Monday, March 30, 2009

The Voice - Owned by China (Video)

If you think that China has bought enough of Australia already you are in for a shock since they have not even started. In this episode we take a look at the start of their spending spree which will eventually see Australians own absolutely nothing in their own country.

Visit Australian New Nation

Scarlets Return to 28 radio

28 Radio Blood and Honour HERE

Australia Calling. Radio Free Australia

Censorship opponents face 10 years in ZOG gulag

Australia Calling

The totalitarian nasties in Chairman KRudd's Internet censorship legislation are beginning to emerge into the light. The government list of banned sites is such a closely-guarded secret that anyone who reveals the contents will be locked away in a ZOG (Zionist occupation government) for 10 years. Link to a site such as Wikileaks, which is on the banned list, and you face a fine of $11,000 a day and/or prison time.

If there anyone who is so stupid as to believe that Australia is still a free country?


Listen Here

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dont give em air man.

What a shame Fight Dem Back has decided to leave us alone. I wonder why? Probably because the Legal Brains Trust for Fight Dem Back is in GAOL. I think they just figured out that we are here to stay. Unlike the huge support they once claimed to have. Ha now that's funny.

Anyway as many have surmised Australia First and a number of White Nationals done their bit on White Pride Day and manned polling Booths for two Independent Candidates running in the QLD State Election.

This was an interesting election. In the end it was a battle over who makes the best Puppet Government. LNP or ALP? And the polls show just that.

In the Safe Labor seat of Toowoomba North, the Independent Nationalist Candidate Perry Jewell took on the the Incumbent Kerry Shine State Attorney General and his mate the Anarchist Fire Bomber Neil Reithmuller.

In the seat of Hervey Bay Independent Peter Schuback took on a mixture of Left and Right wing Conservatives along with the Green Hippies. Both Independent Candidates are members or Allies of Australia First.

So how did they go? Well in Toowoomba even with a total media blockade of Perry Jewell and the theft of 32 Call Flutes from the polling booths early Saturday morning rather well. In a safe labor seat with a well known Incumbent and State Attorney General, Perry at last count was on 418 votes with 70% of the votes counted. That's 418 future members of Australia First in a Safe Labor seat. With little or no media thats 418 plus very pissed off people.

The Anarchist Neil Reithmuller who we would presume FDB would back got? 221. Even though he did get a quarter page write up in the News Paper without any mention of his criminal past. One could guess that he actually stole votes away from Perry by running as an Independent. A very old trick.

Family First a well known Christian Party with a member in Federal Parliament also recieved 471 votes
. Mmmm. 418 for the Right Wing 471 for the Christians. Very interesting. This election was all about the ALP and the LNP. So FDB we done rather well.

In Hervey Bay old Pete done even better. Not only did he get 5% of the total vote he flogged the Greens. Pete a member of QLD Australia First ran a good campaign with some very good media. To say AF are pleased at this would be an understatement.

Both Candidates ran excellent campaigns. Despite the barriers thrown up at them from the Marxist Left and the Conservative Right. We say congratulations to the Candidates and a huge thanks to the people who helped them on White Pride Day.

FDB what can I say. Your pitiful excuse of an "Anti racist organization" is hardly breathing. You comments on our reaction to the Election and the results speak volumes. We are growing stronger every day, and each day you become weaker.

Over to the FDB Election summary...

"Good to see that the candidate favoured by the nutzis got only 400-odd votes in Toowoomba North. Amusing to see Whitelaw Towers' reaction to it. And surprising that they are surprised.

In the previous post on WT we are invited to try to pick the nationalist. It is is easy. You don't even need to read their policy positions - just have a look at the pix.

duck monster

"Dont give em air man."



Donald Orst we hardly need your hot air. We will do fine with out it thanks.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Queensland Election Result?

Queensland and New South Wales both fail IQ test.

Friday, March 20, 2009

You be the Judge

Click on the pic and have a read.
6 Candidates. One of them is a Right Wing Candidate. See if you can pick the Nationalist. It has been reported today that the incumbent member Kerry Shine Queensland Attorney General has had a 7.6% swing against him. The media is reporting that it is "Presumably towards the LNP". I like that word presumably. Any way I think the people of Toowoomba North may have decided that they have had enough of Labor Social engineering.

Must be all those Arm Chair Racist FDB?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Queensland Election" ABC Interview with Perry Jewell Independent Candidate for Toowoomba North.

