Friday, February 27, 2009

Sudanese Refugee gang nearly kill white Australian man at Sunshine Station Melbourne.

This would have to be the most horrific unprovoked race crime this writer has ever seen. How this young White Aussie survived is beyond belief. Mean while in Toowoomba QLD the Candidate for the Australian Labor Party in the seat of Toowoomba South is the one and only Dan Tombs. Yes folks, the same guy who attempted to silence White Patriots from Toowoomba. Preventing them from warning the people of the dangers of introducing these refugees into our society.

He and Mark Copland along with NSW Federal Police advisor John Casey are the ones who are behind the Sudanese Refugee intake in SE Queensland. Who was it in Melbourne? Those mongrels should be held accountable for this crime and the many hundreds that do not get reported. What is the agenda of the bloody churches and or Left wing scum who bring them here? To kill us all?

This is sickening and words just escape me. What are these Sudanese refugee advocates doing to our country. Its like a sick kind of joke. Well I am not laughing. Here we have a Lawyer in Toowoomba who forces us to accept Sudanese refugees into our society. He then runs in a seat that he himself has filled with these people to insure he gets the Sudanese vote. Electorate stacking so he can get into power. Once he has moved on and forced his PC crap down our throats and locked all his detractors up what happens to the white victims? Well watch this bloody video again and you see what wonders this bastard has given this nation.

Fairdinkum I am bloody furious. This prick Dan Toombs had the gall to try and use the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission to stop people speaking the truth. Check this crap out.

Dan Toombs on oh the poor Sudanese. What about their victims you bastard.

Source PART 1 - COMPLAINANT: Albino Chol Thiik. Here he is Toowoombas one and only Sudanese Leader.

Solicitor/Advocate's Name: Daniel Toombs (Barrister)

Solicitor/Advocate's Address: PO Box 594 TOOWOOMBA Q 4350

PART 3 - REASON FOR COMPLAINT: I have been discriminated against becuase (Sic) of my race

DESCRIPTION Description of the event?: Statement of Complaint Against Jim Perren, Darren Abbott, Alex Bush and the White Pride Coalition of Australia

PART 4 - LOSS OR HARM EXPERIENCED?: see above statement ( Toombs and his mates told him to make a statement to teach these white boys a lesson. That way they can make an example out them. That should shut everyone up? What a prick. Fight Dem Back created the story Mark Copland and John Casey pushed the story and Toombs offered his LEGAL experience to frame the white boys up. Now he is running for State Government. Sick yet?)


White Pride Coalition of Australia cease to operate;

White Pride Coalition of Australia officially apologise to SCADDA;

Jim Perrin (Sic) and Alex Bush publicly apologise to SCAADA withdrawing their views;

Darren Abbott publicly apologise to SCAADA withdrawing his views;

All parties undergo cultural sensitivity training.

Above Ana Bligh Queensland Labor Party and Premier along with Daniel Toombs. Just like Toombs she also has an electorate choco block full of Sudanese. Maybe they will force the whole population of QLD to UNDERGO CULTURAL SENSITIVITY TRAINING. 1984 anybody? Oh by the way the HREOC dropped all charges against the Patriots in Queensland. Why because it was all Bull Shit.

Now watch that video again. Is it the Sudanese that are getting stomped by Nazis KKK or Skin Heads hell even just a couple of drunken white kids? Imagine the coverage this would get if it were true?

Now imagine what will happen to Toowoomba if this scum bag left wing traitor gets into power. He will certainly push for more open boarders cheap labor and more refugees. The world has gone insane.


Peter Watson said...

The Labour Party is the most undemocratic political party in Australia. It is even more undemocratic then the Communist Party of Australia. The Labour candidate that is running here in the Southern Downs isn't even from here. Most Labour candidates in the last couple state elections haven't even been from the Southern Downs. That shows you how undemocratic Labour really is. I hope that Anna Bligh gets kicked out of her job. Queensland doesn't deserve such an undemocratic political party being in power.

Of the Celts said...

These Africans are really, truly ignorant as to the good natures of those whom they abuse. They think us weak and unable to respond. Fools !!!!! Our kind will grumble and politely demand the 'authorities' do something about it because we really want these issues to be settled politely and in a dignified manner.

Once we've had an absolute gutfull of this Shit and our patience has worn thin however, our kind are absolutely ruthless in putting it down. I'm one of them. So I like to think I know my own kind.

Cease and desist those who seek refuge amongst us and then complain that our culture is not yours. Or go home, where your behaviour is the norm. Where are your Elders ? What are they doing ?

Peter Watson said...

I've just been to a Labour meeting here in Warwick. The situation is a complete joke. The state office isn't giving us any real amount of help. Only a couple of t-shirts, posters and that is about it. I cound't really care less what happens as long as the Jewish led Labour Party gets thrown out of office for at least a decade. The working class must win back control of the Labour Party from the Zionists and their puppets.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Go get em Pete. It must be hard for you to accept the facts.
Comming from a Marxist Political background sadly you will have to suffer the unsufferable.

If you truly have changed your ways and seen through the BS I applaud you and any others that may do the same.

I hope along with many others that one day we ALL have a voice on the direction of this Country and our States.

Good luck.

Britain Awake said...

Back with a new blog mate, Blogger is becoming a right pain in the arse!

Gonna try wordpress next time out!