Friday, January 16, 2009

Holocaust Film: Guaranteed Oscar. Life Imitates Art

Kate Winslett's character (pictured right) in Extras, 2005:

"How many more movies do we need about the Holocaust? I mean, we get it, it was grim. Move on! No, I'm doing it because I've noticed that if you do a film about the Holocaust? Guaranteed Oscar.”

How life imitates art!

Kate has done a film about the Holocaust and won a Golden Globe - usually a sign that the actor/actress in question is likely to win... an Oscar!

How nice to know that as Zionists murder by the hundred, Hollywood has its finger on the pulse by dishing out yet another gong to yet another "holocaust" film.

And yet another "holocaust" film has come out - well, OK, "brave Resistance Jews fighting the evil Nazis" but you get my drift. Yes, Defiance starring Daniel "James Bond" Craig, has delighted internet writers who spout things such as "the Bielskis emerged at the end of the war having saved more than 1,200 Jews."

Forget that Jews formed so many illegal resistance groups (hence their internment) or that if you add up all the 'saved' Jews, along with those who "survived" so-called extermination camps (seems the "ruthless nazis" weren't very well organised!) how can six million have died?

Forget the suffering, expulsion and mass murder of the Armenians, the Ukrainians and so many other European peoples - including the Germans after May 1945.

Forget the ongoing suffering, expulsions, mass murder, torture, internment and more of the Palestinian people.

Why oh why, 60 years plus do we still get these holocaust films shoved down our throats? Just a few weeks ago we had 'The Boy in Striped Pyjamas' in the cinemas. Last week we had The Diary of Anne Frank every night on prime time BBC1 (I can only assume the sections written in post-war WW2 biro pen were left in).

There's been nothing starring the evil (predominantly Jewish) Commissars of the Red Army as they killed and tortured in the Ukraine or Baltic States. Nothing about the mass murder and mass rape as the Red Army poured across Eastern Europe.

Left: Daniel Craig stars in Defiance, yet another Holocaust film to soil our cinemas whilst Israel murders so many Palestinians.Nothing showing the suffering in the Red Cross nominated refugee city of Dresden as hundreds of thousands burnt to death on February 13th 1945.

Nothing showing the bravery of the people of 'Fortress Breslau' as they stood defiant ("Defiance" - that would be a great name for such a film!) in the face of a Red Army assault, as they held out for months, led by their Archbishop, as they fought back against Soviet Bolshevism.

And nothing, of course, showing the evil, nasty, murderous Israeli Defence Force as they mow down families and target refugee-filled UN buildings (though if the IDF reach 1200 victims of their onslaught - they currently stand at circa 900, a third of which were children - you might think Hollywood will take notice, after all they allege 1200 Jews were "saved" in the film Defiance, or would 1200 dead Palestinians not count to Hollywood?).

No, dear reader. For the indefinite future we can expect more films about the Holocaust.

It's a form of racism you see.

No suffering can compare!

No one else matters!

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