Thursday, February 19, 2009

Remember Darwin 19 February 1942.

67 years ago today Darwin in the Northern Territory was attacked by four Aircraft Carriers from The Japanese Imperial Navy. This was the largest military attack ever mounted against the people of Australia. It was Australia's Pearl Harbor.

According to official figures, 243 civilians and military personnel were killed on the 19th February but the unofficial death toll is said to be much higher. Australian and US service personal along with many Australian Citizens lost their lives on this day 67 years ago. Remember the Sacrifice Remember what they fought for.

Their fight is over ours has just begun! Don't let them down!

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Anonymous said...

Filthy jap bastards, we are still waiting for an apology for their actions during WW2!

Whereas the germans still beg for forgiveness to this day for killing a load of jews, gypsies and queers, those slant eyed bastards have never been brought to book!