment on this. So any information would be best asked from their representatives.

Evening Officers Meeting

After Dinner all the key people from different orgs and locations gathered for a grounded and heartfelt meeting. Old disagreements were herd and settled, plans to work together were formed, and the Alliance was sealed with commitment from all present.

Jim Saleam gave his feed back on the events and gave support and information on how the Australian First Party is doing. This greatly encouraged us to seek the National Fronts plan to be a registered party so our movement could stand along side organisations such as the European National Front in Europe and David Duke and his people in the USA.

Sunday Night De Brief

On Sunday night we went to a prominent Nationalists house in Wellington and talked with Jim about the possibilities and how we could work together. We built ideas of how to help the NF grow and how to bring the movement to the next level. We planned some activities, reviewed literature and all gave our opinions on what we can do next to help each country achieve our goals.


We must beware of the Snake Oil Salesmen and false Prophets in our own ranks. Don’t be fooled by the labeling and smear often leveled at true White Nationals. Don’t think for a minute that any group who calls themselves White Nationals are worth supporting when all they do is attack White Civil Rights campaigners by calling them “NAZIS.” Please try and stay focused on the big picture and save your energy for a long drawn out battle. The future of the White Race is in your hands. Don’t get side tracked and bogged down with Zionist sponsored infighting.

The destruction of White Civil Rights around the globe is set to escalate over the next few years. Leaving many to consider that the final chapter of the White Race is being written right now in the USA and Israel. How it ends is entirely up to you and I.

I consider the ongoing saga with David Duke in the United States as being the first shot fired in the coming battle for White Civil Rights in the Western World.
The sooner the true White Patriotic groups around the world unite the better. Don’t settle for second best by trimming away our rights. We do not compromise when it comes to the future of our children.

"The following is a letter we received from a journalist who attended Dr. David Duke’s press conference on Thursday, November 6th.

I am a journalist who attended Dr. David Duke’s press conference today and I was shocked by the biased newspaper article I saw on the Commercial Appeal website about it. I can’t write about it in the publication I work for because I would lose my job for simply telling the truth about this matter.

I don’t agree with the politics of David Duke, but I consider myself a real journalist who aspires to write honestly and not bring my own prejudices to my work. I treat everyone, whether I agree with them or not with the same degree of respect and fairness. That’s why I referred to Dr. David Duke with the “Dr.” title, just as my articles on Dr. Martin Luther King refer to him with “Dr.” because that is his proper title. Dr. Duke is a PhD just as Dr. Martin Luther King was.

The Commercial Appeal article headlined: “Duke says white power conference set for new location.” In actual fact, Dr. Duke does not and has never used the slogan, “White Power.” The first thing Dr. Duke did at the press conference was to point out that he wasn’t a “White Power” advocate but a white civil rights advocate. He also clearly stated he was not a “white supremacist” but believed in equal rights for all “even for white people.” He contends that Whites face widespread racial discrimination in affirmative action hiring, promotions, scholarships and college admissions, and that government immigration policies will damage the long term, intrinsic interests of whites. The EURO president also said that there are thousands of groups in America that openly promote the interests of African Americans, Mexican Americans and Jewish Americans, so why shouldn’t Whites have the right to defend their rights and heritage.

He went on to relate that his original conference with over 100 rooms rented at the Whispering Woods Hotel was canceled after threats on the life of the Hotel Manager and his wife and children, and after Desoto county declared a State of Emergency. He said that America is not free when terrorist threats can prevent Americans from exercising their rights to assemble peaceably and speak freely. One of the scheduled conference speakers, a English-fluent human rights attorney from Moscow, Russia, Masha Vallachenko, expressed her shock at the cancellation saying, “I had always believed that America was the land of the free, but now I am not so sure.”

Reporting on the cancellation of the original meeting, the Commercial Appeal reporter wrote,“The European-American Unity and Rights Conference was scheduled at the Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center in Olive Branch, but the hotel later canceled the contract after the nature of the conference came to light and controversy soon followed.”No, the conference was canceled after the hotel received terroristic threats and after a State of Emergency was declared in Desoto County by the Sheriff’s Office.

There has been no outrage by the media or by authorities at this provocation. I wonder what the Commercial Appeal would be writing if a NAACP national conference would have been canceled by White terrorist threats? The outrage would have been national if not world wide. The FBI would have certainly sent a task force down to uncover and prosecute the violators of civil rights.The way David Duke and his supporter’s rights have been trampled some may be forgiven for thinking that he has a good point in saying that Whites are losing their heritage and rights in America.

Once The Drury Inn found out that the press planned to interview David Duke in his hotel room at 2 pm today, they refused to allow it. Dr. Duke honored the hotel’s request and met with the press meeting outside on public property. Later, the Drury Inn kicked Dr. Duke out of the hotel completely, saying that he couldn’t stay at the Drury Inn because the hotel had received threats. I wonder what the reaction to all this would have been if Jesse Jackson had been kicked out of the Drury Inn.

None of this was reported by the Commercial Appeal, in fact they didn’t even mention the cause of the cancellation of Duke’s conference: terrorist threats against this organization and the hotel. America is now allowing punks who make threats to take away our most precious constitutional rights of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. The human rights lawyer from Russia, had every right to be shocked by the fact that we are no longer the land of the free, and we Americans have every reason to be ashamed.

