Monday, February 09, 2009

Compulsory Microchipping Foreshadowed

Australia Calling

Victorian Bush Fires, A prominent academic has told Australians to expect to be forcibly microchipped by the Federal Government. Also, multiculturalists go into meltdown after a New South Wales detective superintendent identified Middle Eastern gangs as Australia's number-one crime problem. Listen HERE
Victorian Bush Fire Appeal contact


Anonymous said...

Hi I was wondering if Australia calling is now going through a differ link as this latest show has done. To the original NSM88radio format. So to listen and to promote We need to go through Whitelaw Towers.
Also I have watched numerous utube channels on the NWO, where they Inform Alex Jones and AlanWatts as Disinfo Agents. Ron Paul is a Freemason. Watch This Channel. (NWO Disinfo Agents exposed).
Thanks for a great,but Disturbing realities on the radio Show

Whitelaw Towers said...

Sorry we are not sure who else hosts AC. I'm sure other do also on various WN forums and boards.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Whitelaw Towers
A.C seems to be aired by your website blog now, so Im happy with that. Thank you