Monday, March 16, 2009

Civic Patriots Bashed

Well it was the BNP that got bashed by a bunch of gutless thugs. Yes Darrin these guys are real thugs. I use the term Civic Patriots/Nationalists because the main victim of this bashing with a hammer is a Pro Jewish member of the BNP. He is also married to an Asian. Still he was bashed and as far as we are concerned it shows the contempt that even Civic Patriots are shown by the Left.

I could be wrong about the victims background so I expect a few of our British Readers may be able to help out with that. Australia's Anti Fascist Government employees FDB and Anarchist @ndy are very happy. My message to them is this. Don't think for a second that you guys will get away with using violence to silence us.


Hammer that RaceMixer said...

Now this is really confusing. How can the "Anti-Rascists" possibly be celebrating a bit of hammertime with a fella married to an Asian Girl.

Perhaps it is because no one is permitted to oppose the Jew engineered destruction of the Gentile races. Not even the deceived participants. Would he have been hammered if he was a Black Man married to a Black Woman who is demonstrably "racist" in his selection of partner ? Of course not. It is only White people, the people whom Jews just so happened to look like, that are capable of racism.

The Jew is attempting to confiscate the "race" of the European Gentile for itself. If successful, the only White people will be JEWS and the rest and non-descript Hodge Podge of mixed up Goyim. The Jew will have then achieved his racial ascendency derived of Judaic madness.

Anonymous said...

Whether he's married to a chink or not, the fact remains this was a deliberate attack on ALL white nationalists and their beliefs by red filth!

Anonymous said...

An attack like this is an attack on all decent whites, regardless of what you think of the BNP. The attackers would have no idea about his marriage, they just wanted to kill a nationalist. It just goes to show we are all targets, whether we are civic nationalists, white nationalists, National Socialists or whatever. It is time for a little solidarity I would think.

Whitelaw Towers said...

No doubt many would agree with the solidarity bit. But if it was a NS person who got a touch up the Zionist and or Civic Patriots would be celebrating. In Australia anyway.

Loose Rivet said...

Little known facts about me;
1/ I am banned from Stormfront for being a race mixer.
2/ My half Chinese wife can have children but I can't. In marrying me she was forced not to have children.
3/I fell in love before I became a Nationalist or awake to the threat to the white race, we can't choose who we fall in love with.
4/ It has been said I'm a Zionist and support the Jews, please have you not heard of Chess?
Tony Ward.

Thors Hammer said...

Hello Tony,

I wrote the Hammer that RaceMixer piece and have no beef with the fact that you fell for a Girl of different heritage.

It is imperative that word gets out that the "Jew", whatever that is, is attempting to normalise and institutionalise such pairings as a mechanism to destroy all races, not just Whitey. Because the Jew, a victim of the self righteous, pitiable Jewish Meme, looks like Whitey it just happens to be us first.

Supporting Zionism and hoping they'll all piss of there is a lost cause. How can they we beasts in human form, but without a soul, be administered without having govening enclaves scattered amongst the "Goyim".... The only solution is to out the ideology of the Jew and the destiny to which the Jew feels entitled. The Jew feels entitled to the servile deference of all he comes into contact with. It is her manifest destiny, and as implied by Jeremy Moans, person posturing in any other way is the existential enemy of Jewish manifest destiny.

To prove the truth of the Jews' intent, here is a quote from a book by Max Dimont, The Indestructible Jews. (A title onsistent with the Pre-Traumtic condition that is being Jewish and "knowing" that everyone wants to "destroy" you, so destroy them first hence the religious licence to pre-emption)
Quote on " The destiny of Westen Civilization"

'The diasporisation of mankind into one world and a synthesis of the Western, Slavic, and Sinic civilisations into one universal culture having the ethics of the Torah for its moral foundation and Jerusalem as its spiritual center'

So Israel, Greater Israel after stoopid Whitey Goy kill millions of soulless Arabs, is the center by which we are all to be ruled by the magnificent ones, as they feel themselves to be.

Anti-Fa and 'leftist', Zionists appear not to be Zionist, but they either wittingly or unwittingly are consistent with Dimonts description of Jew/Goy destiny.

So when you got hammered by and "Antifa", you actually got hammered by a Zionist who seeks to destroy all races and cultures so as to facilite the self abusive dreams of the Self Chosen.

That this goal can only be achieved through lies, ignorance, deceit and darkness is commentary enough on what those that work for it represent.

Refuse to kill Arabs for Jews, and take the historical rap for nukes necessarily used to achieve it.
All gentile nations and cultures will need to stand against this together, or hang separately.

The diasporisation of mankind is the purpose of Jew immigration advocacy, but of course her forked tongue will never tell you that.

The BNP appears uncomfortably focussed on Muslim "tehgror" but not so much on blanket immigration change. If its strategy has changed to Zionism for the purpose of hoping they'll bugger off or integrate and stop foisting themselves on us, then that policy is a lost cause.
If they were genuine, they should perhaps be explaining Dimont's western destiny to the plebs, and why they oppose Jewish immigration advocacy.

But to do anything other than kneel before the Jewish Princes is an affront to their precious sensibilities and "Anti-Semitism", so the balls of the BNP shrivel and disappear into the abdomen.

Hoffman's Jism Discovered should be mandatory reading in all Gentile senior schools.

Anonymous said...

Before you can tackle ANY problems you have first to get into power and at the moment the only way to power is to play on peoples genuine fears.
The main parties do this all the time it's how they get away with audacious tax bills, man made global warming, cold war, terrorism etc etc. I do fear Islam and as I'm a BNP candidate I have to choose my words carefully. You are walking down a dark ally alone when you hear the clicking of a hand gun, you spin round heart pumping, mind racing to see a black assassin cocking his weapon.
You only have one bullet left in your revolver, do you:

a/ Run as fast as you can and hope he misses and gives you time to get to the person who hired him?

b/ Try to beat him with your bare hands saving the bullet for the person who hired him?

c/ Shoot the fucker and worry about who sent him later?

Tony Ward.