Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In Defense of the Aryan Guard Calgary!

Yes folks Australia's own convert to Zionism Darrin Hodges of the Australian Protectionist Party NSW has added another enemy to his list The Canadian Aryan Guard.

Now these lads don't mind getting out and showing fellow Canadians that they are proud of their culture and heritage. But hey they also don't mind lending a voice to show the disgust they feel towards the Zionist question. Something our Zionist boy would never do. He saves his venom for White Patriots.

Aryan Guard at Gaza protest http

"Calgarians were surprised Saturday to see members of the Aryan Guard, a white supremacist, neo-Nazi group, at a local protest of Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip.

"Basically, polar opposites were protesting together," said Robert Thivierge, who attended the pro-test to take photographs and was surprised to see the Aryan Guard peacefully marching alongside protesters of all nationalities."

Now even the media admit they are "polar opposites were protesting together" yet the scum bag Hodges attempts to discredit another pro white group on his forum.


"At the Calgary protest, members of the Aryan Guard held a modified Israel flag that read "Terror State" and marched from City Hall to the Harry Hays building, near the front of the crowd."

Well I see no problem with that. Hell these guys seem to do a bit of actual street activism.

Aryan Guard Calgary crash anti racist protest.

Good on them!

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