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The Hypocrisy ‘Machine’ that is FDB…ctd...

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangster and Intelligence Agencies’ Informers’ Forum:

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“meh, you see waxed chests, I see prepubescent idiots.”

Erm…actually Weezy ol’ bean, When WE see 'males' turned out like that WE see Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ and his Oxford Street ‘fuck buddies’. Apart from sharing spit and cum with him have you also happened to share these concerns with him?

“Racism and xenophobia come from deep-seated psychological insecurity- and an IQ hovering around room temperature in Celsius. In the experience of FDB, 'absent father syndrome' is disproportionately present among the racist mob.”

Room temperature IQ’s? Oh, you mean just like the cretinous creature you are actually conversing with on this thread who uses the pseudonym ‘slick’ who comes out with thigh slapping gems, as utterly devoid of irony as they are of wisdom, like:

“as (sic) a proud australian (sic) (not in the manly/cronulla (sic) sense) i (sic) find it an appauling (sic) thing that our national image and our flag are both tarnished by these moronic thugs.

as (sic) an australian, (sic) i (sic) would like to say i (sic) do not have anything to do with the dickheads who use our flag as a symbol of racism and xenophobia. i (sic) just hope it doesnt (sic) end up the way of the rebel flag in the usa. (sic)

What is “appauling” is both yours and his total arrogance and delusional assumption that it is you and you alone (the Looney Left that is) who are the arbiters who set the agenda for evaluating the worth, legitimacy or otherwise of people’s interpretation of and political attitude to ‘Nationalism’.

“Absent Father Syndrome” sadly applies to WAY too many of today’s youth but your claim that it is more common among the White Nationalists is not only absurd simply because it is, by our observations, utterly untrue, but also quite obscene since it was the Left, just like you, you have promoted, particularly post WWII, firstly the notion of the so-called Nuclear-Family’ separating the core family unit from its extended support base then the so-called ‘Blended Family’ and now the utterly atomised communal type groups of Homos and other perverts, street kids and sundry social rejects masquerading as ‘family units’ and all demanding the same, if not more, rights and privileges (read: handouts) as normal, well adjusted families.

Out of the hundred or so White Nationalists (over Thirty Years of age) well known to this writer, we can honestly say we know of none who came from what used to be known as a ‘broken family’. Many of us grew up with tough backgrounds and hard home lives but Dad was there even if he was often a hard case. So far as the under Thirties generations, sure, some, a few, have had to live through domestic upheavals but not many that we have met. In fact I confidently suggest that it is the LEFT, by a country mile, that has the virtual monopoly on growing up as ‘mummies boys’ with rarely a half decent male role model in sight, let alone a father.

This is simply another example of the lies propagated and proselytized by the FDB Gangsters to their credulous and foolish followers and supporters in the Controlled Media as part of their Planet Bizarro mythos where the facts, the real truth is simply inverted. Evil masquerades as good, up is down etc.

“Have you ever met a well-adjusted, well-travelled, well-educated xenophobe? I sure haven't.”

Aww! Weezy, you just need to get out a bit more, notwithstanding those dodgy knees of course (Hee! Hee!). If you actually peregrinated beyond the cloistered realms of Left Wing pseudo-intelligentsia and breathed fresh air, APART from the stale fart and sweaty sock miasmic fog of your bedroom, you might encounter some REAL people who, you know, well, know stuff. People who have actually DONE things and worked hard and progressed through life due to their own labours (rather than whining for a handout) and achieved a degree of success in their chosen fields and a certain amount of respect from their local communities.

Well adjusted? Where the fuck do YOU fall on that scale? You hateful, bitter and twisted old bastard.

Well-travelled? Fuck! Somali Sea Pirates and Smallpox are ‘well travelled’ too, so WTF does that count for?

So far as “well-educated” goes, well that depends on whether one is referring to the true seeking and garnering of knowledge and wisdom or the Fabian-Marxist anointed academics who have framed diplomas and degrees hanging on their walls which would serve more appropriately as toilet paper.

Zionist Jews Recruiting White Nationalists From Storm Front. Part 2

Well folks once again staff at WLT is absolutely amazed at the gall of some people.

Much of the staff at WLT has belonged to the Storm Front Down under forum at one time or another. I guess many of us busted our cherry at SFDU as far back as 2004. Sadly after this blog outed the then mod at SFDU section Barron Von Hund for being a traitor to his people our multiple bannings have prevented us from contributing. No thanks to his brother Steel Cap Boot who is now the mod. Needless to say we keep a sharp eye on what is going on over there. Now many here will recall back in
November 05, 2008 this little story,

Jewish Task Force Forum...
"there are 100,000s of young whites out there... who are uneducated and reactionary.... and one visit to StørmFrønt can DESTROY them.We NEED THEM TO COME HERE... NOT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to be ANTI-BLACK!!!!"
Well we have no idea how the Zionists got along with that plan in 2008 or how many SF members are dual members of Storm Front and the Jewish Task Force Forum. But we do know of one ex member of Storm Front "Darrin Hodges" who also belonged to the JTF is now asking for help from the very same people he now attacks.
Comments from Darrin Hodges ("what is a Storm Front")NSW Head of the APP and admin on the Australian Protectionist Forum should be noted. Here is one classic.

"Suddenly, everybody on Scumfront have become law abiding citizens"
Yes Darrin maybe you could use them to promote your Pro Jewish beliefs?

Not to mention other comments from his friends at the APP forum.

"Stormfront is a Neo-Nazi hangout which should be avoided at all costs. They give white people a bad name."

Oh and the list goes on... But wait! What have we here?

APP begins mega membership drive: Free membership offer!

You must be kidding? Here we have a group who claim not to be White Nationalists who attack others by calling them Nazis and constantly single out members at SFDU. They now ask those same people to help them. Yes folks the same guys who have banned groups on the APP forum because they consider them TO RIGHT WING or ANTI SEMITES. What the hell is the mod thinking?

What was general the consensus at the AI forum when a real WN Political Party voiced its beliefs at SFDU? Hypocrites

So there we have it a group of Non White Nationals who attack anyone who they believe to be Anti Semites now recruiting from SFDU. Now that's just sick. This is just like history repeating itself. We are about to see yet another BNP/National Front contest this time here in Australia. Oh boy talk about playing into the hands of the Zionists. Nice work APP.

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And a Brave Man Goes Into Battle. Frederick Toben.

"Australia Calling"Angry young whites riot on Australia Day.

Angry young whites have smashed cars and Asian businesses on Australia Day,
driven to desperation by the way that non-whites are flooding their country
with the help of the traitors in government. Listen HERE

Monday, January 26, 2009

Australia First Party Praises Youth For Australia Day Mass Action In Manly, But Cautions Against Breaking Criminal Law.

The hundreds of Australian patriotic youth who demonstrated loudly and militantly today in the Manly Beach area, in a public defence of their identity and heritage, are to be praised for their enthusiasm.

However, Australia First cautions the youth against breaking the criminal law which only plays into the hands of politically motivated police commanders, who are anxious to suppress youth patriotism.

The so called "core" demonstrators were described by the Manly police commander, Superintendent Dave Darcy, as "drunk teenagers". This was in similar tone to the false Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) propaganda dished up at Australian youth after the Cronulla Civil Uprising in December 2005. A couple of persons consuming alcohol does not make a drunken mob. Neither at Cronulla in 2005, nor at Manly today!

Other ASIO stock tales have also been served up. Superintendant Darcy said a group of teens came in from out of town. This was said of the Cronulla youth where it was important to the ASIO agenda to paint certain Cronulla events as the products of 'outsiders'. Mr. Darcy also said: "We are significantly ramping up our investigative response and we're determined to hold these people to account for their behaviour. We've brought in some police from the areas where these people are from with their local knowledge in identifying these people. If they came over to manly seeking anonymity for their behaviour they're sadly mistaken."

The calling out of riot squads and police helicopters and the arrests of a few youth are designed to intimidate. It is to show that the multiculturalist police hierarchy will not tolerate expressions of patriotic action. Breaches of the criminal law are only excuses.

Australia First will defend by all appropriate means the Australian youth!

Any so-called 'criminal action' engaged in by any person is second place to the reactive and genuine patriotic response of the youth to the on-going direction of the Australian state towards economic globalisation and its necessary internal result - the multiracialisation of the Australian population mix. Immigration is to continue. Australian youth know it. Sydney is to explode in numbers and for the political class - that is final. The Australian heritage is deprecated at every turn. No wonder angry, frustrated, Australian youth may break criminal laws when they protest.

Youth patriotism is a great concern to our politicised police leadership, those who answer to ASIO and the political class.. Australia First knows this because of a February 2007 article from a police publication which highlighted, albeit in a political police language of falsehood, the fear held that Australian youth may develop nationalist consciousness and seek out nationalist leadership.

After consultation with the management committee of Australia First Party and other members, Dr. Jim Saleam, chairman of the party in New South Wales said:

"The Australia First Party will do its best to raise a public defence of any youth charged in relation to the Manly incidents. We will highlight the political-policing agenda in this State and place the Manly Area Command and other Police structures under scrutiny. What's next: will some political time server Superintendent 'do a Tyler Cassidy' and allow Australian youth to be unlawfully killed? We will advise the youth and any defence teams not to pander to the court processes of imtimidation and plead not guilty. Asking for the foregiveness of courts when it is the same courts that should ask the foregiveness of their victims, is a futile exercise."

Australia First Party will be campaigning in the Manly area in the coming week.

January 26 2009 Source

Australia Day Turns Violent.

Yes folks reports are slowly leaking out of Australian youth venting their frustration during the Australia Day celebrations today. Reports are coming in from the Gold Coast QLD to the beaches of Sydney. What is going on? I will tell ya. The Multicultists have over played their hand and underestimated the damage they are doing to the White Youth of Australia. Expect severe repercussions and a few Kangaroo Courts after this.

Of course the "Nazis done it" will be thrown around by the Zionists Press and Zionists Supporters.


Racist violence on Australia Day

"IT was a day to celebrate all things Australian but it quickly descended into an afternoon of violence and racism echoing the ugly stain of the 2005 Cronulla riots in NSW.

Wild brawls were also reported on the Gold Coast at Burleigh Beach, with hundreds of teenagers coming together in a series of violent confrontation on the popular family beach.

In the Sydney subrub of Manly, hundreds of youths draped in "Aussie pride" livery wore slogans declaring "f--k off we're full" as they smashed car windows and ran up the famous Corso targeting non-white shop keepers.

What started as chants of "Aussie Aussie Aussie" at 1pm (AEDT) had in an hour had developed the potential to resemble Cronulla Beach in 2005.

Police were called to a report of a 30-person brawl on Shelly Beach Road at Port Macquarie while another 30 people were reportedly fighting on Towns St in Shellbarbour."

Have the people had enough? Maybe so.

