Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Hypocrisy ‘Machine’ that is FDB…ctd...

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangster and Intelligence Agencies’ Informers’ Forum:

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Posted: Tue Jan 27, 2009 2:02 am

“meh, you see waxed chests, I see prepubescent idiots.”

Erm…actually Weezy ol’ bean, When WE see 'males' turned out like that WE see Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ and his Oxford Street ‘fuck buddies’. Apart from sharing spit and cum with him have you also happened to share these concerns with him?

“Racism and xenophobia come from deep-seated psychological insecurity- and an IQ hovering around room temperature in Celsius. In the experience of FDB, 'absent father syndrome' is disproportionately present among the racist mob.”

Room temperature IQ’s? Oh, you mean just like the cretinous creature you are actually conversing with on this thread who uses the pseudonym ‘slick’ who comes out with thigh slapping gems, as utterly devoid of irony as they are of wisdom, like:

“as (sic) a proud australian (sic) (not in the manly/cronulla (sic) sense) i (sic) find it an appauling (sic) thing that our national image and our flag are both tarnished by these moronic thugs.

as (sic) an australian, (sic) i (sic) would like to say i (sic) do not have anything to do with the dickheads who use our flag as a symbol of racism and xenophobia. i (sic) just hope it doesnt (sic) end up the way of the rebel flag in the usa. (sic)

What is “appauling” is both yours and his total arrogance and delusional assumption that it is you and you alone (the Looney Left that is) who are the arbiters who set the agenda for evaluating the worth, legitimacy or otherwise of people’s interpretation of and political attitude to ‘Nationalism’.

“Absent Father Syndrome” sadly applies to WAY too many of today’s youth but your claim that it is more common among the White Nationalists is not only absurd simply because it is, by our observations, utterly untrue, but also quite obscene since it was the Left, just like you, you have promoted, particularly post WWII, firstly the notion of the so-called Nuclear-Family’ separating the core family unit from its extended support base then the so-called ‘Blended Family’ and now the utterly atomised communal type groups of Homos and other perverts, street kids and sundry social rejects masquerading as ‘family units’ and all demanding the same, if not more, rights and privileges (read: handouts) as normal, well adjusted families.

Out of the hundred or so White Nationalists (over Thirty Years of age) well known to this writer, we can honestly say we know of none who came from what used to be known as a ‘broken family’. Many of us grew up with tough backgrounds and hard home lives but Dad was there even if he was often a hard case. So far as the under Thirties generations, sure, some, a few, have had to live through domestic upheavals but not many that we have met. In fact I confidently suggest that it is the LEFT, by a country mile, that has the virtual monopoly on growing up as ‘mummies boys’ with rarely a half decent male role model in sight, let alone a father.

This is simply another example of the lies propagated and proselytized by the FDB Gangsters to their credulous and foolish followers and supporters in the Controlled Media as part of their Planet Bizarro mythos where the facts, the real truth is simply inverted. Evil masquerades as good, up is down etc.

“Have you ever met a well-adjusted, well-travelled, well-educated xenophobe? I sure haven't.”

Aww! Weezy, you just need to get out a bit more, notwithstanding those dodgy knees of course (Hee! Hee!). If you actually peregrinated beyond the cloistered realms of Left Wing pseudo-intelligentsia and breathed fresh air, APART from the stale fart and sweaty sock miasmic fog of your bedroom, you might encounter some REAL people who, you know, well, know stuff. People who have actually DONE things and worked hard and progressed through life due to their own labours (rather than whining for a handout) and achieved a degree of success in their chosen fields and a certain amount of respect from their local communities.

Well adjusted? Where the fuck do YOU fall on that scale? You hateful, bitter and twisted old bastard.

Well-travelled? Fuck! Somali Sea Pirates and Smallpox are ‘well travelled’ too, so WTF does that count for?

So far as “well-educated” goes, well that depends on whether one is referring to the true seeking and garnering of knowledge and wisdom or the Fabian-Marxist anointed academics who have framed diplomas and degrees hanging on their walls which would serve more appropriately as toilet paper.

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Anonymous said...

It's funny how he can spell xenophobe but appears to struggle with basic English spelling and grammar. All these pinkos are the same. Really quite efficient and reliable when it comes to bleating hot button controversial words and slogans. Not so good when it comes to everyday literacy. And many of these twits are teachers, educational bureaucrats and university lecturers for God's sake.