Ah yes readers the only media that the Nationalist Candidate for Toowoomba North has been granted by the powers that be. Even though constant media releases have been faxed and or emailed to local and State Media sources nothing to date has been released. This has been a very effective media blockade directed towards Perry Jewell.

It must be noted that out of the other five Candidates all have received full coverage in the Local Paper. But in an attempt to cover up this blockade the Toowoomba Chronicle has allowed Mr Jewell 30 words in tomorrows addition of the Chronicle. What a bloody joke.

The interview this morning on local ABC was a part of the regular election coverage that allows each candidate 3 minutes to answer questions. These questions have been outlined to the Candidates during the week by the ABC producer. 3 minutes isn't long so you have to get the message out as best as you can. In Perry's case this was his only chance for the people of Toowoomba North to hear what he has to say.

Here is a copy the original email that has been sent to us discussing the questions to be asked and the format.

"We look forward to confirming your acceptance of this invitation to address voters in Southern Queensland.

Questions will be

What is your background

Why are you running

What do you consider to be the major issues in your electorate

Why should people vote for you

Can you please advise the best phone number to contact you on between 930 and 10am on this day.


Vicki Thompson

Acting regional program manager"

You will note that this question is NOT on the list. "What do you consider to be the solution to those issues that you have outlined". With less than two minutes to go and yet another question "Why should people vote for you" not yet answered Belinda Sanders drops this "What do you consider to be the solution to those issues that you have outlined". Now if you listen to the recording you will understand that the issues raised would need at a minimum a full discussion paper and plenty of research for anyone to be informed on what he plans to do. Having answered the question he then explains that he was not asked to explain solutions in such a brief time constraint. Belinda Sanders then states that they did in fact ask Perry to also explain solutions. Again look at the email above. I have seen the original and yet no such question appears anyplace on the email. Strange you think? Nope very typical.

This has been a bloody joke. From the get go not one mention about the Independent Labor Candidate being an ex crim an Anarchist and a Marxist, not even the slightest hint that the LNP Candidate is the manager of a Sleazy Night Club known for serious drug abuse and violence, not one question to the ALP member about his back flip on legalised Prostitution.

That's Democracy folks.

In the coming days after the election we will also post the thoughts from one of our staff members who actually fronted the Independent Labor Candidate Niel Riethmuller earlier this week. Now that was fun. Sadly he could not get at Dan Toombs (Mark Coplands mate) because he took off like at bat out of hell. (and that's how he came across at the debate this week) Dan was last seen fleeing out the back door with his mate Kerry Shine the QLD Attorney General. Doesn't that make all you QLD Nationalists feel safe? Tombs and the Attorney General. We all better hope that Toowoomba South doesn't elect Dan Toombs.

Perry Jewell interview HERE.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ever wondered how they became supporters of Zionism?

Well we have. How could someone claim to be a White Nationalist yet support Zionism or Israel? I think this video explains an awful lot. I must admit I find it hard telling the difference between these brain washed white Christian kids and the brain washed Muslim kids. Well besides the obvious. This is child abuse. And the parents should be strung up by the thumbs.

I have had it with the White Zionist lobby that attempts to now convert from the ranks of the true White Nationalist movement. These people, these Christian Zionists are just as big a threat to the survival of the White Civilization as the Islamic Extremists.

Once again we see how Zionism uses our own people to weaken and destroy us. To all you pro Israel pro Zionist white folk out there, why wait for the Rapture? Piss off now to Israel and never come back. While you are packing take your Muslim Extremists mates with you.

The world would be a far better place with out the lot of you. The added bonus is that we can have you all in the one spot.

Remember to vote this Saturday Queensland.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Australia Calling. Radio Free Australia.

Australia Calling

The New South Wales Government, a Labor government that claims to represent
the workers, has sent 10,000 jobs in that state to China. Meanwhile, the ANZ
Bank is to fire 500 Australians and send their jobs to India, just a week
after ANZ executives spent $500,000 having a week-long party on Hayman
Island. Come the great and glorious New Order, there can be only one reward
for such treason.

Listen HERE

Monday, March 16, 2009

Civic Patriots Bashed

Well it was the BNP that got bashed by a bunch of gutless thugs. Yes Darrin these guys are real thugs. I use the term Civic Patriots/Nationalists because the main victim of this bashing with a hammer is a Pro Jewish member of the BNP. He is also married to an Asian. Still he was bashed and as far as we are concerned it shows the contempt that even Civic Patriots are shown by the Left.

