Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fight Dem Back Joke of the Day.

Oh my lord things are a looking a tad silly over at Australia's premier Anti Racist Pro Communist web site Fight Dem Back. Need a laugh? Here is one for free.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 6:01 pm Post subject: Why are the racist groups on facebook so popular?

racist groups on facebook appear to be a lot more popular than anti-racist groups...... why?? is the majority racist???

Well ekufitz it is very simple. The average Australian is sick and tired of being the whipping boy for the New World Order and its followers like yourself. You see our rhetoric is the truth and yours is nothing but utter BULL SHIT. But what does Slick have to say? What wise words will we read from this particular Red? I see he believes that they are close to victory. So ekufitz you need not worry. Take it away Slick.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 17, 2009 12:28 am Post subject: Reply with quote
i think its because on the internet you can be as dickheadish as you want to while being disconnected with reality. this happens on facebook despite your name being used and easy to link to your abhorrent beliefs

Disconnected from reality hey? Well Slick it would seem that you are the one who lives in a dream world. Even your mate can see with his own eyes that the reality is that your support is coming to an end. Its our turn now. And we will remember all those nasty lies and all those dirty tricks you and your mates have done to us over the years.

Close to Victory you must be joking. Slick Rome is Burning and you cant even smell the smoke.

You see FDB you reap what you sowe. All those years of opposing us and taking away our rights have made us very bitter and a tad upset. The easy solution would have been to include all Australians in decisions that effect our country and our well being. We are a product of your actions and policy. With out people like you we would not exist. Your revolution has failed and it will be our turn now.

Good Bye FDB. No amount of Zionist support will stop the storm that you yourselves have created. The system used you for their agenda and now you will be cast aside and probably end up in the same cell as the people you despise so much.

Chances are that you will just end up being another conformer and do as you are told. You and your ilk would sell out your Mother to save your own skins. You have no honor no love of ones race or nation or culture. You are a empty shell that spreads disinformation and lies because you are all to stupid to see the truth.

You have painted yourself into a corner FDB.


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Check out Donald Oorst's latest claim on the facebook thread on FDB. He claims anti-racists are the "normal, well adjusted people" !!!

What, normal and well adjusted means making a hobby out of attacking overweight children at the beach and bragging about it online, vandalising hotel rooms with your own faeces, using illicit drugs, having sex in a disabled toilet, loitering around Oxford Street fag bars, suggesting a holocaust for aged people who voted for Howard, stalking and photographing minors, shaving your testicles and telling the net about it, I could go on.

This is the "normal well adjusted behaviour" of Fightdemback founder Matthew Henderson Hau, Australia's self proclaimed, premier anti racist! Normal and well adjusted, I don't fucking think so!