Fight Dem Back Aboriginal Jew Caught on Tape

Posted: Wed Jan 21, 2009 11:13 am Post subject: Border security, Channel 7 TV show, racist and popular!

"Nominated for a 2006 Logie Award for Most Popular Reality Show. Channel 7 says it is the most popular Reality TV show in australia.

for you guys that dont watch much TV: Border security films violations of immigration and customs at the airport/seaports.

Is it just me that thinks Channel 7 is at it racially motivated Tv shows again? I have seen Muslim, Asian, African and Racism documentaries on its Today TOnight current affairs show. I believe they target emotionally and racially sensitive people to gain viewers.

A recent ad i saw was about a south east asian man being questioned about his immigration details, another time i saw a man of african appearance shouting at officers/australians that they are racist, and that he hates australia."

Ooh ahh those evil Racist Customs agents and CH7. What say you Donald Orst of Western Australia?

duck monster
Remember,remember, the fifth of November
"I agree actually. I think the show is a piece of shit not because of the people in it, but the whole concept of the show promotes the idea that australia is under siege from immigrants and foreigners, something that anyone even vaguelly aquainted with the data and statistics knows to be untrue."

So what is all the fuss about?

"Border Security"
"Taking viewers behind-the-scenes of Australia's Immigration, Customs and Quarantine departments, BORDER SECURITY - AUSTRALIA'S FRONTLINE is fly-on-the-wall television at its best. With compelling, emotion-charged stories and real human characters, it was a must-see show on television last year."

Sounds innocent enough. So whats the problem Fight Dem Back? Could it be you guys are still pissed about your Lawyer being caught out at Sydney Airport last year? Hang on we have footage .

FDB Legal minds on Border Security.

Nice work FDB operation hearts and minds is working realy well for you guys of late. What next? Maybe an
Aboriginal made Australian of the year who will then spew hatred at the people who gave it to him?

Australia Day B&S Style

Now folks this is what real Australia is all about. Sadly the enemy would have us all believe different. Go grab a beer sit back and enjoy. You Bloody Ripper.

Happy Australia Day!

Because I can. Proud Scooter Trash!

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Matthew Collins and a Lesson for the UK and Australia!

Well folks looks like everyone’s favorite Jewish Loving Homo Fraud has taken on a new name. Yes folks Mathew Collins is a fake a fraud and a plagiarist! His real Identity is none other than David Greason. David Greason is yet another Zionist loving, boy loving Marxist liar. Is it just me or do all these Anti Racists, Anti Fa seem to be some type of clone?

One thing that stands out is the way that all these antis work. Its always the same. No matter if it is in Australia or the UK. They are all connected together. They always trial a tactic in one country and then refine it in another. Our Nationalist struggle with the UK should be looked at in a broader aproach. And the leasons learnt from each other must be applied. Seems Collins/Greason is working very hard for Searchlight.

David Greason/Mathew Collins cough cough latest trash piece.


Griffin postpones Australian tour

Matthew Collins
January 2009

As 2008 drew to a close the news arrived that Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, had postponed his Christmas speaking tour of Australia. Since the BNP first announced Griffin’s plans to visit the country last year, Searchlight has received a steady flow of enquiries not only from the Australian media, but from hundreds of Australian activists and trade unionistsSearchlight’s help with campaigning to stop Griffin’s visit. seeking

In Britain, thousands of trade unionists and antifascist campaigners took advantage of Searchlight’s postcard campaign, inundating the Australian High Commission in London with our “He’s Not Fair Dinkum” postcards, while in Australia seasoned antiracist and antifascist campaigners from the Jewish community and the Fight dem back organisation joined with other faith groups and concerned organisations to pressure Chris Evans, the Australian Minister for Immigration, to deny Griffin an entry visa.

One of the organisations with which Searchlight is working closely is the Catalyst group, a democratic campaign organisation that works with the Australian trade union movement.

Catalyst’s spokesperson, Jo-anne Schofield, told Searchlight that she had never heard of Griffin or the BNP, but within days of working alongside others fighting to stop Griffin’s visit, she felt it was “one of the most valuable and important campaigns” she and Catalyst had ever undertaken. Catalyst organised for several hundred emails to be sent to Evans through its website, while Fight dem back delivered intelligence to media organisations on the true nature of some of the people Griffin wanted to visit as well as undertaking a poster campaign on Australian university campuses.

Last September, Searchlight met with representatives of the Australian Labor Party, including its General Secretary, to press for Griffin’s visa application to be refused.

In November, the Australian Minister for Immigration issued a press release stating that Griffin would have to satisfy the Character Test, a test that Searchlight suggested would be “worthless” if Griffin did manage to pass it.

In December, the BNP announced the visit had been “put off”, news that made many people relieved and satisfied. Across the board, political and religious organisations are still campaigning on behalf of all decent Australians who want to keep the messenger of hate from their shores.

Searchlight would like to send our thanks and congratulations to the many, many people who have helped with the campaign but also to remind them that it is not yet finished. Although Griffin’s electronic visa application has been refused, he has been asked to submit a full written application if he still wants to visit the country.

We will keep working throughout the New Year and for as long as it takes, to keep Australia a Griffin-free zone in 2009.

More on our confused Matthew Collins.

We Knew The Teenage Fascist:
Fractured Notes On The Fractured Life
Of David Greason
Jim Saleam 2002

When David Greason published his I Was A Teenage Fascist (Fitzroy: Gribble,1994), it was regarded as the inside story on the Australian ‘Right’ for the years 1976-82. Here was David Greason, repentant of his sins, telling us all about the weaknesses, foibles and dirty secrets of the patriotic movement. An extreme-rightist militant had supposedly changed sides - and stepped into the liberal light.

The book was launched by the ‘Leader of the Opposition’ in Victoria. It had rave-reviews in the media. Greason appeared on television and radio. Justice Marcus Einfeld (Hendersons footy mates)shook his hand and recommended the book. Before too long, Greason, a part-time columnist for Australia-Israel Review, was able to rise to be its deputy-editor, and smear patriotic groups whenever he chose. After all, he was an ‘expert’.

The Left announced Greason to be the man with the facts. The Trotskyite Green Left Weekly paper reviewed his book, and freely quoted him. The mono-neurons of the International Socialist Organisation (ISO) had already accepted his ‘guidance’ in various protests against ‘racist groups’ in the years 1992-3, so they too endorsed the book.

We know now (see P. Giannopoulos’s pamphlet on this site) that Greason’s story was extensively plagiarised from the work of Cold War Communist Party of Australia defector, Cecil Herbert Sharpley. Greason plagiarised Sharpley for dialogue, theme and description, ie. in some sections, he merely changed the time, place and politics.

There were also other sources for his plagiarism. The curious should go to the Giannopoulos document. Basically: the Greason book was an intellectual fraud.
Our task here is different. We want to know what drove Greason into his dramatic conversion.

We want to determine whether a certain period in his personal history coloured his thoughts, such that his versions of events are inevitably – faulty. We will examine whether David Greason has any credibility at all. We are persuaded that his sojourn in Sydney from November 1981 until early 1983 tells us everything we want to know. Events are recorded in short and explanative narratives.

These short narratives expose the essential untruthfulness of whole blocks of Greason’s text and demonstrate how anti-racism, the liberal core ideological concept, is always served by an arsenal of falsity.

The Teenage Fascist story was more than a personal tale dished up as ‘anti-racist’ propaganda. It was a script directed at persons prominent in one way or another in Nationalist, patriotic and anti-immigration organizations. It was calculated to discredit people in the then-present, by cooking up a tale or two from the past. It was also intended that the patriotic cause overall – be discredited.

If the ‘cause’ at issue was whacko when Greason was involved, then it could hardly be credible in 1994, could it? Quite frankly, to answer Greason’s falsities point by point would serve very little purpose, even if it could be done, and allowing too that our readers were very patient . However, it seems the ultimate aim of the book was to create Greason as an ‘expert’ and allow him to appear in the media to criticise a number of organizations in the period 1994-1998. It is this which must be criticised trenchantly.

"Two can play that game" of getting personal with chosen targets. In our case, it is a matter of simply telling the truth. By making the truth about Greason’s past freely available, we cut off his utility in the present.

Not that he has much utility in the cause of liberal ‘anti-racism’ these days. After that little 1998 debacle when he published in Australia-Israel Review a list of 1700 names/addresses of One Nation Party members, (remember BNP List keep this mind my British collegues)he was quietly pushed from the limelight. The affair blew the Jewish community into rival fractions on the issue of such ‘anti-racist’ intimidation. Nonetheless, Greason will inevitably reappear in some capacity. His book will continue to be quoted as an accurate biographical work that exposed the racist perverts of its day.

This pamphlet is composed by a few persons. The authors of this pamphlet (with the exception of one person) necessarily remain – anonymous. It should not be assumed that those quoted are necessarily the anonymous authors.

1. The Train To Manchester.
As David Greason told the story (to an official of the old Melbourne National Action movement, one day in early 1984, and as he strolled the street with his male lover), he was walking the streets of Melbourne late one evening in "mid-1983". He was pulled over by police who politely asked him where he was going. "I’m going to get a train home". "Where’s home?", asked the police officer. "Manchester", he replied. Upon further inquiry, he confirmed that he meant Manchester – England.

Subsequent to this exchange, David Greason spent some time in a Melbourne psychiatric institution. This fact is well known in various quarters, but was unknown to the Left (until we told them!). It was unknown to most journalists and was one of Australia-Israel Review’s prize secrets. Even today, Australia-Israel Review says not a word about Greason’s stint in the ‘bin’. It was certainly unknown to the well-meaning geese who fell in behind his lead in the early 1990’s, when he went into the streets as an anti-racist militant, in the company of the International Socialist Organisation . And needless to say, Dave is silent about it.

We do not say here that psychiatric treatment in the past implies that David Greason is ‘unwell’ now, or ‘unwell’ when he wrote his book. No, but we would suggest that this experience reasonably determined his aversion to his subject. It would colour his interpretations of events and persons.

If one thing comes through clearly in Teenage Fascist, it is the author’s overwhelming sense of ‘guilt’. He has disavowed his previous ideology (whatever precisely that was) and is ashamed of it. If he was in psychiatric care, the process by which he reintegrated his fractured personality (see below), would be decisive. Did he transfer his maladies to others? Is this why so much of Teenage Fascist was simply – untrue or plagiarised?

2. The Phone Rings – And Dave Decides To Move To Sydney.
In 1981, Dave Greason lived in Melbourne. He had been associated with the Australian League Of Rights and People Against Communism (1976-78), the National Front of Australia (1978-79) and Australian National Alliance (1979-81). He had returned to Britain in 1977 and spent a little time with the British National Front. In 1981, the Australian Nationalist scene was in flux, and the birth of Australian National Action (ANA) was not to occur til April 1982. The Melbourne picture was not promising for the new Nationalist perspective and Greason was one of a small circle of people who did what they could. That much of his account, is true.

