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Communism and Marxist Jews. Just for you Luke.

On a thread were we once again see members of the Australian Protectionist Party attack White Nationalists. Australian Identity forum member casapound decrees that Jewish involvement in Communism is just a SF conspiracy. This view is supported by the Australian Protectionist Party Head of New South Wales Darrin Hodges.

Anyway I thought we could help casapound/yougsoldier and IDF cheer squad leader with a little history lesson. I know, I hear you all saying why do I bother? Because these pricks are poisoning the well of White Nationalism with total lies and Zionist propaganda. Just as they did on SFDU only a few years ago.  

Louis Levy Aarons was born on 12 January 1862 in London. After migrating to Australia in about 1889 he settled in Melbourne where he met and married Jane Hyams and they had five children, including Samuel, father of Laurie and Eric Aarons. A successful businessman who first ran a tea room in Sandringham, Louis, with Jane (and later the entire family), were soon attracted to radical working class politics.

Louis and Jane joined the Victorian Socialist Party (VSP) after it was established in September 1905. The VSP was the first overtly revolutionary socialist organisation in Australia and counted among its membership the internationally renowned unionist, Tom Mann; propagandist and journalist, Bob Ross; and future Labor Prime Minister, John Curtin.

Louis joined the anti-war campaign led by the VSP and other radical organisations after the First World War broke out in August 1914. He was active in the anti-conscription campaigns of 1916 and 1917 and was subjected to abuse, racial taunts and even violence. On one occasion his tea room was attacked, he was badly bashed, the window of the tea room was smashed and red paint daubed around the shop.

Together with his wife, Jane, he became a foundation member of the Communist Party of Australia when the Melbourne Branch was formed shortly after it was formed in Sydney in 1920. He continued to operate small businesses, including a shoe repair shop and later a wine and spirits store in Toorak and supported his wife’s ongoing activism.

Louis Aarons died during the Second World War.


And the son Sam Aarons was born on 21 October 1895 in Melbourne, the second child and only son of Louis and Jane Aarons. He shared his parents’ commitment to radical politics from an early age, joining the Sandringham Branch of the Labor Party when he was just sixteen.

Sam joined the anti-war campaigns during the First World War and witnessed the rising tide of violence against dissenters, including his own family members, who were attacked by both locals and soldiers, who frequently indulged in anti-Semitic taunts. As a result of his anti-war activism, Sam was sacked from his job in the Customs Department and in 1916 was badly injured during a police baton attack on a large march to the Victorian (then also the Federal) Parliament. His heavily pregnant mother, Jane, fainted at the sight of her son with blood streaming down his face.

Although he shared his parents’ radical politics, Sam did not join the Communist Party of Australia when it was formed in 1920. He established a chain of While-U-Wait shoe repair shops in Sydney and it was not until 1930 that he joined the CPA, when the misery of the Depression convinced him that a revolutionary path was the only way forward. He soon became a powerful orator and activist in Party affairs.

A few months after the Spanish Civil War broke out in mid-1936, Sam undertook a perilous sea journey to France and in early 1937 walked and even crawled over the rugged mountainous border into Spain with a group of other militants to join the International Brigade in the fight against fascism and in defense of the democratically-elected Republican Government of Spain. He left Spain when the International Brigade was withdrawn as the Republic began to collapse in 1938.

After returning to Australia, Sam raised funds for the Spanish Relief Committee, was active in Party affairs in Adelaide and Sydney and later. Mark Aarons was born on 25 December 1951, only a few short months after the then Prime Minister, Robert Menzies, tried to outlaw the Australian Communist Party. The votes of just over 50,000 Australians saw this referendum defeated. Many years later, while researching the family history, Mark uncovered official documents revealing that had the referendum succeeded, then Mark’s family would have been rounded up by ASIO and interned without trial. Instead, Mark was born in a Newcastle Hospital, and grew up in a housing commission home in the Sydney suburb of Fairfield. He became politically active while still a school student in the mid-1960s, especially in organising high school students to protest the Vietnam War, and fight against racism and for educational reform. Mark was a member of the Communist Party of Australia from 1969 to 1978, and a Young Communist organiser in 1971. He worked as an ABC Broadcaster and investigative Documentary Producer from 1973 until 1990 and has written five books and many feature articles for Australia’s leading newspapers. Mark’s published books include the groundbreaking Sanctuary! Nazi Fugitives in Australia (1989); Ratlines: How the Vatican’s Nazi Networks Betrayed Western Intelligence to the Soviets (1991, with John Loftus); East Timor: A Western Made Tragedy (1992, with Robert Domm); The Secret War Against the Jews (1994, with John Loftus); and War Criminals Welcome: Australia, A Sanctuary for Fugitive War Criminals Since 1945 (2001). Since 1996, Mark has been a senior advisor to the NSW Labor Government. He is currently researching his next book, The Family File, a political history of the Aarons family based on declassified security and intelligence files, 1915-1975.Not forgetting this modern day champion of the masses.

Brian Aarons was born in July 1945, thereby being one of the first baby boomers. At school he liked all subjects, especially science and mathematics – and went on to complete an Honours degree in Physics at Sydney University in 1966. For several years he taught physics at the University of New South Wales, during which time he also completed an Honours in Sociology.

During his student and teaching years, he was involved in a range of social issues and movements – notably including the Freedom Ride for Aboriginal Rights in 1965, which started a lifelong commitment to the rights and interests of Indigenous Australians.

Brian joined the Communist Party while at university, and was also an activist against the Vietnam War and a draft resister when conscripted to fight in that war. In the late 1960s, he became very interested in environmental issues and took part in various environmental conferences and movements during the 1970s.

In 1969, Brian married Patricia Healy – herself a third generation Communist and the daughter of a maritime worker and unionist, John Healy. (Sam Aarons had recruited her grandfather, the famous Australian trade unionist, Jim Healy, to the CPA 35 years earlier.) Could this be the FDB Union Thugs Mathew Henderson Hau has said will take care of us? You remember Luke he said they would pay the PYL a visit.

In the late 1970s, Brian left the University to work as a publicist and organiser for a range of social movements. He was the editor of the Communist Party’s weekly newspaper, Tribune, for several years, and served on the editorial board of the theoretical discussion journal, Australian Left Review.

As a CPA National Executive member during the 1980s he advocated that the Party needed to change to distinguish itself from Stalinist communism and as part of a broader rethinking on the Left. Discussions on these issues led to the party’s decision in 1989 to disband itself in favour of a new left party. The last national congress was held in 1991.From 1994 to 2000 Brian worked as the Communications Director for the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation, and then for two years for its successor body, Reconciliation Australia. He still works in the area of Indigenous affairs. 

Oh look Luke it really was the Jews.. Boy what a well read White Nationalist you must be. I use the term "White Nationalist" very loosely with you. Take note how the Jewish Reds treated the Native Russians. The true White Nationalists of that country. You know the ones, the victims.

Well that was an interesting video don’t you think? What are the repercussions they speak of? Well let’s see what an American academic thinks about the current situation.


Luke said...

Slightly over the top but OK.

Amazingly enough I question the validity of your sources i some cases, and where I dont question them I question the validity of you conclusions.

Also I am not a member of the APP.

Luke said...

Also just to set the record straight I DONT consider myself a 'White nationalist'.

Just to set the record straight. We are NOT on the same side, I dont want to be on the same side as you.

Whitelaw Towers said...

luke you sure as hell looked for our help with FDB. I guess we can all thank you for being the one that involved us all with FDB.

So now we see what happens when you sit down for a little chat with them. So how is that SF account going? You know the site its a site for White Nationals.