I could be wrong about the victims background so I expect a few of our British Readers may be able to help out with that. Australia's Anti Fascist Government employees FDB and Anarchist @ndy are very happy. My message to them is this. Don't think for a second that you guys will get away with using violence to silence us.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Perry Jewell Candidate for Toowoomba North Speaks Out

Perry Jewell standing in front of the Toowoomba Vietnam War Memorial. Yes folks the one that The Independent Labor candidate Niel Reithmuller demonstrated against. Go Get Em Perry.

Look what showed up in our email. Thanks Toowoomba Patriot.

The illicit drug trade situation in Australia, aided and abetted by an “out of control” Liquor industry is rapidly turning Australia into a “sociological disaster area”. With Federal and State Governments of all persuasions seeking to legislate and Tax every aspect of every person’s life, via their Socialist-Humanist Dogma, legislated political correctness and Social Engineering. The destruction of Parental Rights and authority and Christian Based morality seems almost complete.

Decent, unemployed young Australians have every right to be resentful of the Governments “out of control” immigration and refugee programs. Doubtless disadvantaged Aboriginals can only wonder at our foreign aid largesse. Charity and education must start at home.

Using our occasional skills shortages as an excuse the government continues to dump hundreds of thousands of immigrants and refugees into the melting pot that is Australia, without referendum or reference to the people of Australia

With the two Party Compelled vote (fundamentally Un-Democratic) forcing a vote for the “least - worst” candidate rather than the “best” and at the voters cost. Financially guaranteeing the continuation of these failed old political parties, policies and ideologies. No real changes can occur.

Where is the leadership required to lead Australia back to democracy, morality, patriotism and prosperity? It seems that not only will they sell off our National assets and prostitute our youth, they will tell us that we voted for this. The Fire Sale of Australia’s assets and resources will have to continue in order to fund the increasing number of drugged out, undereducated unemployed Australians, refugees and Immigrants on welfare. If Australalia is to continue to exist as a viable entity this must stop. New policies and strategies must be adopted, the youth of this nation deserve better options than prostitution or unemployment benefits.

New policies must include immediate compulsory de tox and rehabilitation where illicit drug and or excessive alcohol abuse is detected. This should be in conjunction with the introduction of a state based and organised version of National Service and to include some choices e.g. Fire and Flood Alleviation. Coast Guard, Reafforestation, Police Rescue, care for the aged.

This may be costly to implement, but the benefits eventually in saved health costs and job skills acquired, and huge benefits to the individual and nation at large make this imperative.

Please remember you cannot just buy patriotism and import it. It is earned and bred by a Nation and its people. A moratorium on immigration and cessation of the refugee program are imperative. We can better help the 3rd world in the 3rd world.

Friday, March 13, 2009

"Niel Riethmuller"& Anti War Protests

As the people of Queensland are asked to cast their vote on the 21st of this month we must be reminded of a particular Labor Party Candidate. It is to bad that the Australian public or the New Zealand public didn't treat the "Independent Labor Candidate in Toowoomba North" in the same way.

"Niel Riethmuller Independent Labor Toowoomba North" Violent Anti War Protester

Niel Riethmuller Ind Labor candidate for Toowoomba was arrested in 1973 for firebombing the US consul durring a violent Anti Vietnam War Protest. For this he was sentenced to two years in prison. Many recall the treatment our veterans received from these violent Anarchist. Many more now suffer from the psychological damage inflicted upon them from such anti war protests. Not to mention the families of these vets who have had to suffer because of the damage done to them not from the war but by these Marxist scum.

Our servicemen and women are being used as the scape goats for the Globalist elite. To bad the soldiers passing by didn't do a bit of Bayonet Drill on these Muslim and Left Wing puppets. Source

Hows that protest grab ya FDB? Get the idea? Its our time NOW.

Nice find Britain Awake.

British Troops Marching Home Parade

Introduced Muslim Protesters who have their arse handed to them by the British Public.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Most Racist Comment of the week.

Suspect 1 Stupid Arab?

Suspect 2 Stupid Zionist Christian?

I don't often give comments a page of their own but in this case we thought we would.

Anonymous said...

"What is Australia...? It s a garbage dump where you can find all the garbage from Europe..

So all of you so called "Whites" are nothing more the the exhaust of Europe, the rubbish, the criminals who were driven into exil by the honest Europeans...

