Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Australia Day!

Because I can. Proud Scooter Trash!


Anonymous said...

Australia day... is it?

All the best to you and your racial countrymen mate!

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing Stone at the old Chullora Drive In, the older brother of one of my mates rode with the Nomads, and watched all the mad idiots wheel-standing their Kwaka Nines and Honda Fours out the driveway and up the road.

Back in those days even the early (’69-‘71) clubs like the Rebs rode Jappers and Brit bikes. Look through the archives and old bikers’ photo albums. They’re chock full of Beezers, Nortons, Trumpys, Hondas, Yammys, etc. Even the odd Duke or Vincent! The only Harley you ever saw was an old Walla or the odd Shovel and those were usually broken down by the side of the road or on the back of a truck. Cattle dogs we called them. They always went home on the back of a ute!

All this sick fascination with Eighty Grand Harley billet barges with 300 section rear tyres that won’t even go ‘round corners and mainly ridden by oily Lebs in camo pants, white runners and gold chains only sleazed into OUR fucken scene about a decade ago. I feel physically ill every time I see yet another Harley chromed to the fuck custom piloted by some Arab reffo who couldn’t ride to save his miserable life.

Yeah, Stone. Fuck Hollywood! A good, honest, down to Earth B Grade flick made on a shoe string budget by REAL people. Greasy, ridden every day, bikes, REAL bikers as extras, acres of scuffed and weathered denim and leather and the only ‘Multicultural’ aspect was, what, ONE indigenous Aussie? Now those were the good old days!

Lebs on sleds?


Happy Australia Day from an Old School Biker.