Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Queensland State Election. Hang on a real Candidate!

Perry Jewell is the man behind ADDICT and is planning on running against QLD Labor Party member and Attorney General Kerry Shine. Perry was arrested for kidnapping his drug-addicted daughter from the streets of Kings Cross. The charges were eventually dropped but he has vowed to fight on to help parents of drug addicted children. More Here.

Perry Jewell is also well known in Australian Patriotic circles as the founding member of the Confederate Action Party. The Confederate Action Party once boasted to have a larger membership base than the Liberal and Labor Partys.

Perry is also a good friend and collegue of The Australia First Party. Australia First statement Here.

So it would seem that the seat of Toowoomba North may be of some interest to White Nationalist in QLD. We will try and keep readers up to date with the campaign. We wish the campaigners from Australia First and more importantly Perry Jewell the best of luck.


GI_Jane said...

I wish Perry the best of luck - I have often lamented the lack of personal responsibility which sees parents sit back and watch their children die of drug addictions. Taking our fate into our own hands and thinking for oneself - that's largely what he stands for in my opinion. From that foundation spreads all that is good.

OiVas said...

I'm not voting for him until Fight'nDemBack sez its da right thing ta do.
Only they have true Courage to Care and are always on their back, foot, being the pouisecuted Kosher reactionaries and carers for the innocents that they are.

When parents object to homosexual stories clandestinely inserted in the curricula of kiddies cl-asses, I suppose they'll be Fight'nDemBack to. Can't have the Kiddies unawares of everyones private predelectable persuasions can we now. Educate before eight or its much, much too late and an opportunity to care courageously wasted. We know Hau and Ohhhhh Hau so much Hau likes the Fat Marshmallowy Boys don't we ? You can take 'em home and skewer 'em, with your FDB fwends, around the camp fire 'til they done to perfection. Nothin' quite like body surfin' the Boy either Eh....Boy. Especially when you've waxed yourself so smooooooth that the youngun, if your lucky, might think your a newly found friend in need. Indeed.

Fight'nDemBacks what JewBoiz do best. That good ole JEWISH reactionary spirit.

The DuckMonster especially loves to screw those Eurasian Girls. The younger the better. He's a veritable Man Mountin'. Perhaps he does both.

He finds it safest to have a go when the Old Mans not around, 'cause he's a fluffy YELLOW University ensconsed Duck Chick who likes to Shit on the internet pavement with the rest of his JewPhellatin' Flock of Jizz Garglers. Nothin' like a Pearl Chocker to show for your faithful toiling is there Duckie ?

The professional gossiping class of Jews holed up at the SydnayMoaningHandbag will be, no doubt, consulting the pious and Kosher stamped authories resident at FDB for the latest dirt to be smeared against this Gentile threat to precious Jew Sensibilities.
How precious ? Maaaaaaate GoldMan, SilverMan, NobleMan RubenStein, GoldStein etcetera etcetera adinfinitum. Where do you think the name "jewel" came from ?

Have you had enough yet ?

Whitelaw Towers said...

Where do you think the name "jewel" came from ?" I think we are safe. I'm sure the QLD people have done the Kosher test. You know a big meal of king prawns and a side order bacon.

OiVas said...

Awww look WhiteLaw, I feel like Shit a bit. I'd actually forgotten Perry's surname sounds like Jewel or even what it was when I was figuratively skewering the Jew Well in the figurative sense.

I suspect Perry will too, hence the surname.

I detest the Lies of the Kike with a passion. The first of which is that they are the "Chosen" people of any "God" of Truth.
Also it would be good if the Arabs could get their Shit together and realise that they are here to edjamacate us silly Whiteys as to who the enemy is so the dumb amongst us will all go FightDemArabs back for the Jews.

A quiet emigration and repatriation to the Middle East would be fine. Hand them each an AK 47 and case of Ammo on the way, and bring our lot safely home. Every single European derived Military Male gets a pretty single European Girl of Age on arrival a marriage certificate and a Home subject to successful reproductive efforts.

Our predicament is a very sad and sorry state of affairs at the moment.