The white Australians usually are of red neck familiy origin

Therefore to the so calle White Australian:YOU ARE NOT MORE AUSTRALIAN than the LEBANESE..

The Lebanese are mostly not of low class families like the White Australian"

Two guesses on who may have written this. The only people who were on line at the time at WLT was one from Engadine (hello Darrin Hodges of the Jewish Protectionist Party or APP) and one from Melbourne. Mmm.

Do we have a Mad Leb or just another tool of the system? Either way it is a rather stupid comment.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Its a crazy old world aint it? How many more people can the APP piss off?

APP Crucify Christian Identity.

Add another enemy to the APP list. They certainly are stacking up. Looks like the Christian Folk from the Christian Identity are next on the list. APP a Nationalist party? Bull Shit. So far any one who dares to actually be a Nationalist has been singled out by the NSW head of the Australian Protectionist Party. One has to ask why Storm Front Down Under doesn't put them in opposing views? WTF?

Take it away Members of the APP and the figure head Darrin Hodges.

It all starts rather innocent but.....

Full Member

"Daz, fellow APP members, is this a possibility? I know most APP guys are Christian, and from my research of British Israelism, most groups seem to be quite on par with most of our values/beliefs. They seem to me to be:
- Ultra-conservative
-Pro-UK, and the "Anglosphere" (alliances with canada, NZ, Auz and America)
- Against the EU police state
-Pro-Christian Europe
- Against Immigration."

In light of the support given to the BNP by the Christian Council of Britain, is a possible alliance with the British Israel groups (a great source of potential members) possible?"

Hey OZ maybe you should contact the Catholic Social Justice Commission and have a chat? They hate "NAZIS" also. Here is a starting point. Just be careful they do like the reds. But hey its all about kissing the correct Butt Cheak to gain popularity?

Mark Copland

Sadly the confused post from Peggy that misunderstands the meaning of British Israel groups has been removed. Peggy thought OZ was speaking of the State of Israel. She thinks an alliance between Israel and the APP is a great idea. Anyway..


"Christian Identity and british Israelism are not the same. Christian Identity is like the bastard step child of British israelism. I do not like the CI folks much, i debate with them alot on Stormfront. They are the fanatics calling for a CI theocracy and such, nutters. And alot of them believe jews are the literal spawn of satan. No way in hell do i want, or would the APP want, to be allied with them. British Israelism as a movement started in the 1800's and is actually favourable to jews. They are quite different."

Yep another member of the APP stirring up White Nationalists on an exclusive White Nationalist web site. Come on Storm Front how about protecting your members? Talk about a confessed agent provocateur.

again OZ

"Already covered this, most support a seperation of church and state. I was also not talking about the APP becoming BI, only that the APP could poach some of their members, and appear as a united front on some subjects (like the Liberals and Nationals do). BI wouldnt change APP policy, APP would still be the same APP, albeit with the added support of the BI groups."

Yes its all about poaching members isn't it APP. Hows the Sydney thing going by the way? This explains the harassment of SF members now doesn't it. These people are just interested in dividing the Australian WN community to boost their numbers.

What about Luke Connors the walking piece wet lettuce? He must have an opinion?


"Personally because of the CI connection [not something that is BI's fault but still] I would vote for caution, but the APP leadership from various states could certainly have a different view from me, and a large injection of activists in the current political situation would be enough to make APP the only real nationalist voice in Australia."

Oh ok? Luke you guys are about as Nationalist as a Rabi in Israel. You people are nothing but confused conservatives. You are also the enemy of White Nationalism. So forget APP being a Nationalist voice in Australia. Leave that to the people who are Nationalist. Hands off the movement you bunch of Zionists.


"Im actually very interested in Daz's opinions on this. We have covered this subject in private i wouldnt mind knowing what he thinks?"

Mmmm so are we. But we know what he is going say now don't we folks?


"I think that time is dire, we are failing. Time is running out. I think that parties like the APP should be focusing on building alliances with as many like minded groups as possible.... civil liberties groups, sustainable population groups, other nationalist groups (maybe SCS), maybe the New Right?"

Southern Cross Soldiers hey. Luke has that covered. But whats this the New Right? Hey aren't they already part of the growing coalition of Nationalists that include the Australia First Party? Yep! Sorry OZ try another. The True Nationalist have already formed an alliance.

OK here we go the John Howard of Australian Nationalism himself

Darrin (I'm not a Nazi today) Hodges.

"Christian Identity (CI) is a heresy, a whole doctrine based on racial superiority and they distort the Scriptures to that end. I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot barge poll."