In I Was A Teenage Fascist (hereafter – TF), Greason records (TF 266) that he was in the Public Service when he: "went off on sick leave and I was seeing the department psychologist and doing aptitude tests and I had this idea … I could pull off the shirker’s bonanza, put my hand up and say ‘sorry I’ve been driven completely mad … and get pensioned off."

In fact, Greason had a peculiar malady. Each time his office phone rang, he lost control of his bladder. Pavlov's dog had to run to the toilet, and sometimes he didn’t make it.

It was late 1981, and this sad loss of bladder control was symptomatic of a breakdown in Greason’s life. In TF, Greason would have us believe that he progressively became disillusioned with his comrades in Melbourne and later in Sydney. In fact, he became overborne by existence: one girlfriend (platonic) chose the company of another man, while another (platonic) chose a woman. Greason’s sex-life, as TF suggests at more than one point, was to that stage at least – autosexual. His lack of any emotional outlet other than ‘release’ in the company of political persons says a lot, more about a troubled youth than any sort of politics. Greason’s experience might be regarded as an indictment of Australia’s drift into social desert conditions. But let us not get too philosophic about it.

Greason also tells us that (TF 262-3) he was disturbed by the fact that a Melbourne anarchist – Ted Murphy – had exposed in the student press in mid 1981, the ‘fact’ that the Nationalist ideology was a species of fascism, perhaps not neo-nazism, but fascism nonetheless. Greason said he had hoped we could get away from the ‘fascist’ tag. The tale sounded credible, but the truth was different. In fact, Greason had thrown a brick into Murphy’s home and (luckily) the shattering glass just missed Murphy and his female companion. Greason was struck by his foolishness as he told one Nationalist. He had almost injured someone for no reason other than: "I regarded Murphy as an idiot and stirrer". Guilt played upon his mind. Yes, Greason was annoyed by Murphy’s article, but that was never his point. Around mid 1981, Greason said to Melbourne Nationalists that he would write a book; he would look into ways to build Nationalism while avoiding the label of fascism. A worthy project, if he had ever really intended to write it or even research it. The idea of writing a book was a long-time-coming, and of course, TF is his book.

Greason decided he needed a change of scene and in late October 1981, advised the Nationalists that he intended to move to Sydney.

3. "Don’t Argue, Just Call Them Nazis."
In mid-November 1981, Saleam was in Melbourne .There was a meeting between Saleam, Greason and Melbourne Nationalist organizer, Eugene Donnini. The discussion was meaningless to this pamphlet, save for one phase. The three discussed (among other things) the tactics the opposition should employ to deal with any Nationalist movement. Greason said the best propaganda solution was: never argue or debate, don’t discuss our views rationally in the street-papers etc., don’t run campaigns against our ideas where it can be helped; just repeat over and over, and in every way possible, that we were "Nazis" or "neo-nazis". Donnini and Saleam concurred. Given the British and U.S. experience, this position was undoubtedly correct. History has shown since that "neo-nazism" is the classic term of abuse. It has been used for years in the media, the Left and the ‘anti-racist’ organizations.

Greason has not erred from employing this discourse as his function as an ‘anti-racist’ journalist, amply shows. His articles in Australia-Israel Review and his campaigns side by side with the Trotskyites, reveal this to be his fundamental line of approach.

It is actually a quite rewarding strategy. Greason learned it in part from his ‘examination’ of the 1977-79 campaign of the ‘Anti-Nazi League’ in Britain as directed at the then National Front. While there were certainly other factors in the political defeat of the NF in this period, the "Nazi" baiting of the Trotskyite-operated Anti-Nazi League was a significant factor in the political decline of the NF. Greason also identified how, whenever Nationalists were active, pocket neo-nazis were trotted out to make lunatic statements that were then published side-by-side with reports of Nationalist action. He now uses the same technique.

4. "I’m The Best Thief In Town."
Around November 20 1981, Greason arrived in Sydney.
The personal life-style adopted by Greason during his period in Sydney suggested psychological decay.

The story told in TF is one where Greason will admit to adolescent problems, but essentially wants the reader to believe that he became gradually aware of the moral and political shortcomings of Nationalists and other patriots, and that he was ultimately compelled to confront his own internal demon. Of course, this account was untrue.

In the period from November 1981 until July 1982, at which time the National Action organization severed its relationship with Greason (thereby cutting him adrift from the whole Right scene), it should not be assumed, as TF implies, that he was in continuous contact with the Nationalists and played any substantial role in the evolution of this new politics. Quite the contrary. His contact with Nationalist and patriotic groups was episodic and only a part of the frenetic activity in which he engaged.

Greason’s chief activity involved stealing books in considerable quantity from Glebe Books, Bob Gould’s bookshops and the Socialist Party’s ‘New Era’ in George Street. As he said it: "I’m the best thief in town". Greason would sell his treasure to second hand dealers. He called it all "revolutionary expropriations". He spent some of the money on a rather busty English (non-political) girl who happened to work in one of his target bookshops. Sadly, she wasn’t interested in him either. He spent money on long overseas phone calls (to the British National Front) and photocopying at the State Library.

The young ‘fascist’ lived in a series of share-houses, meeting his rent with difficulty whilst trying to travel about. He was pathetic. His words in TF on this occasion are truthful, and we record them. He described himself as: "fat, spotty, sexually and socially inept, no money, no job, no self-esteem, polyester shirts, always desperate for a fuck…"

Greason also collected "files" on those who he regarded as enemies. The Left featured heavily there and some of that information was indeed passed onto the Nationalists. However, as he told ‘Shane’, he considered the Left rather hopeless and unable to invent any new ideology to challenge the system. Yet, he was intrigued by how they managed to publish newspapers and maintain bookshops. This was a secret he wanted to probe. It had something to do with "commitment" he told another. Greason also investigated the ISO. He regarded them as "easily hyped up idiots", a description he undoubtedly carried over into his scheme to direct them at Nationalists and other patriots. The Trotskyites should not imagine that his contempt for them has ever dissipated.

5. "Bite The Pillow, Bitch."
In TF (154), Greason recounts a story. He says that Nationalists would sit around discussing ex-Australian Nazi party activists like "Gary Mangan", and generally doing nothing. His words were:".this meant talking wistfully about someone we knew (often some alcoholic NSPA type like Gary Mangan who didn’t care any more).."
This tale is a curiosity as shall become apparent, and this story is integrally linked to yet another of Greason’s fairy-tales (that somehow there was a link between the 1970’s form of neo-nazism and Australian patriotic organizations and ideology).

The truth nonetheless - is startling. Let us untangle the lies, and then, get to the truth, bearing in mind as we go that these words about Mangan express a bitterness seemingly without purpose. In TF (269), Greason recounts a story of Saleam meeting in the street with the Australian neo-nazi chief of the 1970’s, Cass Young. They get on famously and repair somewhere for a friendly chat. Greason sees it all.

The truth however, was very different and involved a matter of no little relevance to the secret history of the political police, Australian Zionists and rightist politics. Certainly, Greason cannot (indeed must not) say how it was he came to meet Young, nor record what was discussed. His masters at Australia-Israel Review wouldn’t have approved at all.

In November 1981, Saleam accidentally came upon Young in a hotel in the Broadway area of Sydney. Young told the inside story of the National Socialist Party of Australia (NSPA) in the years 1971-3. The facts appear on this site in the documents Lessons For Nationalists and in Chapter Two of The Other Radicalism. Young told how he forged an arrangement with Zionist leader Abraham Cykiert to harass left-wing militants. He said his campaign of violence was encouraged by the Special Branch although he would not say exactly what Special Branch ordered. He said he eventually had to get out of Melbourne because of ASIO pressure related to the attempt of the Labor government to uncover the links between political police agencies and anti-communists such as the Nazi party. He steadfastly denied giving the Nazi membership files to ASIO or Special Branch (something about which he lied and as now revealed in released NSW Special Branch files).

Saleam told Greason of this conversation some time afterwards and that Young said he regularly attended the hotel. Apparently, Greason went there time after time, looking for Young. Finally, in January 1982, when he just happened to be in Saleam's company, he found Young. Young repeated the story. Greason was dumbstruck.

Within days, Greason informed Saleam by phone that he wanted to complete certain research on the Nazis. He understood from previous discussions with certain Nationalists that Gary Mangan, another ex-NSPA member, also had information on the political police. He went to hunt Mangan down. He found him. The account in TF refers to Mangan disparagingly as a broken-down drunk. We must now ask: why the hate?
In 1987, Mangan contacted Saleam. His motive in coming forward to provide an account of certain matters regarding the Nazi party, political violence in Queensland and so forth, might have been related to the fact that he committed suicide a few weeks afterwards.

Was Mangan clearing away a small piece of unfinished business? In this discussion, Mangan claimed that he had indeed met Greason in mid-late February 1982. He said Greason stayed with him for several days, almost a week. During that time, he said, they engaged in homosexual intercourse. Mangan’s bi-sexuality was well-known to most rightist activists who had ever heard of him and must have been already known to Greason.. Mangan laughed about the ‘affair’ and said, "you know, bite the pillow bitch..". Mangan had heard of Greason’s ‘conversion’ to Trotskyism and said he thought that was not out of character. "He seemed really confused." Where are we left? Greason, whose account of his sexuality implies that he was virginal in 1982, was possibly introduced to ‘sex’, in a homosexual encounter with a former ‘Nazi stormtrooper’.

Would this explain both the reference to Mangan and the untruthful discussion of the Young meeting (which instigated the contact with Mangan)? There is also the endless references to the Nazi party in TF which we need to place in perspective. Of course, there is only Mangan’s word of this affair and Mangan is dead. We cannot thence say it is a matter open to formal ‘proof’, if we were challenged to ‘prove’ it. Hence we shall argue the case only at the level of possibility. We shall leave it to Greason, if he wishes, to take up the matter.

6. "Can Fascists Be Gay?"
Greason took to drinking in Darlinhurst bars in early 1982. Around this time, he asked several Nationalists: "can fascists be gay?". What did he mean?
Well, Greason was obviously debating with himself whether he could adopt a certain sexuality usually held out of favour within ‘Right’ circles. But still participate in this politics.

Given too that Greason would invent the most outrageous stories of his heterosexual accomplishments, it would seem he was heading in the ‘alternative’ direction.
It is probably that Greason’s sexuality helped mould the political course he ultimately followed. If he required acceptance, he would have to get it in the company of those who were politically – liberal. To reject or to choose a type of politics upon the basis of ‘sexual preference’ scarcely implies the subject has any essential credibility.