Through all this, David Duke and EURO will meet somewhere in the Memphis area on Saturday and Sunday."

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Zionist Jews Recruiting White Nationalists From Storm Front.

Jewish Task Force Forum...

"there are 100,000s of young whites out there... who are uneducated and reactionary.... and one visit to StørmFrønt can DESTROY them.We NEED THEM TO COME HERE... NOT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to be ANTI-BLACK!!!!"

Sorry we aint joking!

This may come as surprise to our International followers but it is something we have already seen here in Australia. White Nationals or Good Time National Socialists going over to the Zionists.

It would seem that the Jewish Task Force are on a recruitment drive. They already influence one
Right Wing Group in Australia. Now they want Storm Front!
These sure as hell are strange times we are living in. I guess now that we have exposed these Racist Zionist the Anti Racist groups who visit this blog will be shutting them down? By this time tomorrow they will have front-page stories on these clowns? Pay Pal will immediately close the JTF Pay Pal account?

Of course not that only happens to White Folk.

Check it out HERE

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Pay Pal Supports Jewish Terrorist.

Yes folks as many know old Whitelaw had to remove its Pay Pal logo and account because Pay Pal claimed that Whitelaw Towers sold material that promoted hate. You recall “Mathew Henderson Hau” founder of FDB bragged about it. It did not matter that this site has never sold any material at all. Pay Pal refused to listen.

But what do you know Pay Pal has no issues with dealing with Terrorist groups such as the Jewish Task Force.

Chaim Ben Pesach aka Victor Vancier
Master JTFer
JTF account on PayPal has been restored
on: August 14, 2008, 02:23:42 AM

"PayPal has agreed to restore our Jewish Task Force (JTF) account. The condition they set though was that we cannot have their buttons appear on our main web page with the Jews Against Obama campaign.

Here is the page for PayPal contributions to JTF:

You can always find the pages for JTF and VJA PayPal contributions by clicking on the "DONATE" button on the main Hebrew site web page, which is: www.haxxxxxx

Ok you would like to know who the hell are these guys? Well this little video flick may help.

And this….

LEAD: A former head of the Jewish Defense League was sentenced yesterday to 10 years in Federal prison for taking part in a series of ''terrorist bombings'' in the New York area since 1984 to protest Soviet treatment of Jews.

A former head of the Jewish Defense League was sentenced yesterday to 10 years in Federal prison for taking part in a series of ''terrorist bombings'' in the New York area since 1984 to protest Soviet treatment of Jews.

Among the incidents was a firebombing at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center on Oct. 20, 1986, the day of a scheduled performance by the Moscow State Symphony. The firebomb damaged the stage-door entrance but caused no injuries.

In sentencing the defendant, Victor Vancier, 30 years old, of Whitestone, Queens, Judge I. Leo Glasser of Federal District Court in Brooklyn sternly told him, ''You don't go bombing innocent people to make a point.''

He said he regarded Mr. Vancier as ''a danger to this community'' and, at the request of the Federal prosecutor, Charles E. Rose, he revoked Mr. Vancier's $1 million bail. According to the authorities, Mr. Vancier served as national chairman of the J.D.L. from April 1985 until November 1986. Two Others Sentenced
In separate sessions earlier in the day, Judge Glasser sentenced two other former members of the militant organization, founded in 1968 by Rabbi Meir Kahane to combat anti-Semitism.

One of them, Murray Young, 60, of East Meadow, L.I., was sentenced to five years in prison. The other, Sharon Katz, 44, of West 57th Street in Manhattan, was given a suspended three-year prison sentence and six months of house arrest as part of a five-year probationary term.

''I have no justification for what I did,'' Mr. Vancier said before his sentence was imposed. He said he realized that his actions had not helped his cause. And he asked for a new chance to build a constructive life.
His court-appointed lawyer, Thomas Concannon, described his client as ''a tragic figure'' and ''an empty vessel but for his J.D.L. life.''
''It's fair to say he's a little bit nuts,'' the lawyer said. But he asked that Mr. Vancier be spared a term in prison, where he ''would be subjected to attacks and animosity.'' 'Utterly Lawless'

The judge told the defendants that what they had done was ''terribly wrong'' and ''utterly lawless.'' And he said Mr. Vancier had made similar assertions, about seeing the error of his illegal actions, on other occasions when being sentenced for similar crimes.

Mr. Vancier and Mr. Young pleaded guilty last August - along with another defendant, Jay Cohen, 24, of Forest Hills, Queens - to racketeering charges involving acts of bombing, arson, extortion and fraud. Each faced a possible maximum prison sentence of 20 years.

Mr. Cohen was found dead in a hotel room in the Catskills early last month after apparently taking an overdose of prescription drugs. Mr. Vancier said yesterday that he felt personally responsible for Mr. Cohen's death.

Miss Katz pleaded guilty solely to taking part in an incident at Lincoln Center, when a tear-gas grenade was thrown into the audience at the Metropolitan Opera House at the opening-night performance of the Moiseyev Dance Company in September 1986.
She said she carried what she thought was a ''stink bomb'' into the hall but denied throwing the grenade. Twenty people were injured.

It must be noted that Pay Pal also supports criminal groups such as Fight Dem Back. So what should you do? Complain spread the word that Pay Pal supports terrorism. If it is ok for Pay Pal to shut down the accounts of Pro White Groups they should have no problem with these Racist Jews?