Heresy hey. I'm sure the CI guys reading this know who the False Prophets are by now. For the leader of the NSW Jewish Protectionist Party you sure know how to pick a fight Dazza. My god the other blokes must shake their heads at you. You are the last person to accuse anyone of distorting anything you bloody liar. You do know its a sin to lie? Well unless you are a Jew. Then you can Bullshit away to the Goyim.

Now the rest of the thread is very funny. Old Darrin seems to be suffering a little stress induced break down. In actual fact it reminds us of the little hissy fits Brian Stokes used to have at Fight Dem back central. No surprise considering they both have a tendency to attack WN groups.


Sunday, March 08, 2009

You think the APP are confused?

Well I'm not sure what to make of this? While the APP are getting ready to lay wreaths at the Holocaust Museum the BNP are doing... are just watch the vid. Confusing times for Nationalist all over the world.

False Prophets look out!

Sorta puts it all in perspective I think. Jesus is watching you. I hope he is keeping an eye on those Zionist Christian folk?
Here is a good article to read. I offer this up for my CI mates HERE

Thursday, March 05, 2009

World Wide Stike April 15 2009

Why the mass promotion of Multiculturalism?

because it has the mass support of...
  • Anti-nationalists and certain anti-war activists. These people prefer the multicultural state to the ethno-culture state. They believe multiculturalism will blur the races and nations together into one happy humanity, thus ending hate and bringing peace to the world; however, these people fail to realize that undermining group identification and ethno-cultural state rivalries will not end hate or war. In fact, putting several families under one roof, so to speak, is creating tensions. The other thing is, even if the different races and nations of earth were to successfully meld, arguments over wealth would continue to exist and create hate and conflict between people, which brings us to...
  • The Marxists and international socialists. These people support multiculturalism because its effects blur humanity into one grey mass, leaving only two recognizable groups: those with wealth and those without. Like the anti-nationalists and anti-war activists, Marxist and international socialists do not want to see national people, races and cultural groups; they want a world without groups, borders and divisions. Such a world increases the likelihood that the have-nots will identify as one and initiate a revolution against those with social and economic capital - namely, the big-business capitalists.
  • Ironically, the big-business capitalists also support multiculturalism. Multiculturalism has helped to break down national and cultural boundaries, which has created open international markets. Open international markets have made it increasingly possible for the international big-business capitalists to dump manufactured goods and find cheap labor sources. Likewise, a number of big-business capitalists have made billions exporting a universal, consumption-based culture (a Coca-Cola/McDonald's culture) that is replacing inherited folk-cultures.
  • Multiculturalism encourages the White majority to shelve its preservationist instincts and no longer recognize race, which benefits non-whites living in White-founded countries. With Whites no longer caring about race, non-whites can pursue power or career advancement - in fact, with Affirmative Action, non-whites are given preference. Multiculturalism is also changing attitudes towards interracialism, immigration and reproduction, creating the situation of the present, where Whites are slowly losing the numerical majority in their own nations. As the percentage of Blacks and Hispanics in the U.S. increases and the number of non-Europeans in Europe increases, these people will have more and more power over formerly-White society. Is it any surprise that non-white ethnic interest groups are vocal supporters of multiculturalism?
  • For similar reasons, various non-Christian religious groups support multiculturalism. Multiculturalism has paved the way for non-Christian religious groups to have influence in formerly-Christian societies - even to the point where non-Christian religious groups can take over. For example, Islamic Fundamentalists are trying to infiltrate Western lands, multiply and create an expansive, Islamic kingdom. They also want to dismantle the West because they see it as a "monster", a source of evil which promotes materialism, greed and tolerance of backward ideas. The irony is that the West's liberal/tolerant outlook is what has allowed the Fundamentalists to come to the West in the first place...
  • Alternative lifestyle groups, particularly the gay and lesbian community, also approve of multiculturalism. In a multicultural society, those who refuse to tolerate their formerly-unaccepted ideas are frowned upon and regarded as lowly bigots. Furthermore, Multiculturalism gives these groups a platform to influence the mainstream and try to promote their ideas. Why would they want this? Because, as their ideas become more prevalent, these groups encounter less resistance to their ways and have more power to shape the societies they live in.