6. "Those Niggers Are F…. White Women. Well, Burn, Baby Burn!….(!)"
In March 1982, Greason was conspiring to fire-bomb a Kings Cross disco known as ‘The Persian Room’.It seems he had been wandering the Cross when one evening, he struck up a meeting with another ‘Dave’ then involved in preparatory organizing for a new Nationalist movement.

The two went to drink in a sleazy dive called The Persian Room. It seems there were a number of black men (either Negroes or Africans) in the bar. They were, in Greason’s words "chatting up a couple of sluts". This scene infuriated Greason and he contacted a few Nationalists. "Those niggers are f … white women. Well burn, baby, burn". But to one person (‘Dave’) Greason said he had a plan to turn his words into action.

Greason’s plan was to set off a petrol bomb in the Persian Room and throw another device into the stairwell on the way out. He would then slip into the crowd. He needed a confederate to help distract people and he mooted his scheme to ‘Dave’ and then to another comrade, ‘Mark’. The latter just didn’t take him seriously in any way at all, although ‘Dave’ reported subsequently that Greason’s scheme for the incendiary reached an "advanced stage". ‘Dave’ quietly excused himself from the plan.

As mercurially as everything else Greason did in the period, he dropped the idea of racial terrorism Just after this incident, Greason was living in Darley Street St. Peters in a ‘share house’. He shared with two homosexuals and a ‘straight’ male.

A visitor to the home was Don Dunstan, homosexual ex-Premier of South Australia. Dunstan was occasionally in company with an American Negro male who shared the shower with him – and one of the inhabitants in the house. Greason dropped the fire-bomb routine to ponder over the prospects of raising cash for his new book – by a little exercise of blackmail. That scheme never matured either. The house in question must have stayed a fertile subject for reflection in the mind of our ‘fascist’, since, as his story goes, he decided there on a new course of political action – and founded National Action. Needless to say, this story is yet another lie.

So, where are we left with the fire-bomb story? Does it show that persons whom are described as ‘racists’ are those who suffer from some sort of sexual frustration that takes the form of envying black males? Well, Greason doesn’t tell us this story, which really, he should have. Yet, if he had, it might have shown the workings of his mind. Might it not be the case that the stereotypical madcap racist – was actually Greason?

7. Greason Claims To Found National Action.
In TF (274-5) Greason tells us that one "Sunday afternoon" in March 1982, he and three other persons, casually founded the National Action movement. Yet, on another page (276), he refers to the group being launched in February and then it holds a formal-foundation on April 25 1982.

The story that Greason founded National Action, has been repeated by the Trotskyites. Of course, it was a good story and was meant not only to establish Greason’s credentials as a ‘defector’, but to demean genuine Nationalists as being involved in a movement actually founded by a liberal ‘defector’. Indeed! In truth, Greason did attend a meeting in February 1982 where a decision was made by seventeen persons to establish a new Nationalist organization. A committee of three persons (excluding Greason) was deputised to lay the plans, and the movement was duly established on ANZAC day 1982. In his book, Greason glosses over that latter meeting – because he was not there.

On ANZAC day 1982, Greason was on a Hare Krshna property in northern New South Wales, living his secret life, wandering from group to group. "I went to the Hares after being at the Orange People ashram. They said I should go with them and I did. It’s the sort of thing that happens to me", he said. Greason returned to Sydney in early May – for a "date" with a girl from the pro-Moscow Socialist Party of Australia. That didn’t prosper either. At least National Action – did!

8. "A Mars Bar And A Coke."
When Greason resided in Sydney, his diet and his hygiene deteriorated. His hours varied and a nocturnal life-style developed.
Greason’s staples were "a Mars Bar and a Coke" – and sometimes salty chips in some quantity. The young ‘fascist’ became rotund. He cut a strange figure. His room in any number of share houses was littered with Coca Cola cans and bottles, chocolate wrappers of all sorts and half-eaten serves of chips. This scene reappears in TF (156)– as a description of the living habits of someone else. Invariably, his co-tenants would throw him out.

No wonder. His clothes would be filthy and sometimes the great revolutionary didn’t bath. Greason said of such criticism: "Che was not a Gucci radical", meaning he had a licence to be decidedly unappealing. Or was it he thought he was a little like – Che? Throughout the Sydney sojourn any number of Nationalists (and other patriots) could expect long telephone calls from Greason, with in-depth quizzing about the history of organizations and individuals. If a joke was passed, Greason might subsequently confront a person, at the level of near-hysteria, trying to confirm whether the target of the joke had done the thing laughed about.

When Greason started hanging around the Theosophical Society, one Canadian wag told him that the founders of the Australian National Alliance believed that they were the reincarnations of historical figures from the French Revolution. "I couldn’t resist: the bloke seemed as mad as a rabbit in his search to see if Theosophy could be used in the political struggle. I helped him along". In TF (284-287) Greason goes to town about that, pondering whether "we" had a "hidden agenda", and ‘cleverly’ attributes this "bizarre" revelation - to someone else.

Of course, in this conversation, the person admits to Greason’s charge. And finally, Saleam, of all people confirms it all for him, shattering the last of his illusions. His friends for years are now – loonies of the first order.

The essential madness of Greason shows up here. He has learned that these loonies, reincarnations of French revolutionary figures, communicated via a Ouija board with the dead, yet in TF (16) Greason records his interest in Ouija boards, and playing at length with one. We can make the inevitable conclusion.

9. "I Think He’s Mad"
In TF (274), Greason refers to a female person with some derision, someone he’s met and who was sharing at the home of a Nationalist.
The woman spent some time in Greason’s company being probed by her and quietly harassed. She reported to Saleam: "I think he’s mad". It was the first time the question of Greason’s sanity had been squarely raised. It was February 1982.

Greason stayed in the premises for two days while he assisted with the artwork for a Nationalist paper. It was at that time he made a contribution to Nationalist agitation, suggesting a poster on the issue of Japanese imperialism, featuring soldiers in 1942 garb and businessmen in 1982 suits. We cannot say Greason never did anything for Nationalism.

Greason said yet again about this time that he was planning a "book" on the Right. Then it was a "book to expose the failure of the Left". He was also planning the infiltration of the pro-Moscow Socialist Party and made enquiries about joining the Catholic priesthood. The people with whom Greason claims to have been intimately involved began at this moment not to wish to associate with him. Is that why TF places Greason at the centre of everything? The woman against whom Greason railed (above) suggested Greason had been staring at her as she slept and may have stolen her underwear. Such pastimes should have been more ‘interesting’ than pseudo-political posturings. We hope Greason was doing these things. At least it showed an interest – in women.

10. Greason Opts Out.
In mid June 1982, Greason abruptly decided that the National Action group would only benefit if he took charge of it. At TF (276-7), we have a different time frame for the sort of drive referred to; here, Greason pre-dates it to a time before he ‘founds’ National Action. However, we put it in its proper location, with Greason grasping one-more-time to be some sort of big fish in the then-small pond of then-Right politics. Or any politics.

In May 1982, Greason had been hard to locate at his ‘home’. It is possible he had been busy trying to infiltrate the Socialist Labour League, a cultic Trotskyite group that casually relieved its youthful supporters of large sums of cash. Or he might have been back with the Orange People for the free meals.

Greason approached various persons. He said that he had been thinking hard about changing line to make it all more palatable to the public (that part of TF is true!), but that he knew how to do it. He said he had participated in a few of National Action’s activities to establish his credibility and to show up the leaders as incompetents and ideological dinosaurs (like when he disrupted a meeting at which Malcolm Fraser spoke). He said that if he was elevated to its committee and made its chairman, things would "move quickly".

The members of the group weren’t interested and told him so. They had long decided that Greason was ‘mad’ and of no account. Some documents, books and office equipment stored (for nominal rent) in a premises rented for a brief period by Greason, were removed. This incident led to a confrontation, somewhat floridly and inaccurately decribed (what’s new?) in TF. It was Greason’s reply to the suggestion he was "mad", which is of relevance. He said words like: "only when we get a synthesis of just about every main ideology into a really popular programme will you idiots get anywhere." In Greason’s mind, all ideologies had blurred and were basically "cons and tricks" (his words). Similarly, all organizations were just platforms for the realisation of some personal fantasy. Does this later explain Greason’s 1990’s work for rabid capitalist magazines and newspapers, his friendship with globalizers like Phil Ruthven and so on? When there’s no ‘faith’ any more, there’s always money.
Greason told ‘Dave’ that he was going to leave the political scene.

He was "disillusioned", he said. There was still a hope he could find his way, or write that book. But being told he was no longer welcome around the National Action group was the final act of a long drama in the mind of our teenage fascist. He had "nowhere to go". He was told by ‘Dave’ that he should go home to his parents. Greason said he hated his father as much as he hated Saleam and "people like Eric Butler". ‘Dave’ went away thinking that Greason had identified these persons as substitute fathers or family members.

Is TF therefore a work dealing with psychological disorder? There can be little doubt, when it is read critically from this perspective, that Greason’s political hates arise from a dysfunctional family and migrant experience. In this sense, we strongly recommend his book.

11. Greason Robs The Bank.
In late July 1982, Greason committed fraud and avoided arrest by the misplaced intervention of Saleam. In his dealings with the National Action organization in the period around June 1982, Greason befriended ‘Dave’. Somehow he contrived a situation where documents were presented to the Westpac (or Bank of New South Wales at ‘Anchor House’ George Street, Sydney) that purportedly established him as a signatory to an account operated by the Nationalists.

On a day in the second week of July 1982, Saleam presented a cheque for cashing at the bank. Rather than the account being in credit to the sum of $100, it was in the red to some $90. As the matter was being discussed with management, in came the young fascist – with another cheque – this time for $100. Greason was "grabbed" by security and the matter hung in the balance. The manager was told that Greason was "unbalanced", and with our teenage fascist on the verge of tears in front of all, he was released. Needless to say Greason, despite his promise, never made good with the money. As ‘Alan’ put it as he proceeded to a meeting to confront Greason in 1984: "Who knows? Saleam should have let him go down."

If that had been the course of events, the ‘reformed fascist’ might never have come into being. The book thief would have been convicted of ‘uttering’ and his career as an honest victim of bad company would have been a non-event.

12. Lost In Bohemia.
In the period from August 1982 until early 1983, Greason lived in Darlinghurst and surrounding suburbs. When he moved from a flat in Parramatta Road Lewisham in August, he simply ‘disappeared’.

His life in this phase was not recorded in TF. He does not explain much at all before he is getting ready to speak up about the rightist extremists in late 1983. So who was he associating with? What happened? As best as we can trace it, Greason’s life in the period to early 1983 hit rock bottom.

He lived on unemployment benefits and moved in with homosexuals and/or marginal people. It was an odyssey. One witness said he took to drugs, but that is unsubstantiated. Another said, he knew him as a partner for well-heeled men, but that too has no corroborative source. Perhaps our teenage-fascist might enlighten us, but don’t hold your breath.

