Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Queensland State Elections

Well we are not sure if Australia First will contest the Queensland Elections this year? We would have to ask our colleagues in Queensland and find out. But from what the staff at WLT understands it will be a bit of a one man show in the Sunshine state.

The newly formed Liberal National Party (sorry APP they have trumped you on that)look to make this coming election look a bit like the Israeli invasion of Gaza all one sided. We doubt very much that any WN Political Party will get a look in with so many Queenslanders looking for a bit retribution against the State Run Dictatorship of Queensland Labor.

Oh we are sure that even in this economic time of crisis the Labor PR team will spend up big as they do each time to fool the public. But the public are very aware of the past mismanagement.

The New and Improved LNP will win this one hands down. It will be the first Jewel in the Labor Party Crown to fall with many to follow. So what does this mean for the good people of QLD? Well that is something no one can answer at this stage. Our advice is watch this space. In particular keep an eye on the seat of Kerry Shine Labor Attorney General on the Darling Downs. We hear big things may be in the planning? We just love Election time here at WLT.

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Peter Watson said...

ALP Ministers have resigned so far. The Premier has already had her Labour leadership dinner (it is held just before every state election). Labour Party officials in every town have been receiving e-mails from the State Labour headquarters regarding the elections. So, I say it will be called with in the next month. I though it would have in May but it turns out that I was wrong.