Who loses with multiculturalism:

-Whites who wish to make a decent living and not be discriminated against. Whites who do not want to be attacked by degenerate "g's from the hood". Whites who are fond of their own culture and want their children to grow up proud of their culture - with the will to preserve their race. Whites who do not want to see their women whored out and pimped by non-whites. Whites who are tired of half-truths in the media and bias, speech-restricting laws. Whites who are tired of the glorification of non-white history. Whites who are tired of the demonization of Whites in history. Whites who do not want to become the minority in the nations they founded. Whites who do not want to be under the control and manipulation of others in these nations.

-Christians who want their secular, Christian-influenced societies to remain responsive to their beliefs. Christians who oppose a public ban on the Christmas-time display of manger scenes. Christians who want to live by the Bible instead of statutes implemented by the government and education system. Christians who oppose the marketing of degeneracy to youth. Christians who believe in the sanctity of marriage.


QLD Elections. Nationalist Update.

Who do Nationalists vote for? Well its a Democracy? Sorta. So you be the judge. The two that have caught our eye are....

PRESS STATEMENT: March 4 2009.

The independent candidate for Hervey Bay is Peter Schuback. Peter is also a member of the Australia First Party.

The campaign has been kicked off by a local network of friends who hope to raise the political temperature of 'Hervey Bay'.

Peter is known as a staunch advocate of truckies rights and as a nationalist activist. He was heavily commitment to the National Truck Shutdown last July.

Peter's electoral programme involves:

1. The curbing of the revenue-raising fines system used against truckies. Better road-side facilities for truckies.

2. The end of all Queensland government sponsored multiculturalism. No employment of cheap visa labour in Queensland.

3. Fight against corruption in Queensland.

A wider electoral programme will soon appear on leaflets to be issued in Hervey Bay..

Peter Schuback addressed the last Australia First national conference in June 2008.

These campaigns will go a long way to re-establishing a nationalist presence in Queensland.


PRESS RELEASE: March 2 2009.

The independent candidate for Toowoomba North is Mr. Perry Jewell. Mr. Jewell is not a big-party-stooge independent, but a man of independent mind and policy, who pledges to stand for his electors if elected to parliament.

Perry Jewell has a long record in the nationalist politics he espouses. Mr. Jewell was the co-founder and President of the Confederate Action Party which first gave a challenge to the Labor and Liberal/National parties in Queensland (1990-1993) and founded A.D.D.I.C.T (Attack Dangerous Drugs Injustice Corruption Taskforce) to fight drug addiction and corruption with new methods. He has achieved national publicity on these issues.

Perry told his supporters yesterday: "I am dedicated to the people and appreciate the support of all. I am against the regime of the major parties that really do the same thing in practice, while they pretend to argue with each other in public. With their political correctness and compulsory votes they are stifling real democracy in Australia. We need Citizens Initiated Referenda and Recall at all 3 levels of government."

The issues in this campaign are not those of the big parties that are now struggling to avoid the impact of their globalist economics. The issues for Perry Jewell are immediate and defend the interests and rights of the Australian working people:

" The retirees, and importantly the young, whose future is (hopefully) ahead.

" The legalization of prostitution in Toowoomba is the effective legalization of money laundering for the drug trade. Say NO! Most prostitutes enter their tragic activity via a drug habit.

" Without referenda the refugee racket has seen an alien community established here, one supported at the expense of Australians and the environment which takes resources away from genuinely disadvantaged Aborigines.

" The overregulation of the trucking industry must stop. Small operators deserve a chance to deliver service and make a living. The nation will stall without them.

Mr. Jewell added:

"If we had Citizens, Initiated Referenda, the people would have the chance to propose and enforce legislation. If we had some Christian ethics here, we might overcome the moral chaos that may overwhelm Toowoomba. If we had a few fearless voices in parliament, we might encourage Australians to get out of the pubs and clubs and win their country back. That would be my task if I'm chosen to represent Toowoomba North on March 21."

Perry Jewell is accepting the support of recruits to assist his campaign and donations are welcome.

Ok so if we find anymore we will post them up here for our QLD people. If you live in any of these areas maybe give them a call and offer some help?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

So what does an anarchist do when they retire?

Wanted for Political Violence and Terrorism. Known to associate with the Labor Party of Queensland.

So what does an anarchist do when they retire? Well they join the Labor Party of course. Hard to believe hey? Well its not new. Former Premier of NSW Morris Iema's top political advisor was the founding member of the Australian Communist Party and infamous member of the Zionist Aaron's family.

