Friday, January 16, 2009

Dancing In The Streets

Now here is something Darrin Hodges spokesperson for the Zionist Right Wing of Australia would love to attend. They forget that the enemy of your enemy is not necessarily gunna be your friend. But I guess the Zionist bank on stupid Goyim like him.

You see folks before people like Hodges outed themselves as Zionist supporters they spent an awful lot of time at Forums such as Storm Front Down Under,Australian New Nation and the old WPCA forum. In those days they declared to be aware of the Zionist plot to destroy our Western Nations. Hell Hodges even shared videos among colleague's that questioned the Holocaust.

But what they also did was create so much infighting and backstabbing that many devoted WN simply walked away in disgust. Next step they attempted a hostile takeover of the Australia First Party.

After many months of using WN forums to defame members and leaders in the Australian White Nationalist movement, they Declared that certain people should be removed from the WN movement because they are NAZIS. A Nazi is anyone who questions these Zionists. Now we are not talking about people who dress up in Nazi uniforms but people who they worked with until they refused to go mainstream. That makes you a Nazi nowadays.

These people still attack WN groups and Political Party's with slander and lies. The head muck racker Darrin Hodges a past member of the Jewish Task Force Forum is now spokesperson for the Australian Protectionist Party. A Party many hoped would be used to be the voice of the moderate WN. Instead this faction has seeked to align itself with World Jewry unashamedly.

Its a strange old world when we have Anti Racist and Anarchist groups using the same tactics as these frauds to attack White Nationalism. Even stranger when you consider that the Anti Racist and Anarchist movement in Australia is controlled by the same Zionists that they now support.

We here at White Law Towers again would like to point out that these Frauds are hopefully only a small minority of the APP. We wish the White Nationalists of that group all the best. We certainly will not turn our backs on these people for the sake of a Zionist.

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