Being lost in bohemia was the beginning of a rebirth. Greason, at age 21, saw his life as meaningless. As an English migrant from a poorer family, he couldn't hope for much. His work career hadn’t been meritorious. He hated everyone he knew – and most of them were political people from the ‘Right’ side of politics. They were to blame. In September 1982, Saleam and ‘Shane’ had been contacted by Greason who wanted to meet them at the ‘French’s Wine Bar’ in Darlinghurst. The meeting took place and Greason passed over $100 of some $400 that he had borrowed. The youth was less than heroic, pale, sniffling, distracted. He said that he was "wandering about". He nearly ran out of the door and into the night.

Greason had already started to sabotage those he didn’t like during his Sydney period – and they weren’t all in the National Action group either. He struck out at a neo-nazi con- man called Graeme Royce, damaging his property and making harassment calls. He stole books and money from the British-Israel World Federation. The Left (as we noted with the bookshop thefts) was hardly immune either; but Greason reserved a special hate for the Maoist communists, stealing books and property left outside their premises and cash from the cash drawer during a ‘visit’ to discuss politics. Amusingly, he urinated into a car driven by Al Grassby outside a meeting venue, not so much because Grassby was a multiculturalist liberal, but because the man couldn’t get his facts right about a "list of racist organizations". Greason had been to Grassby’s office to "correct" him but to no avail. The ‘hates’ formed in this period stayed with him and doubtlessly motivate him whenever an ‘anti-racist’ article is being prepared. What an ‘expert’!

13. "Tell A Jew What He Wants To Hear…"
As Greason told several Nationalists, he had once worked for the Melbourne Jewish Times. He liked it there, working in the office. His favourite "targets" (his words) were older Jewish ladies, sometimes from families who were placed in Nazi concentration camps or who were ‘Holocaust survivors’. Greason would chat up the staff and customers. He would express his "interest in your experiences under the Nazis", a line of approach that would inevitably lead to paid, expensive lunches. As Greason told ‘Bob’: "tell a Jew what he wants to hear and you’ll have your hand in his pocket". It is a course of action that continued with Australia-Israel Review at least on one level: Greason ‘confirms’ their line and rises accordingly. Would this be an example of "the old double-dealing" as Greason put it in TF?

Part of Greason’s ‘success’ as an anti-racist has been to add his ‘facts’ to the prejudices of his Trotskyite and Jewish audiences. It definitely paid off. Yet, Greason may not have ever been totally frank with the Jewish organizations he later worked for. And now a special story just for Michael Danby, Labor M.P., and for the boys at Australia-Israel Review.

It is a matter of history that Danby was a student activist at Melbourne University in the 1970’s, a Zionist, in a university where Maoist communists and Trotskyites (Trotskyites were not then as philosemitic as they have become), were very active.

Danby got the reputation – rightly or wrongly – for being an informant for the Federal Police. So, one happy day in 1976, he was brutally bashed by Maoists in broad daylight. Greason always claimed to have actually witnessed the bashing. He said: "I saw it; I could have shouted out, ran for police, even run over and started screaming, but I didn’t. I just thought, ah well, so what, it’s only Danby".

Greason can tell Danby this is untrue. Yet, Danby isn’t silly. He’ll know it’s true. When Greason changed sides, he was in many ways the old "double-dealer" he always was. He may well have told people like Danby a lot of things, some true and some false, about the ‘Right’ scene. It’s unlikely he confessed this. We all suspect that Dave would have felt that warm inner glow from having a very-guilty-secret like this one, as he talked over political strategy with the staff at Australia-Israel Review.

14. The Case Of ‘Basil Recht’: A Proof Of Special Input And Purpose
TF (288,292) drops a hint, a suggestion, to those in the know, that he has had some special input into his book and is operating a secret agenda. This was always part of Greason’s method.

He mentions a character ‘Basil Recht’ at a Nationalist meeting and he describes in detail a supposed outrage perpetrated against him by this person – his expulsion from the world of Nationalist politics.
Yet, there was never any such person as ‘Basil Recht’. Greason has not made a mistake either, as the name given is a certain ‘play’ upon the actual name of a person known to him at the time..

Greason’s book is full of stories about all sorts of people under their true names. So why give dear old ‘Basil’ such a pseudonym? Had Greason some pressing legal reason for this sleight of hand, he could have said something in the text to the effect that he was doing this for this purpose. But no, Greason did not do that.

We shall offer the reader our hypothesis. ‘Recht’ was recruited by the New South Wales Police Special Branch as an informant in March 1985. ‘Recht’ provided information against (mainly, but not exclusively) National Action and a certain Brisbane Nationalist group. There is a real possibility that he was, in conjunction with the activities of a foreign country in Australia, an informant for ASIO.

Greason protected ‘Recht’ because ‘Recht’ was on the same side! We must ask therefore: how does Greason know? It would be our conclusion that, just as Greason was ‘debriefed’ by the Federal Police around October 1983, for whatever he could say about a swathe of patriotic groups, so he has been privy to ‘intelligence’ information over the years. Working at Australia-Israel Review, would make that rather – inevitable.

We were also advised that Greason was spoken to by the New South Wales Special Branch in 1989; the Branch was fishing for ‘clues’ on how to combat National Action. He was an inspiration for a major smear article in The Bulletin in March 1989, an article which criticised a number of patriotic groups and persons at a time when ASIO/Special Branch was moving against them.

Greason’s casual mention of ‘Basil Recht’ suggests to us that broader issue. Did Greason approach the Federal Police or was it the other way round back there in 1983? It is significant in the history of Nationalist and patriotic politics that persons in the situation like Greason inevitably are found and value extracted. We must also wonder who suggested Greason ‘come out’ in the National Times early in 1984 as a critic of the Nationalists, and ask how it was he passed over into the company of the screamers at the International Socialist Organisation for a grand ‘anti-racist’ speaking tour tour in May-June 1984? Did Greason think of it all himself?

Somehow, when we deal with the teenage fascist, there is a suggestion of the black operation lurking in the background.

15. The Problem Of Historical Accuracy: What To Do About David Greason?
There is no longer any real reason why the patriotic movement should be concerned with Greason’s utility as a viable originator of smear. Nonetheless, it still follows that occasional journalism written to ‘the script’ is possible and organizations and individuals could be ambushed. So, what to do? Basically, we must finish the job. Once falsehood is put into circulation, it can be built upon and re-marketed. It must be answered, but in a way that serves the cause and does not side-track it.

At the start of this pamphlet we said , there is usually very little sense, when faced with a fraud like Greason, to answer his fabrications point by point. It is better to provide the counter-picture. The enemy fights to delegitimize Australian Nationalism and patriotism. We struggle to proclaim its validity and truth. What are we seeing on the Greason question?

Essentially, there was no storyline of any worth, either in Greason’s Teenage Fascist or in his journalism, because, as the Giannopoulos pamphlet proved, and as this pamphlet demonstrates, Greason is a fraud and a purveyor of false stories. He was at one point of his life, fundamentally psychologically disturbed, and once ‘reconstructed’, set out to maintain his new persona by serving the opposite cause to the one he had supposedly served. One must sing for one’s supper. It is open to conclude also that Greason’s appreciation of the ‘Right’ groups he joined was adolescent, and if there is any value in discussing the attraction some politics may exercise over the very young, it is only at that level anything Greason could say has any ‘value’ at all. And even then, one must be careful.

Greason could one day reappear on the anti-racist circuit, when he finally returns from Britain, or even if he stays there and scribbles for the Jewish Board of Deputies/MI-5 rag – Searchlight magazine. But Greason is now a mere fading actor upon the stage of anti-racism.

Our politics, just like the politics of the liberal Establishment, must show no deference towards those who challenge it. By gutting Greason, we show there is no ‘market’ in peddling rubbish. Most importantly, we show to the professional lie-peddlers like those at Australia-Israel Review that the issue for public comment is that they used Greason. Our charge is that this magazine knew the essential truth all the way along and, at the very least, has known the full story for four years. So why no ‘retractions’, no ‘self-criticisms’? Rather, they just soldier on to the next phase of the struggle. It is a worthy attribute patriots should emulate.

One liar-propagandist down, ten thousand to go!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Connect The Dots.

Well I will let the readers of this blog chew over this for a little Search Light. Now think about what has been written here. Call it conspiracy? Well in this little article we have once again been proven totally correct and our sources have been spot on. We shall comment on this later.

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In Defense of the Aryan Guard Calgary!

Yes folks Australia's own convert to Zionism Darrin Hodges of the Australian Protectionist Party NSW has added another enemy to his list The Canadian Aryan Guard.

Now these lads don't mind getting out and showing fellow Canadians that they are proud of their culture and heritage. But hey they also don't mind lending a voice to show the disgust they feel towards the Zionist question. Something our Zionist boy would never do. He saves his venom for White Patriots.

Aryan Guard at Gaza protest http

"Calgarians were surprised Saturday to see members of the Aryan Guard, a white supremacist, neo-Nazi group, at a local protest of Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip.

"Basically, polar opposites were protesting together," said Robert Thivierge, who attended the pro-test to take photographs and was surprised to see the Aryan Guard peacefully marching alongside protesters of all nationalities."

Now even the media admit they are "polar opposites were protesting together" yet the scum bag Hodges attempts to discredit another pro white group on his forum.


"At the Calgary protest, members of the Aryan Guard held a modified Israel flag that read "Terror State" and marched from City Hall to the Harry Hays building, near the front of the crowd."

Well I see no problem with that. Hell these guys seem to do a bit of actual street activism.

Aryan Guard Calgary crash anti racist protest.

Good on them!

Australia Calling. Australia 'buggered' says Access Economics report

Australia's most respected economic consultancy, Access Economics, has
released its quarterly report on the national economy. The normally reserved
and polite accountants said that Australia's economy and federal budget were
'buggered'. Also, Muslims threaten to murder Brisbane talkback radio host.
The religion of peace strikes again! Listen HERE

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The strange case of Dr. John Casey

posted by Victor Whitelaw at Monday, February 13, 2006

Dr John Casey
For any who might be bewildered as to what has become of our NSW Police Force and why our Police Officers now more closely resemble social workers rather than crime fighters the following will dissipate much of the mystery.

One only has to look at the resumés of their teachers and ‘advisors’ to understand why the average copper is indoctrinated with Left Wing ideology, totally inundated with paperwork and hogtied by procedural “rules of engagement” when it comes to dealing with criminals. Today, most senior Police, from Local Area Commanders all the way up to the Commissioner, are University graduates fully inculcated with Political Correctness.

Much of their training is taken up with such nonsense as Cultural and Racial “sensitivity programs” etc. Is it any wonder there is no real will to take a firm stand against ethnic gangsters and their criminal syndicates? Particularly in regard to the current NSW Premier Morris Iemma whose constituency is Lakemba, the very epicentre of Islamist extremism and Muslim criminal activity in Sydney.

