Monday, February 16, 2009

Gangs of OZ Middle Eastern Crime in Australia.

Part One

No doubt Mathew Henderson Hau from Fight Dem Back was one of Danny Karam customers. Yes folks Mathew Henderson Hau admitted to Cocaine abuse during this time. No wonder he likes them so much. Maybe these are the people he so often threatened staff at WLT with?

Part Two

So how often did Mathew Henderson Hau from Fight Dem Back (Australia's one and only self named Anti Racist Gang) visit Telopea Street? I bet it was his favorite hang out for him and other Members of Fight Dem Back. Back in the day of course. Ties in nice with US ex pat Brian Stokes co founder of FDB. Seeing as he has claimed to be a 1% and road captain of an Out Law Bike Club. Looks like your van Brian parked in the street at 8.16 into the video. Now where is that pic we have of the old bongo Brian.

Part 3.

Truly makes you wonder that does. And the Australian Gun Laws done what? Sure as hell it seems that these guys are not real worried about them. Oh hang on that's right it was all about disarming us so we can be shot by Leb Thugs. Then again a good WN doesn't need a gun unlike these gutless bastards. But it would be nice to shoot back if you had to.

Part 4.

Funny how the Police shoot Mick a Leb Gang member in the legs. Lucky he wasn't a 15 year old white kid in Victoria. But I guess they need a CV supplied to them by FDB calling you a Nazi to be shot dead. Not forgetting this bastard then gets bail after shooting a White Police Officer. Must have had the FDB Legal Team working overtime. Shit this is like a nightmare gone wrong. Lets not forget that this 15 year old white kid was a member of a group formed to protect themselves from Middle Eastern Thugs. That is enough to have the Anti Fa in Australia set you up to be killed by the People charged with protecting us.

Part 5.

Oh the wonders of Multiculturalism. Getting caught in a Leb gun fight. Funny how the majority of Australians outside of New South Wales don't hear about the shootings and other various crimes that go on daily in Sydney. Oh unless you are a WN with a Jerry can in the boot then all of Australia knows about that. Those bloody Nazi Terrorists.

Part 6. The Leb Super Grass.

I wonder if he is now a member of FDB while he is in the witness protection scheme? Fancy that tax payers we are now paying for this prick with our hard earned money. Oh boy I think our taste for Doner Kababs is just not worth it. We have the recipe now go home. A special thanks must go to Israel for supplying us with such wonderful ref


H.KARAM said...

media say many things to grab peoples attention although most of what is said is untrue.gangs of oz made up many stories and accused many people of things they did not do.unfortunatley for Danny Karam whom is not here to defend him self, so its un fair as you may have given people the wrong idea of him and also hurt people in the process. ver dissapointing.

Whitelaw Towers said...

We have live one here folks. Yeah everything the media has to say about ethnic crime is mostly untrue hey? I agree. They spend so much time not reporting it. When they do we get comments like this "gangs of oz made up many stories". I suppose the crap the media pump out about White Australian Patriots is spot on?

So Danny boy cant defend himself? Niether can the millions of White Australians forced to live in ethnic onclaves all around this nation.

Old Danny boy the guy who made his money from selling Cocaine to disenfranchised white youth of this country. Piss off.

"so its un fair". Unfair? You are joking. Do you think us white folk are that stupid? Why do you think the Zionist try so hard to silence us with hate laws? So they can keep us from booting you all out.

Its all about resettling the Arab/Muslim peoples to give Israel control over that part of the world. At the same time destroy the culture of the White European people. Two birds one stone.

I bet if old Danny boy had not been offed by his comrades he would have been busted sometime. He then would have the best Jewish Lawyer his drug money could have payed for.

"so its un fair as you may have given people the wrong idea of him and also hurt people in the process". Bullshit! Here have a box of tissues to wipe away the tears.

So what is the punishment for drug dealing in Lebanon? Go back to your Nation and leave us the hell alone. We are not going anywhere we are here to stay. We would never run away like so many of your country men have done. We would stay to the last man to defend our people and culture. Unlike you bunch of pussy's. Go back and fight for your nation and people. Try shooting at someone who can shoot back.

