Thursday, January 29, 2009

Zionist Jews Recruiting White Nationalists From Storm Front. Part 2

Well folks once again staff at WLT is absolutely amazed at the gall of some people.

Much of the staff at WLT has belonged to the Storm Front Down under forum at one time or another. I guess many of us busted our cherry at SFDU as far back as 2004. Sadly after this blog outed the then mod at SFDU section Barron Von Hund for being a traitor to his people our multiple bannings have prevented us from contributing. No thanks to his brother Steel Cap Boot who is now the mod. Needless to say we keep a sharp eye on what is going on over there. Now many here will recall back in
November 05, 2008 this little story,

Jewish Task Force Forum...
"there are 100,000s of young whites out there... who are uneducated and reactionary.... and one visit to StørmFrønt can DESTROY them.We NEED THEM TO COME HERE... NOT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to be ANTI-BLACK!!!!"
Well we have no idea how the Zionists got along with that plan in 2008 or how many SF members are dual members of Storm Front and the Jewish Task Force Forum. But we do know of one ex member of Storm Front "Darrin Hodges" who also belonged to the JTF is now asking for help from the very same people he now attacks.
Comments from Darrin Hodges ("what is a Storm Front")NSW Head of the APP and admin on the Australian Protectionist Forum should be noted. Here is one classic.

"Suddenly, everybody on Scumfront have become law abiding citizens"
Yes Darrin maybe you could use them to promote your Pro Jewish beliefs?

Not to mention other comments from his friends at the APP forum.

"Stormfront is a Neo-Nazi hangout which should be avoided at all costs. They give white people a bad name."

Oh and the list goes on... But wait! What have we here?

APP begins mega membership drive: Free membership offer!

You must be kidding? Here we have a group who claim not to be White Nationalists who attack others by calling them Nazis and constantly single out members at SFDU. They now ask those same people to help them. Yes folks the same guys who have banned groups on the APP forum because they consider them TO RIGHT WING or ANTI SEMITES. What the hell is the mod thinking?

What was general the consensus at the AI forum when a real WN Political Party voiced its beliefs at SFDU? Hypocrites

So there we have it a group of Non White Nationals who attack anyone who they believe to be Anti Semites now recruiting from SFDU. Now that's just sick. This is just like history repeating itself. We are about to see yet another BNP/National Front contest this time here in Australia. Oh boy talk about playing into the hands of the Zionists. Nice work APP.


Anonymous said...

Something strange is happening on jewtube, suddenly there are a lot of "nationalists" popping up that seem to go out of their way to brand me and a couple of others as nazis/fascists.

This is the modus operandi of the far-left! They block us and go round spreading shit in general.

This would be all well and good, but there is nothing on those jewtube channels to suggest it is National Socialist in any way, unless the Union Jack is classed as an NS symbol...

What has arisen from it is nationalists who were on each others friend lists are now at one anothers throats!

We believe someone is up to no good, and this is an organized effort to divide us in the run-up to the european elections...

Anonymous said...

For someone who had several identities on Stormfront (Proud to be an infidel, darrinh) and spent at least a year posting there, it seems a littel hypocritical for Darrin to be sledging that site now.

What Darrin did was ostensibly sensible. He didn't like AF so he started his own, albeit, phantom political party and is prepared to take the public flak in being its head.

However, like BVH before him, he wastes too much of his time attacking so called "Nazis" that he sounds more like a card carrying member of FDB these days than a nationalist of any sort.

That's excatly the type of thing that will get him and the APP nowhere. Still waiting for the APP to field more than one candidate (Darrin himself) as well, whereas AF put up in several Sydney suburbs, Newcastle and Coffs Harbour.