Now this chap above looks like your every day Australian right? Hell he doesn't look like much to worry about. You could pass him on street and not even give him a second look. Maybe you could find yourself sitting with him at your local church? Well unless you go to the same church as Mark Copland and Dan Toombs its not likely. You see this rather innocent looking chap is an ANARCHIST. A bloody old one to boot.

Asher Goldman Fight Dem Back organiser and Well known Anarchist knows who he is. Hell he read all about it in this book written about Anarchism in New Zealand. Asher tells all HERE

Asher must be jealous. Seeing as he and fellow Anarchist Valerie Morse can only dream about real Political Violence? But they do try read about it HERE

Here is an extract from the book above.

"The universities were always rich pickings, with various accounts of hairy anarchists overrunning stuffy campus meetings (such as the Young Nationals gathering, which was sufficiently hijacked as to be able to pass a demand for the Nats to push for the adoption of workers' and peasants' soviets throughout the land); and a handful of stunts which would deserve headlines in any age, whether for dramatic reasons or humorous.

Of the former, the most notorious were surely the 1973 firebombing of the Christchurch accountant's office used by the honorary consul to the US, as an anti-Vietnam War protest (the perpetrators were jailed for about two years); and the suicide-bombing in 1982 by a young anarchist-punk, Neil Roberts, who blew himself up on the doorstep of the Wanganui computer centre, in what was apparently a nihilistic protest against the power of the state".

And the perps? Well look at the old fella above. But he is now a respected Labor Party candidate for the seat of Toowoomba North. OK.

Good times hey. Who would have thought that the old man pictured above who was gaoled for 2 years for the firebombing of a US Consul in New Zealand during 1973 would now show up in all places Toowoomba? Strange hey? Better still he just so happens to be running against a Nationalist Independent. Still strange you think?

How about that he is a candidate for the political seat of Toowoomba North. That is right next door naturally to Toowoomba South. Who is running in Toowoomba South you ask? Well Dan Toombs Social Justice Lawyer and good mate to Mark Copland. Mark and Danny boy are real good friends to White Nationalists you know. They just love helping criminal gangs and Government Informers like Fight Dem Back. As many readers here remember it was these people along with Mathew Henderson who have inspired this blog. Ahh just a coincidence hey?

What are the chances of this old bloke and Mark running into each other? Well Mark Copland is not just a great liar he is also the Author of many books that attack White Australians over the treatment of the Aborigines. Not to mention he is the man behind the Sudanese Refugee settlement program. Funny that this old fella pictured at the top of the page is also an author on the very same indigenous issues. Nah again just a coincidence.

What about Danny boy? Well I guess we may be drawing a long bow but lets see. Dan Toombs friend and colleague to Mark Copland. Dan is a candidate for the Queensland Labor Party. What of the old fella? Hang on he is also running for the Labor Party but as an Independent Labor Party candidate. Interesting hey.

So what is an Independent Labor Party Candidate? Well that is an oldy but a goody. You see when the incumbent Labor Party member is under threat the Labor Party always run an Independent Labor person. You see to save the incumbents neck they run the Independent who they hope the disillusioned Labor Voters will vote for. The Independent guy then does Preference deals with the Incumbent and bango they are back in the show. Tricky hey.

Whats even better is that it siphons off the Independent vote of the real Independent candidate. That's Democracy in action. It works even better if the Independent candidate just so happens to be a Nationalist who is willing to talk about the Refugee Settlement program set up and run by Mark and Dan. Boy its confusing aint it?

So in a nutshell all these bastards are Marxist Traitors. The old ones never left. They just finished uni got jobs as lawyers and such and joined the Australian Labor Party. Now they are doing what they dreamed of. Destroying everything they hate. That is us.

Well I suppose our time here at White Law Towers may be coming to an end? Now that we have exposed the whole stinking tragedy of Toowoomba the Australian Labor/Marxist Party and the Multi cultists. I guess the powers that be will make sure sooner or later that blogs and people like us are silenced for a long time. We say bring it on. We are passed caring about what you will do to us. We would rather die on our feet than live on our knees.

And for you people out in there who read this blog. Our message is learn from it. And never give in. The age old battle between the Nationalist inspired White Folk and the Left will continue on. But remember. These guys are playing for keeps. So for Gods sake help yourselves before its to late.

Queensland State Elections. The Communist Versus The Patriot in Toowoomba North.

Jane Fonda Traitor! Just like Niel Riethmuller Independent Candidate for Toowoomba North.

