Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ooops we upset the Australian Protectionist. Funny that.

Oh dear Darrin Hodges APP spokesperson for NSW and Luke Connors FDB victim and wet piece of lettuce like reading this blog. We feel very important now that we have all the Zionists attention.

Please read this and then have a think to your self. Who does this sound like?

"whitetrashtowers takes on mossad! At Toowoomba shopping mall! The evidence is on the inanet!"

Could it be a member from Fight Dem Back? or could it be someone from Searchlight? Or just some silly punk rocker from Rev Left? Hell no its Australia's favourite liar Darrin Hodges.

Hows the membership drive going at SFDU? Or do you now accept evil anti Semites in the APP? That's good because you can again hand out your DVD's on exposing the Holocaust once again.

Luke/casapound what can I say that hasn't already been said. Still crawling up Mathew Hendersons arse to save your own skin? Take it away Luke Connors.

"I wouldnt consider myself a zionist [esp not in the religious sense] but if this is a good example of "Anti zionism" I may just sign up for whichever team is as far away from them as possible."

These lads have undoubtedly sold out. Remember "Zionist" is not an insult. I take it as a compliment! Maybe this is the new motto for all of them.

Bnai Brith are very happy with your work APP. The question is why SF allows your party on the SFDU?

Whats this?

Australian Holocaust survivor won’t face trial

SYDNEY, Australia (JTA) -- A Holocaust survivor who is alleged to have defrauded the Australian tax office for more than $5 million will not face trial in part because he was a victim of the Nazis.

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Anonymous said...

Luke Conners only posted on Stormfront under the handle Young Soldier over 2500 times. What a fucking hypocrite to be calling users of that site Nazis when he was one of its major users.