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Police monitor supremacist group in Perth Hills

Above Nick Taylor, police reporter?

Well by the looks of things it will be a very interesting year. All I can say is I hope his brother has nothing to do with it. We have our own theory on this but I think we should see how this pans out.

Police monitor supremacist group in Perth Hills

SUPREMACISTS have re-ignited a campaign to set up a whites-only enclave in the Perth foothills. (Have they? When did this happen?)

The idea for the project was started several years ago and promoted in Perth by a website contributor calling himself Steelcap Boot. (oh yes we remember, brother to David Innes. I think it was in 2006 that SCB first spoke of this? Several years ago no one had even heard of Steel Cap Boot and his brother. Sounds like the media is creating a fake bio for old mate. Or at best drawing a very long bow)

He claimed ``white nationalists and national socialists'' were becoming increasingly active in the foothills, especially in uniting WA skinheads. ( Yes well that is interesting. Obviously his brother has nothing to do with that. It just all seems rather sus we think)

Steelcap Boot, who said he is a white nationalist but had never been a skinhead, claims to have started increasing levels of pro-white legal ``activism'', distributing literature and organising pro-white activities ( news to us )

Sen-Sgt Ray Butler of the State Security Investigation Group said: ``Police have concerns for anyone espousing white supremacist views or views that are designed to drive a wedge through the community. ( putting aside our suspicions for a minute this statement is truly disgusting.)

Community safety and security is of paramount importance.(send this man to Sydney ASAP)


Comment now lets see. The bloody lot of this stinks to high heaven. From both sides. Please people be careful on what you say and to whom you say it to. It would seem that the whole tragic story from WA over the past few years is being forgotten or purposely hidden from the current crop of WN.

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Baron turns dog
Originally Posted by Jack_Boot
By the way, confidentially, David Innes has promised to take "everything he knows" to the police and the opposition activists. I don't know how serious that could be for anyone down there, but fair warning.

Originally Posted by Jack_Boot
At Baron's insistence, both accounts were not only banned but obliterated. There should be no trace of either one on our forum.

I did not want to, my intention was only to keep them on moderation for awhile, until Baron's latest episode had run its course. But he made this total deletion a condition when he threatened to go to the police. So, OK. I doubt he is mollified and anything could happen.

Source Quote:
Originally Posted by Jack_Boot
It's possible she was hard deleting in Sustaining Members, but only Don or I are supposed to edit there. I could check the logs but it's all water under the bridge now. She'll never be back.

This is what I get for not paying attention, until that freak-out at the end there.

I get complaints about all the mods, except SDY6401, and only a few cases are legit complaints. You should hear the Serbians and Armenians, you'd think they were being gassed.

Lilith and David had always been great supporters and committed WNs; I was not looking past that, and putting all the noise down to the toxic elements. Whether the SFDU forum can recover from my mismanagement remains to be seen, but meanwhile, you're out there with ANN. The good Aussies will not be silenced. ( Very True)

Proud Aussie
"Interesting that Jack_Boot choose to pass this information onto a forum which Baron had no influence, instead of informing Stormfronters, the very forum Baron has been allowed to run riot for the past three years.

As someone who witnessed the whole Baron show from start to finish, let me express my disappointment in the Stormfront management, who were all to eagar to relegate White Nationalist principles in favour of a handful of shekels.

A lesson has been learnt here (hopefully). May this situation never be allowed to occur again."

Wise words Proud Aussie. But it remains to be seen if in fact a lesson has been learn t.

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