The State Police Commissioners, who were once appointed by the State Governors, are now instead commissioned by the State Premiers and serve under the strict demands of performance based contracts. They are in effect political agents beholden to the whim of the incumbent administration rather than to the people of New South Wales with their main concern and motivations being a trouble free, uncontroversial career path and easy cruise to retirement.

Any suggestion, that operating under these strictures, they could possibly execute their duties with any real degree of efficiency, independence or rigour is nonsense. Read on and things will become clearer.

Dr. John Casey’s Curriculum Vitae

John Casey is a Senior Lecturer at the Graduate School of Police Management at Charles Sturt University in Sydney, Australia. Before joining the School, he worked as an education and social services manager in Australia, USA and Spain and as a university lecturer in Spain. A large part of his professional work, research and community involvement has been focused on issues related to the provision of government services for immigrants and refugees. Contact:

Meet John Casey, senior lecturer at the Australian Graduate School of Policing, Manly.

What do you like most about your job? The challenge of teaching senior police officers

Name one thing you couldn’t live without? Good Coffee
What do you do to relax? Sport, Theatre, Cinema
Your favorite movie or book? All of the John Sayles movies

If you could walk in someone’s shoes for a day, who would it be? An international human rights activist

What do you find most irritating? Reality TV

Your favorite word? Yes

If you were granted one wish, what would it be? World Peace

Where would you retire? Barcelona

A memorable moment? Hosting a function at Gracie Mansion (New York Mayor’s Residence)

Who would you hate to be left in a room with? Brittany Spears

Your favorite sandwich filling? Prawn Salad

Who would you like to sit next to on a long flight? Agnes Heller – Hungarian Philosopher

What would you never give up? Travel

Your favorite website?
Your biggest phobia? None

What would you never do again? Apply for a job at CSU – just kidding
Most irritating celebrity? Leyton Hewitt

Your favorite place on campus? All of Manly campus

Dr John Casey first came to the attention of WN in QLD during September 2005. He was invited to speak at a public meeting held in Toowoomba organized by Mark Copland of the Catholic Social Justice Commission. In an unofficial visit Dr Casey presented to the people at the meeting a Film called “The Letter”. The movie is a semi documentary based on the invasion of the town Lewiston in the United States by 1000 Somalia’s. In his speech on the background of the movie Dr Casey compares the WPCA of QLD to White Supremacists portrayed in this film. Stating that a similar approach as shown in the film would be an effective way of silencing any anti multicultural feeling held by the people of the Darling Downs, in particular the WPCA.

The Doctor goes on to further compare the town of Lewiston to the Queensland city of Toowoomba. Dr Casey describes Lewiston Maine, as the Northern most State in the US. It is also the Whitest State in that country. A play ground for the rich. He explains that some time in 2000 the United States took on thousands of Somali refuges and resettled them in the US. I will quote directly what the Doctor says about this. “Some smart person who helped resettle them decided to settle them in the black communities of Georgia”.

The good Doctor goes on to explain that the resettled refuges from Somalia did not like the idea of sharing with their Black African Brothers in Georgia, in other words, they considered themselves to be middle class, educated people, too good to live with the poor abused Afro Americans therefore 1000 of them decided to move to Lewiston, Maine, all of them in one hit. So the great social experiment of examining the outcomes of putting 1000 Somalis in an all white community begins. The Dr explains that he has no idea how they came to choose Lewiston as their final destination but this writer has a fair idea why.

In his official capacity the Doctor wrote a paper in 2000 called International Experiences in Policing Multicultural Societies.

Extract from the Introduction:

In June 1996, a conference of experts on policing practices in multicultural[1] societies was organised by the Rotterdam police and RADAR, a non-government anti-racist organisation. This conference resulted in the drafting of a statement of principles, The Rotterdam Charter: Policing for a Multi-ethnic Society which, under the auspices of the European Union, is now being adopted by police services in a number of European countries.

This article provides an overview of international experiences in implementing programs to strengthen police-ethnic community relations, similar to those contained in the Charter. It concentrates on English-speaking countries, with particular emphasis given to the U.K., Australia and Canada. These countries have a higher percentage of immigrants in their society than most industrialised countries and a longer history of addressing issues regarding policing diverse societies

Dr John Casey along with his counter part Mark Goudkamp also belongs to the RAC Refuge Action Coalition. He has co hosted many functions with Mark Goudkamp in the Sydney area and all over Australia. Below are the details of one.

Against border protection: for the movement of people

While Liberal dissidents and the ALP have made criticisms of the Howard government's detention regime, they preface their comments with support for strong border protection policies. This workshop will raise the ideas behind and the desirability of a world without borders. What would it take to achieve such a world?

John Casey & Mark GoudkampRefugee Action Coalition

WHERE TO NOW? Building the next phase of the refugee movement

A forum for refugee activists and advocates

The refugee movement has had partial victories against the government, but the policy framework remains largely intact. The Where to Now Forum will bring together participants from different organisations to analyse the current situation and exchange ideas about future directions for the refugee movement. This will largely be a NSW-based meeting (interstate people obviously welcome). We hope it will lead to a national forum next year. Morning workshops will focus on background political topics, while the afternoon will concentrate on strategic and pracical aspects of the campaign.The Forum will seek to publish a joint communiqué, provisionally titled A Call for Real Change, and will discuss possible future joint actions. At the same time, the Forum will respect the independence of participating organisations and will primarily serve as an opportunity for networking and information exchange.Speakers include: John Highfield (former ABC radio presenter), Phil Glendenning - (Edmund Rice Centre), Louise Newman (TBC), Susan Metcalfe (Rural Australians for Refugees), David Francis (House of Welcome), Ali (former Nauru detainee), Refugee Advice and Casework Service, Refugee Action Coalition.
Intended Audience Refugee activists and advocates, although people who are becoming involved for the first time are also welcome.

When? Saturday 22 October (10am-4pm)

Where? Rooms C129-131, UTS Markets Campus, Quay St (opposite Paddy’s Markets), Haymarket

Cost? Entry by donation

Contact John Casey
phone 02 9934 4828 (w), 02 9411 1657 (h)

Sarah Stephen
mobile 0421326987

Mark Goudkamp
mobile 0422078376

Dr. Casey is a prominent figure in the Multicultural Industry scene. His connections alone warrant concern for all White Nationalists. In his official capacity he has the ways and means to assist Anti White campaigners such as Mathew Henderson-Hau and the ‘Fight Dem Back’ anarchists. Strong indications show that since the conception of FDB, Dr John Casey and the likes of Mark Copland have been actively working with the Marxist rabble to push their own agenda.

Now let’s have a look into Dr John Casey’s co-worker for RAC Mark Goudkamp. Mr. Goudkamp one time member of the International Socialist Organisation of Australia, notably quoted saying he would do “anything to assist the desperate plight of refugees”. Including the falsifying of Australian Pass Ports for escaped detainees. Mr. Goudkamp known to Australian Federal Police is just the sort of man one would expect the Senior Lecturer at the Graduate School of Police Management to be associated with.

Mr. Goudkamp’s membership with the International Socialist Organisation of Australia ended in 2004. Mr. Goudkamp and 21 of their Marxist Comrades left the ISO because of faction fighting and a failure of the ISO to become more militant. One could surmise that Mr. Goudkamp and fellow Marxist from Brisbane Ian Rintoul* will now create the Marxist dream with the Refuge Action Coalition. Again the reader must ask how is it that such a highly placed man like Dr John Casey could be associated with these people and not send alarm bells ringing in the NSW Police Force.

Mr. Goudkamp reputation as a Marxist and general troublemaker to the Federal Police has not stopped him in his chosen field as a High School Teacher in NSW. One must wonder at the marvels he preaches to his students. Again no alarm bells ringing no questions asked by any Government officials. Of course people like Mr. Goudkamp would simply brush aside any investigation of his dealings with Anarchists and Marxists by saying the average working class Australian supports him.

NSW Political Police Agency Confesses To Targeting Nationalists: Why? Whom Does It Serve? What To Do About It?

Yes readers go put the jug on and make a nice cuppa. Then take the time to read this well written article on the challenges groups like Australia First and other WN orgs face in Australia. Its good to see that Australian WN are aware of the hostile environment that surrounds them and are capable of staying one step ahead. I must say being privy to the original Police article that has been quoted one truly has to ask who are the fanatics?

NSW Political Police Agency Confesses To Targeting Nationalists: Why? Whom Does It Serve? What To Do About It?
Dr. Jim Saleam
January 17 2009

Unfortunately, I only recently read a significant article in Policing Issues And Practice Journal,a New South Wales police publication. The February 2007 article, by Senior Constable Andrew Minney, came into my possession only courtesy of a member of the public.

I say unfortunately because the article, "Nationalist Extremists And Racist Extremists: An Overview", contained useful material which could have influenced the course of debate within the Australian nationalist community in 2007 (as below). Otherwise, its arguments remain of service to us in defining position and understanding the responses to our activities from the political police apparatus.

It is noted that Andrew MInney (hereafter: Minney) was recorded as a member of the Strategic Intelligence Unit of the Counter-Terrorist Co-Ordination Command. Just as Minney referred to viewing the websites of "Nationalist Extremist" and "Racist Extremist" groups (he listed a number of organizations groups and websites - Australia First, Patriotic Youth League, Blood And Honour, White Pride, League Of Rights, New Nation) in order to acquire crucial "intelligence", so it cuts both ways. In writing as he has, this officer has offered "intelligence" to us.

It has long been the position of this author, that the political police in Australia have been inveterate enemies of the nationalists and other patriots. From frame-ups, to harassments, to substantive crimes (arson, rape, theft, break and enter, criminal damage), to running informers and provocateurs, they have been active. More than once their hand has been keenly felt in the history of nationalist and other patriotic organizations, sowing divisions, using 'legal' harassments of the target, creating 'counter-gangs' that mirror the target whilst harassing it and otherwise targeting people for privatised harassment and criminal attack. Minney's article confirms - at least - "disruption" is organised against us (as below).

For my own part, I have personally fought against the political police, publishing their names and photos and those of their agents, details of their actions and exposure material and organizing particular activities against them. The nationalist organization 'National Action', which I co-directed in the 1980's, acted to minimise the impact they might have within its fraternity and had some successes.

But they returned to carry on the vendetta. In the years that they had me imprisoned (1991-5) via perjury and conspiracy, I dragged Federal and State agencies back into courts of appeal and kept issues alive. Ultimately, material collected by myself and other nationalists was used by the New South Wales 'Royal Commission Into The Police Service' (I say 'used') to dismantle the out-of-control and financially corrupt Special Branch and intimidate into "rolling over" the corrupt head of that group, Superintendent Neville Ireland, but - naturally - the essential material we had provided was not publicised or used in the hearings lest it advantage the nationalist cause and undermine criminal convictions won against me and others.

