Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Zionist White Nationalist a Grab for Power.

For the people who gave us “so what is this New World Order Crap Anyway” andThe idea that "jews control the media" is the greatest lie ever told.” Not forgetting “Anti semitism is a diseased worldviewI present this video.

One would have to ask what happened to these people. Yes these are the same people who for the past 3 years told everyone they are White Nationals. The same people who with support of a traitor just about destroyed Storm Front Down Under with lies. The very same people also attempted to destroy Australia First when the AF party refused to trim or take the BNP line.

These same people in 2005 when fronted by Fight Dem Back collapsed like a wet cardboard box. These same people dragged members of the WLT staff into an ongoing battle with
Fight Dem Back. They then conveniently disapered. Only to show up again to play devils advocate at SFDU and try to destabilize Australia First.

Yes folks the only scalps that hang from the Fight dem back belt are the scalps of the same people. And now they are going to help destroy yet another White Nationalist Party the Australian Protectionist Party.

Yes at a time when two White Nationalist Party’s should be working together for a common cause we find ourselves once again divided.

Anyone who has paid attention to the splits between White Nationalist Groups in the UK will be well aware of the tactic that is currently being employed in Australia. They have successfully driven a wedge between long time partners in the cause.

A united front between Australia First and The Australian Protectionist would be a very strong coalition. One hard line one middle of the road. Between them you would get a balance and a serious threat to the status quo. But it will never happen while these guys are involved. They will do what they do best. Divide and Conquer.

Note. Great Link Here about the BNP from the BNP London Branch I think? The comments section tells its own story. As we have said on another site "Don’t confuse support for Palestine as a softening of beliefs. It is a hardening of our resolve against Zionism." That sums it up from WLT staff..

I rather like this one "The white nationalist movements are today being used by the Establishment as shock troops against Islam. In the 1990s in the US, the Federal government used white nationalist assets in the bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City, laying the pre-9/11 groundwork for a police state."

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Britain Awake said...

Trust me mate, there is still plenty of anti-zionist sentiment in the BNP!

The party`s target voters are white working class people(obviously) who understand nothing of `zionism`, mention ZOG to them and they think you`re a basket case!

Mention `islam` and they will relate to what you are saying!