Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mossad alive and well at a Shopping Centre Near You Pt2

Well that didn't take long readers. Our first cab off the rank is from Toowoomba QLD. A little back ground on Toowoomba first. Toowoomba is the largest regional city in Australia and is situated about 120 km west of Brisbane. From what we have been told it has a few strategic bases situated in and around it. In Toowoomba itself we have the 25/49 Darling Downs Infantry Battalion. 20km north of Toowoomba well what do you know we have the Australian Army Navy Air Force Electronic Warfare Unit at Cabala. Interesting, it would seem that they are the eyes and ears of our Defence in Northern Australia. Next we have The Army Aviation stationed at Oakey that is 20km west of Toowoomba. So yeah its a bit of hub for our Defence forces.

Anyway listen to the interview from our intrepid White Nationalist from QLD with a staff member from "Seacret" minerals from the Dead Sea cough cough. Oh its a large file so it takes about 5 min to load if you are on standard Australian Broad Band. Thanks Telestra.

Download Here

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