Thursday, February 05, 2009

I got the message did you?


Anonymous said...

I`ve never really understood the significance of this song in nationalist circles.

Skrewdriver and No Remorse cover it, but i still dont get it besides Birmingham, Alabama being the KKK`s home.

Am i missing something?!

Whitelaw Towers said...

I think we all view it different. To me it reminds me of better times. Plus the fact that its a band that is almost exclusively enjoyed by White Folk only. The message I got from vid clip was White Folk in better days. The KKK thing I suppose does appeal to a few?

Anonymous said...

Boy, what a difference between the music clips on this site and ‘Anarchist’ Andy’s. Where are all the wretchedly skinny, pierced and self mutilated, rat faced, snotty nosed glue sniffers and assorted drug fucked faggots shrieking about how unfair and unjust the wicked old world is and how all the young punks need to rise up against the awful discrimination and inequality and smash the system, blah, blah, blah…

I reckon it’s a tough gig though for Andy and FDB etc, It’s pretty hard to ‘rage against the machine’ when you are fucken PART of it. I believe Orwell’s term for it in 1984 was ‘doublethink’. Oh, and by the way Andy, Ché Guevara would’ve hated your stinking, Middle Class guts anyway, you bourgeois, spoilt brat wannabe ‘revolutionary’. Tell us all again how you’re ‘from the streets’ and ‘totally identify with the disenfranchised yoof’. Are you still ‘tagging’ and skateboarding and doing all that other cool yoof culture shit? If you have a mirror in your Middle Class squat you should check out the dude staring back at you maaaan. He’s a Looooser!

Yeah Andy, Communism killed at least 100 Million people and all you got was a lousy tee shirt with Guevara’s monkey face on it.