Saturday, January 17, 2009

God is Calling on you Luke.

OK Darrin Hodges and Luke Connors (Australian Protectionist Party Head NSW & I'm not a white Nationalist Luke) I thought I would help you out. The IDF needs people like you so please don't hesitate. Why wait? Go now please.

Oh look Darrin and Luke I found a promotional video outlining the fun you can have while serving in the IDF. You get to drive bulldozers shoot guns and play on a beautiful beach. Hell you even get a chance to work with the local inhabitants. What more could a good little Christian Zionist need? Double bonus is that when you are finished playing with the locals you can bring whats left back here to Australia as refugees. Maybe you could put a few up at your place. I know Luke would love to house a few.

Don’t forget you can also go to Sunday church with a few of the locals. Just make sure you take your IDF uniform off. It tends to make the parishioners a bit nervous. Like the sound track? Hell we should get used to that type of music it will be very common in Western Nations once you guys clean out all the Arabs and send him here. Anyway good luck and don’t have to much fun now you hear.

PS Please write to us and tell us how it is going. Better be quick or you will miss out on all the fun. Bloody peace process.

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