In the period 1999 - 2002, I oversaw the release of innumerable files of the Special Branch organisation, a process that was stopped by a 'decision' of the New South Wales Administrative Decisions Tribunal, lest we learn too much of the activities of that agency from the past. The struggle has been therefore constant - and it (obviously) continues.

Today, we address how nationalists, patriots and so-called "racists" are analysed by the political police. I use the term 'political police' since not for one moment do I take seriously their pseudo-moral claptrap that they are there to fight terrorism or other violence and intimidation. The political police are the organised mechanism for the protection by 'other means' of the dominant economic-political class in our 'democratic' Australia. It is essential in the understanding of the discourse of the political police that one never accedes to its language. The language of political policing is itself a conditioning tool; if we strike back against political policing, we must employ our own counter-power language.

Yet, contemporary political-policing in Australia is decidedly influenced by the counter-terrorism drive of 'Western' intelligence services. It shows physically in the person of Nick Kaldas who directed the New South Wales Counter-Terrorist Command at the time Minney composed his piece. Kaldas was considered reliable enough (sic) to have been seconded to Iraq in 2004 and 2005, where he assisted in training the puppet police services of the Baghdad occupation-regime and was of such significance to have played a role in the show-trial of the Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, a process that actually resulted in what many jurists call his judicial-murder. Today, Kaldas serves in Lebanon, investigating the assassination of a senior politician, such that Israel and American 'intelligence' may pin the killing upon Syria, a function that may prefigure war.

In other words, in the very person of Nick Kaldas there is a suggestion that under his leadership of the New South Wales political police, the logic of counter-terrorism has imposed itself upon political policing generally; further, it could be equally concluded that the struggle in Iraq against the national resistance is seen by Kaldas's controllers as the same thing as the struggle against patriotic dissident Australians. In one sense that is correct: each targets the New World Order system of economic and political and cultural globalisation, albeit on behalf of very different peoples and through rather different means. Whatever some Australians may think of this equation, the political police are in no doubt of its validity and proceed accordingly.

In the following commentary, I am not being exhaustive in my analysis.
The Purpose Of The Minney Article

This article was aimed squarely at politicising the New South Wales police. The admonition that -

"…. such groups present a threat to the community and therefore warrant continued scrutiny. Police are encouraged to provide any information relating to the operation or activities of Nationalist Extremist and Racist Extremist Groups by submitting intelligence reports or including the information, when appropriate into COPS events.

- rather demonstrates this point. The COPS is a ready-reference computer database for police.

Here we see that ordinary police are told that nationalist views are in some manner illegitimate and that it is appropriate, indeed preferred, that all data on our activities are turned in. Essentially, this implies the politicisation of the police to perform functions conducive to the defence of the multiculturalist system. In passing, I note that this was the goal set by the so-called Report Of The National Inquiry Into Racist Violence (1991). The goal has been a long-time-coming.

But even more disturbing is the opening assertion in the Minney article that patriotic people are movers in de facto terrorism:

"Given the current security environment and in the wake of contemporary terrorism across the world many people, including police officers, now associate 'extremism' solely with radical Islamists and associated religious ideologies. The reality is that there are many forms of extremism around the world. Extremism refers to the adherence of a radical belief or ideology in an immoderate, uncompromising and/or fanatical manner. Extremists are usually characterised by their adoption of beliefs or ideologies, whether political or religious, which are well outside accepted social norms.

This article is intended to provide an overview of several 'Nationalist Extremist and Racist Extremist' (NERE) groups which are currently active within NSW and the challenges they present to police."

Here we see two things: the equating of the activities or potential activities of nationalists and "racists" with terrorism and the blurring of terrorism with a far lesser quantity - politically motivated violence. Similarly, an "extremist" is simply someone who does not accept the new artificially sponsored 'norm' of liberal globalism.

Of course, ordinary police are not scholars, nor do they necessarily draw the fine points. However, the notion that the average police officer is a simpleton - can be rejected. The average officer can see with his own eyes what the nationalists are doing and saying. Yet, he is invited to believe he is addressing a terrorist or extremist movement.

Given that police are being asked to spy upon a very special category of Australian, they might begin to question the acceptability of this 'norm' and the ideology and politics of those who demand they do this.

This would be the start of a dualism in the police: on the one hand, they deliberately mouth the slogans of the liberal-globalist regime, whilst repudiating in silent practise its demands. That is also potentially the start of independent judgement, a process of development in consciousness which may ultimately lead to the acceptance of the nationalist party as the alternate legitimacy. However, that notion carries us too far from the immediate topic. Nonetheless, because nationalist ideas may appeal to parts of the police in this era of enforced multiculturalism, suggests to the political police that they must also police the police and achieve their politicisation in a liberal globalist direction!

We play for high stakes.
Delegitimization Through False 'Codes': Neo-Nazism, Fascism, White Supremacy

In order that police reject the legitimacy of the nationalists, the Minney article is littered with the false descriptions of the nationalists and other patriotic people. In that regard, terms like "neo-nazi", "fascist" and "white supremacist", are put about. Of course, a few persons and some tiny groups may indeed be - precisely those things. A couple of small groups listed in the article were precisely that.The 'cleverness' of the Minney article is to confuse all the groups.

At no point - of course - does Minney mention that the political police have continually used some neo-nazis and have actually operated neo-nazi groups. That sort of tactic derives from the British terrorism and insurgency theorist, Brigadier General Kitson. Kitson defined the notion of the counter-gang, a situation where a body is 'promoted' to look a little bit like a genuine 'insurgency', but which spends most of its time destabilising a target set up for them by the security agencies. The application of that idea to the purely political scene may serve to explain the character of some of the "disruption measures" .targeting nationalists. In other words, the political police may sponsor "white supremacist" or "neo-nazi" groups to spread "hate" and to "associate themselves" with the activities of genuine nationalist or patriotic groups. This can be done through compliant media and particular journalists who are close to them..

A good example of the latter may be the 1997 "Ku Klux Klan" infiltration of One Nation. The operators claimed to have wide influence inside that party, much to its embarrassment in the media. Yet, the KKK group was really non-existent and run by two persons connected to the political police. The journalist who 'broke' the story could hardly have believed his own rubbish and has political links and has been criticised by even the paper-tiger Press Council for bending the truth.
Australia First Party: Small Mercies

MInney says of Australia First Party:

"The Australia First Party is a minor political party with nationalist leanings. The party has made attempts to distance itself from descriptions by some observers that it is an extreme right wing neo-Nazi group."

Ah, small mercies! Here we have the official concession that the paid media does not generally 'accept'. Of course, Australia First seeks to develop an Australian ideology, politics and organizational method. We are nothing less than Australian nationalists.

Nonetheless, the media always reverts to its failed scripts when we enter into any area of controversy. Thanks to Minney we may henceforward quote his (unintentional) clearing of our reputation!
The Superior 'Human' Verses The Inferior 'Australian'

Minney provides a broken psychological analysis for membership in his target groups:

"Weinberg (2005, p: 82-86) outlines a number oft theories that attempt to explain why people join racially motivated (i.e. NERE) groups. These include:
# a lack of sense of 'self and a desire to belong to a group. The individual is therefore easily susceptible to a 'group think' mentality;
# the individual is possessed by a strong belief in conspiracies and therefore possesses a sense of commitment to radical change;
# the individual is excited by the prospect of carrying out 'missions'. The wearing of uniforms and other regalia may also present some excitement; and
# mental illness or mental disorder - including delusions of grandeur and perhaps self-loathing."

This description by the American neo-fascism expert (sic) Weinberg, might equally apply to the paramilitarization of the police itself, a process that dumbs down human response to protest and which permits the legal use of state violence against the less-than-human 'targets'. Reasonably, this description would apply only to some individuals within a paramilitarized police structure - just as it would only fit just a few individuals within the broad patriotic camp.

I predict that this analysis comes from the failed models of the American Jewish organization, the Anti Defamation League of B'nai B'rith which provides these sorts of assessments to the famed FBI.

As stated, if this type of analysis was applied to any of the groups listed in the Minney article, I would have severe doubts. The odd individual notwithstanding, the analysis does not fit. But as we have just seen, is it designed to fit? In reality, this sort of nonsense is a provocation, an attempt to desensitise the police generally towards the targets. Might it be more a matter of bastardisation for the inexperienced ordinary officer who knows little of politics, to turn him into a spy against his fellow Australians and a robotic tool for their political suppression?

The dehumanisation of the "racist" and the "nationalist" is already achieved in the Human Rights And Equal Opportunity Commission where the complainant is backed by the full force of authority and the target guilty til proven innocent, where to be accused of violating human rights is to be shown up as non human!
Do They Disrupt Nationalist Organizations?

As an old hand in combating the political police, I was alert to three singular references in Minney's text.

"In Australia, the growth of NERE groups peaked in the late 1990s in response to the 1996 uniform national gun legislation and an upsurge of interest in the policies of the political party, One Nation. Since 1999 NERE groups have generally been in decline due to legal problems, a shift of supporters to more mainstream politics, conflicts within and between groups.."

"effective disruption by authorities."

"However NERE groups have previously displayed a surprising ability to remain in existence and rebound, despite enduring lengthy periods of inactivity and intense scrutiny."

I have seen similar references before, albeit partly word for word in two ASIO reports: Australian Security Intelligence Organisation. Report to Parliament 1989-90. Canberra: AGPS, 1990; Australian Security Intelligence Organisation. Report To Parliament 1990-91. Canberra: AGPS, 1991.

The disruption of nationalist and patriotic organizations has long been on the political police agenda. When even words are the same, we may surmise similar methods of analysis, operation and so forth.

It was not long after these reports were published , that David Sadleir, director of ASIO, pointed to 'racists' and nationalists as his primary internal concern. He spoke of multiracial immigration as a "grindstone for prejudice" and stated he would maintain a close watching brief on certain groups.

In the current case, what was most refreshing was the open admission by MInney that since 1999 "effective disruption by authorities" has occurred. This explicitly suggests the use of the political police against nationalist groups in New South Wales and elsewhere.

We may rightly ponder what the measures employed might have been?

It is a matter of historical fact that ASIO employed in the late 1960's and early 1970's, a 'Special Projects Section', one of whose operations was - 'Operation Whip'. This 'op' targeted leftist radicals, both organizationally and personally.

The ASIO methods included: personal harassment at work ; harassment of family members to sow troubles ; sacking from jobs ; infiltration of groups ; use of shadowy 'right-wing' groups to do violence to offices and premises ; use of media to spread disinformation about a person or group ; tax office investigations.