Well what have we here? It looks like we have the Labor Party using a Known Communist Sympathiser and Vietnam War Protester as a Independent in the seat of Toowoomba North.

Yes readers you all remember this seat? The one that a certain fellow by the name of Perry Jewell is also running in. Looks like @ndy and the FDB dream team have had to out their Reds to try and steal away the Protest vote from the Nationalist candidate. Nothing new here. But Toowoomba being what it is I reckon this is going to back fire in a major way.

Introducing Niel Riethmuller Independent Candidate for Toowoomba North. Mmm not so Independent we think. More like a Labor Party Plant. Nice work @ndy.

Anti-war campaigner at Memorial service

A TOOWOOMBA man who served two years in jail for setting fire to the US consulate in New Zealand in opposition to the Vietnam War has praised Toowoomba's Vietnam War Memorial.

Neil Riethmuller attended last week's dedication of the memorial, but says his sentiments towards the war certainly differ from some of the speakers at the service. Source

Chaplain fumes over Vietnam comments

A VIETNAM veteran and now chaplain to returned servicemen has slammed a former Vietnam War protester for his support of the North Vietnamese.

Mr Reithmuller was jailed for two years in New Zealand for setting fire to the US consulate in protest. Source

Well what a surprise NOT.

So we have the dirty tricks of the Labor party assisted by the Communist trying to fool the people of Toowoomba North who may be considering voting Independent. I bet that by time this info hits the Media we can easly say good bye to Toowoombas Commuinst Canidate.

So what else has our friend done?

On 11 September a number of other letters were published, with Mr Riethmuller taking exception to a particularly robust one written by Dan Handley which, among other things, accused Mr Riethmuller of being a "professional agitator" and of "dodging the draft in New Zealand"; said that he "obviously supports the likes of Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein"; and ended with an exhortation that Mr Riethmuller go and do "as the monks did in Saigon", a clear reference to Mr Riethmuller's published letter where he recalled "Buddhist monks' fiery self-immolation" in Vietnam. Source

An enthusiastic group of teachers and other education workers have met for the second time in Toowoomba at Centenary Heights State High School to share Indigenous curriculum resources, unit plans and pedagogical approaches to integrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into key learning areas.

Approximately twenty teachers have attended both workshops, which were organised by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Learning and Engagement Centre as an opportunity for teachers to network and share expertise amongst peers.

The latest meeting was enhanced by the attendance of two local educators who have each written texts which explore the local history of the Darling Downs and Toowoomba area, with particular focus on the experience and perspectives of Indigenous people. The Learning and Engagement Centre Library has recently acquired both books, and are available for borrowing now.

The books are:
Darling Downs Aborigines : 1787-2004 : genocide and survival

Neil Riethmuller, Toowoomba, 2005 Source

Although dogs were never used against protesters again, not even during the Springbok tour, an escalation of violence was always on the cards. Horton was opposed and says he had nothing to do with the firebombing of the US consulate in Christchurch in 1973 which earned anarchists Marg Matheson and Neil Riethmuller, an Australian, jail sentence. Source

Civil procedure / by G. Riethmuller ; general editor the Hon. Mr Justice Young

Bib ID 237486

Format Book

Author Riethmuller, G. (Grant)

Edition 1st ed.

Publisher North Ryde, N.S.W. : LBC Information Services, 1999.

Description xvii, 181 p. ; 18 cm.
ISBN 0455216568 0455216568 (pbk.)
Series LBC nutshell

Notes Includes index. Bibliography. Tertiary students.
Subjects Court rules - Australia. | Civil procedure - Australia.
Other Authors Young, P. W. (Peter Wolstenholme), 1940- Source

Why is it that places like North Ryde and the words Anarchist/lawyer comes up far to often?

So we have Dan Toombs Fight Dem Back lawyer in Toowoomba South and now a dirty stinking Anarchist/Communist/terrorist in Toowoomba North. Remember when Mathew Henderson Hau founding member of Fight Dem back spoke of the
Arm Chair Racist on the Darling Downs? Is this the Dream Team that has worked so hard to destroy the good city of Toowoomba? We think so. Thanks for the heads up @ndy. And welcome Niel you will be hearing a lot from us over the next few years.

PS I think we may have a few of these. Maybe the Family First candidate would be interested in how our commie friend is pro abortion? Source

Hold the phone! Well it has just been reported that Mr Reithmuller is the Independent LABOR candidate. So we have Labor and Independent Labor. Two votes for one party. What scum bags.

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