Give us a call when you have done this and won back your nation of origin. You may have earn t some respect by then. Until then shut up.

Anonymous said...

Middle Eastern gang rapes have occurred in Geelong, Brunswick, Bankstown many times, Rockdale, Mt Cootha QLD to name a few. Just google it.

Anonymous said...

Print Page - Middle Eastern crime and social problem summary DOCUMENTARY
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Anonymous said...

What is Australia...? It s a garbage dump where you can find all the garbage from Europe..

So all of you so called "Whites" are nothing more the the exhaust of Europe, the rubbish, the criminals who were driven into exil by the honest Europeans...

The white Australians usually are of red neck familiy origin

Therefore to the so calle White Australian:YOU ARE NOT MORE AUSTRALIAN than the LEBANESE..

The Lebanese are mostly not of low class families like the White Australian

Anonymous said...

lebs are actually the low class. In income, crime, unemployment levels.

Anonymous said...

Its like this .. many white and non white europeans (chinese/italian) etc were forced into slave labour and impoverished conditions by the european aristocrocy.. because they are so damn greedy(same as arabs/jews) hence many who came here by way of a prison hulk were only surviving and feeding their family
unlike todays modern rapist/junki type criminal who only commits crime soley for for drug habits /debts

this country is run by muslims and jews they are bosom buddies

the arabs run the oil(and the smack)
the jews run the high end kiddy porn and white slave trade

and the mafia are simply gophers and yes men

funny how all you low rent arab camel lovers are locked in with every single red neck bikie club in the country (local security/rape sqauds/drug couriers)

and you own every 3rd white cop on your god damn payroll

well guess what? some of us old school irish boys have had jack of it pal and we were fighting tanks with potatoes and rocks before most of you were shat out

trust me every synagouge/mousqe arab/jew school/old folks home /hospital is being watched daily

what kind of dickheads allow their street and houses to be photoed and video taped and carry on like rock stars ??

you have no idea who we are and you never will

keep up the good work were right behind you

Jesse said...

the recent gangs of oz episode on CI regarding middle eastern gangs has sent me over the edge, without spending undue time which i do not posess on trying to intelligently express my opinoins on this matter i would just like to say this, all these want to be tough guys who are the offspring of hard working people that have evacuated their disgraceful countries who obviously have problems that stem from the fact that the average IQ of the population is less than a retarded slug, have crossed the line.

burning the AUS flag is obviously a testament to their intelligence hence the fact that their poor parents have come here to seek a better life & are now suffering the consequences of their children being utter morons.

regardless, what they neglect to realise is that bashing australian's 10 on 1 whilst being cowardly & weak, does nothing but enrage people capable of much more, like myself & others of not just irradicating their miserable existence in this marvellous country but of undertaking a mass uprising of the ACTUAL empowered underworld figures of AUS to exterminate them like the pests they really are.

let it be known from this day onwards it is my burning desire to inflict tenfold the disgraceful acts in which they have propagated on not the honest battlers but the want to be gangland figures who think they run this joint.

and to the anonymous imbissile who wants to refer to australians as 'europes garbage'... we have built a country from battlers who stole 'a handkerchief & a tea set' in pompus England & Ireland, but we have in the least time in history evolved into a international powerhouse. (not that you decrepant scum would even comprehend what that means) AND are also proud of our nation, what we stand for & what WE are... (not including you disgusting cretens) and as a factual statement, any true aussie would fight to the death for our land & morals, unlike you heartless weaklings who have fled the disparging civil status of your pitiful countries to come here. so dont try to defend your slimy race here MATE aka LEBANESE.(who in actuality i have friends who are, however disgraced they are by the rest of you fools) because if you dont like it here, shut your sewage hole you call a mouth and go back home to spill your shit out there. we've had enough of it here.

in closing, i cannot hide my resentment and hatred for these disgusting creatures & as god as my witness if these weak DOGS show themselves instead of hiding behind their piss poor head rags i & many others would be happy to rid ourselves of the low filthy rotten animals.

after all, they are all born in the shallow end of the gene pool

Whitelaw Towers said...

Well said friend.