Some nationalists have maintained that similar projects have long operated. I referred to certain methods (above). Of a more contemporary nature, it has been suggested to this writer that the attempt to divide and disrupt Australia First in 2006-7 was a product of this type of operation. Given the recent admission, who is to say this could not be untrue?

The clear admission of "disruption" says that patriotic people need to become more vigilant to disruption and provocation. It means that they have to become aware of the methods employed and be ready to support the expulsion from their organizations of persons reasonably attainted of disruptive tendencies.

Yet, the nature of this disruption is not always a matter involving the political police too directly, or necessarily involving them through a civilian recruited to the purpose. It has been the case that some of the best 'disruption' has come from privatised agencies!

We can refer to the misnamed Australians For Honest Government based in Western Australia. This body was widely credited with the campaign that operated the tool Terry Sharples such that Pauline Hanson was ultimately imprisoned. It also ran of a number of "white ants" inside One Nation - many of whom have progressively been identified as "back in the Liberal Party", sometimes as officials. The 'Honest' group was founded by Peter Coleman, father-in-law to Peter Costello and a former New South Wales Opposition Leader noted for his connection to the Special Branch apparatus in the late 1970's. Then there is the Zionist group, Anti Defamation Commission Inc., which has been connected to 'anti-racist' internet groups (like Fight Dem Back), cells that identify people, harass them and create misinformation - and which also boast of de facto police connections.

Political policing is rightly conceived as a web of surveillance and intervention aimed at the targets.
The Political Economy Of Political Policing: Defending The Program Of 'Open Borders' And Economic Globalization

Minney states brazenly:

"To be an Australian is not to claim membership to a homogeneous racial identity, but rather an allegiance to the Australian nation. There are many non-Anglo Australians who have longer and/or closer ties to Australia than many Anglo Australians. The Australian economy profits significantly from international visitors, in particular the tourism and education sectors. Non-Anglo tourists and residents alike are at risk from the ideologies that NERE groups promote. Perceptions and actual experiences of organised racism are often expressed by international students who then relay their experiences on returning home."

Through these references, the political police not only redefine the very meaning of Australia and Australian and opine how the state's economic interest can be damaged by domestic groups.

The politicisation of the police to serve the new liberal globalist agenda, has been going on for two decades. However, in the last seven or eight years, it has become more intense. This particularly followed in the wake of the faked up 'war on terror', which allowed the expansion of the network of internal espionage and surveillance upon urgent security considerations.

Steve James wrote a major piece in Police Practice and Research, Volume 6, Issue 2 May 2005 , pp 103 - 119. A synopsis of this still-unavailable paper said:

"The paper examines trends in the policing of right-wing violence in Australia. It describes and assesses the threat of violence from explicit right-wing organizations, and outlines developments in the 'hate' crime phenomenon. The paper identifies several of the communities in Australia most vulnerable to such crime, such as the Indigenous community and in recent years members of the Islamic community. The paper explains and critiques national and local legislative and law enforcement responses to crimes of hate and violence based on racist and other discriminatory sentiments. It concludes by advocating a commitment by police services to a human rights enforcement ethic which renders intolerable the victimization of vulnerable communities by crimes motivated through hate."

Aside from the utter falsehoods that there are crimes of racist violence rampant, we see the 'hate crime' propaganda rationale for any offence where race may be a factor and the shrill call for the creation of a human rights KGB. We see also the false morality of defending "vulnerable" communities - when in reality it is protect the economic marketplace from disruption.

Some three years ago, nationalists identified another major player in the 'training' of political police. John Casey was a Senior Lecturer at the Graduate School of Police Management at Charles Sturt University campus in Sydney. Before joining the School, he worked as an education and social services manager in Australia, the USA and as a university lecturer in Spain. A large part of his professional work has been focused on issues related to the provision of government services for immigrants and refugees. However, there was a much darker aspect to Dr. Casey's work. But let us qualify this comment. We see it that way, as dark and sinister: men like this consider their views 'normal', as 'just the way it is'. Blind to what they do, they can commit gross 'offences' against their country.

In this extract from one article, Dr. Casey views the multiculturalist idea as 'normal':

"In contrast, in countries with more of a commitment to multicultural settlement and integration policies there is less resistance to diversity. Countries of relatively new colonial settlement such as Australia and Canada have, since the 1970s, based government policy on normalising a multicultural reality in both the construction of their national identities and for delivering public services, while European countries such as Britain, Holland and Sweden have also adopted official policies that endorse and celebrate diversity."

So, it is all normal. Logically, any opposition to the 'celebration' of this diversity is not normal.

In his official capacity Dr Casey wrote a paper in 2000 called - "International Experiences in Policing Multicultural Societies". This developed upon his earlier work. In June 1996, a conference of experts on policing practices in multi-cultural societies was organized by the Rotterdam police and RADAR, a non-government anti-racist organization. This conference resulted in the drafting of a statement of principles, The Rotterdam Charter: Policing for a Multi-ethnic Society which, under the auspices of the European Union, has been adopted by police services in a number of European countries. This article provided an overview of international experiences in implementing programs to strengthen police-ethnic community relations, similar to those contained in the Charter. It concentrates on English-speaking countries, with particular emphasis given to the U.K. Australia and Canada These countries have a higher percentage of immigrants in their society than most industrialized countries and a longer history of addressing issues regarding policing diverse (sic) societies.

After the Moslem and Arab violence in Sydney in December 2005 that followed the Cronulla Civil Uprising, we noted the very-political response of the police hierarchy. What they did just didn't drop from the sky. They covered up, obfuscated and otherwise lied about, their knowledge of Moslem/Lebanese violence. They targeted Australian youth for arrest. They talked tough, denied Australians bail, stigmatized them in the press and so forth. Was this just an effect of 'cuddling up to the government' or does it run deeper? Or was it the training (sic)?

The political activities of Dr. Casey suggest how it all works.

Dr John Casey first came to the attention of Toowoomba patriots in September 2005. He was invited to speak at a public meeting held in Toowoomba organized by Sudanese refugee advocate, Mark Copland. In an unofficial visit Dr Casey presented to the people at the meeting a Film called "The Letter". The movie is a semi documentary based on the invasion of the town of Lewiston in the United States by 1000 Somalis. In his speech on the background of the movie, Dr Casey compares the white nationalists of Toowoomba to White Supremacists as portrayed in this film. He stated that a similar approach of stigmatizing opposition to the program as hate and superiority ideology (as shown in the film) would be an effective way of silencing any anti multicultural feeling held by the people of the Darling Downs.

The quote below tells us he wishes to impose the ideology within the police services:

"Statements of principle such as the 1992 Governing Principles for Policing a Culturally Diverse Australia produced by the Australian National Police Ethnic Advisory Bureau and the 1996 Rotterdam Charter: Policing for a Multi-ethnic Society (International Foundation, 1999) currently being adopted by European police services are important milestones in strengthening relations with ethnic communities, but they must be followed up by a sustained commitment to addressing diversity at all levels of police organisations."

In the struggle to impose the ideology on people, Dr. Casey desired a police force available to dictate to the people.
Dr John Casey has of course, a very special economic agenda too. The two articles listed below tell you what it is. He wants open borders and he wants labour to freely move across the borders. We may now - quite safely - dismiss all the humanitarian blather about refugees as propaganda for capitalism. This man wanted to see Sudanese labour in Toowoomba. He wanted police measures used to enforce the policy. This man will work with other liberal minded forces as a smokescreen and as a public pressure mechanism to get what he wants. This small example, personified in one man (like in the case of Nick. Kaldas), shows us clearly what the policy line of the Australian state actually is.

These suitably titled articles say it all:

"Casey, John (2005), Open Borders: Absurd Utopia or Inevitable Future Policy? Paper presented to Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology Conference, February 8-11, Wellington. ; Casey, John (2004), Free Circulation of Labour? Presentation on the future of immigration policies to a course on Free Trade at Bates College, Lewiston Maine, USA. March 2004.

It gets dirtier. We see in his case the alliance of the policeman, the capitalist, the social engineer - with the militant pseudo-leftist. Dr John Casey works closely with Trotskyite communist Mark Goudkamp who belongs to the Refuge Action Coalition (RAC). He has co hosted many functions with Mark Goudkamp in the Sydney area and all over Australia. Below are the details of one. We quote at length:

"Against border protection: for the free movement of people While Liberal dissidents and the ALP have made criticisms of the Howard government's detention regime, they preface their comments with support for strong border protection policies. This workshop will raise the ideas behind and the desirability of a world without borders. What would it take to achieve such a world?"
John Casey , Mark Goudkamp
Refugee Action Coalition"

The function of the political police in this system is defined as a repressive apparatus to create the borderless utopia of permanent economic progress. The political economy theorists at Sydney University about 25 years back said that Australia as "a valuable piece of real estate" governed by the "agents" of foreign capital, integrated into the global market place and "cowed by security services", could "degenerate into a form of sub-fascism." No morality there. Just dollars and cents.
It Is Time We Too - 'Politicise' The Police

What is suggested from the MInney article is that the realities of multiculturalism and multiracialism do not sit well with crime-fighting police at street level. They must be encouraged through various means to conform. Further, the nationalist people are perceived as a major internal challenge to Australia's globalising economic order and police are to be told that. A line is put out there about looking after people threatened by racists, but fundamentally, it's all about protecting globalising capitalism. That part, ordinary police are not openly told.

However, police are human too. We must never forget that. Nationalists need to develop their organizational structures with minimum interference. A counter-program to the political police line and operations must be developed.

A counter-program may include:

# Nationalists and other patriotic people must fight to win rank and file police sympathy and support. All demonstrations and actions must be conducted properly and the sensibilities of police dealt with professionally. Printed and other material must be developed to appeal to police. We must propose not only legal and social reform, but redefine policing for the nationalist future.

# A unit must be developed within the nationalist organization to acquire information on political police structures, activities, agents and programs.

# Any nationalist or patriotic organization may exclude disruptive elements and expect such elements are not admitted into another patriotic group.

# Nationalists must receive some instruction in political police methods etc. # Certain organizational practises should be developed to deny information to the political police - and to provide them with disinformation.

This list is hardly complete. We must remember we have as one of our tasks - to win serving police for our party and for our cause.

In the coming year, Australia First Party will become a Federal registered party and develop structure and a higher public profile. We are certain to do these things whilst under surveillance and could suffer from "disruption" of one form or another. Now that we have been openly and publicly told that we are targets of the political police, particular obligations are imposed upon our leadership.

A battle has been joined. Until some mythic moment when we have the power to dissolve the political police, open their files and overturn their legislative and other bases and place some of their staff before appropriate tribunals, we are compelled to struggle against their impact upon us. To deny this struggle, or to fail to carry it through, would be serious offences against the well-being of the party.

The key is develop this party ideologically, politically and organizationally, that it may overcome every obstacle, train a new type of nationalist activist, official and member and organize substantial public opinion behind such a party.