Monday, March 23, 2009

Dont give em air man.

What a shame Fight Dem Back has decided to leave us alone. I wonder why? Probably because the Legal Brains Trust for Fight Dem Back is in GAOL. I think they just figured out that we are here to stay. Unlike the huge support they once claimed to have. Ha now that's funny.

Anyway as many have surmised Australia First and a number of White Nationals done their bit on White Pride Day and manned polling Booths for two Independent Candidates running in the QLD State Election.

This was an interesting election. In the end it was a battle over who makes the best Puppet Government. LNP or ALP? And the polls show just that.

In the Safe Labor seat of Toowoomba North, the Independent Nationalist Candidate Perry Jewell took on the the Incumbent Kerry Shine State Attorney General and his mate the Anarchist Fire Bomber Neil Reithmuller.

In the seat of Hervey Bay Independent Peter Schuback took on a mixture of Left and Right wing Conservatives along with the Green Hippies. Both Independent Candidates are members or Allies of Australia First.

So how did they go? Well in Toowoomba even with a total media blockade of Perry Jewell and the theft of 32 Call Flutes from the polling booths early Saturday morning rather well. In a safe labor seat with a well known Incumbent and State Attorney General, Perry at last count was on 418 votes with 70% of the votes counted. That's 418 future members of Australia First in a Safe Labor seat. With little or no media thats 418 plus very pissed off people.

The Anarchist Neil Reithmuller who we would presume FDB would back got? 221. Even though he did get a quarter page write up in the News Paper without any mention of his criminal past. One could guess that he actually stole votes away from Perry by running as an Independent. A very old trick.

Family First a well known Christian Party with a member in Federal Parliament also recieved 471 votes
. Mmmm. 418 for the Right Wing 471 for the Christians. Very interesting. This election was all about the ALP and the LNP. So FDB we done rather well.

In Hervey Bay old Pete done even better. Not only did he get 5% of the total vote he flogged the Greens. Pete a member of QLD Australia First ran a good campaign with some very good media. To say AF are pleased at this would be an understatement.

Both Candidates ran excellent campaigns. Despite the barriers thrown up at them from the Marxist Left and the Conservative Right. We say congratulations to the Candidates and a huge thanks to the people who helped them on White Pride Day.

FDB what can I say. Your pitiful excuse of an "Anti racist organization" is hardly breathing. You comments on our reaction to the Election and the results speak volumes. We are growing stronger every day, and each day you become weaker.

Over to the FDB Election summary...

"Good to see that the candidate favoured by the nutzis got only 400-odd votes in Toowoomba North. Amusing to see Whitelaw Towers' reaction to it. And surprising that they are surprised.

In the previous post on WT we are invited to try to pick the nationalist. It is is easy. You don't even need to read their policy positions - just have a look at the pix.

duck monster

"Dont give em air man."



Donald Orst we hardly need your hot air. We will do fine with out it thanks.


Anonymous said...

"just take a look at the pix"???


Apart from the Conservative candidates the rest look like inbred fucktards or the kids that nobody would talk to at school. TWO of them look like Khazar conmen. If the FDB useful idiots think they look 'cool' or 'ideal' then that speaks volumes about their own appearances. But then we KNEW that already didn't we folks?

Anonymous said...

Sudanese inside job of arson

AAP General News (Australia)


Qld: House torched at Toowoomba

Police are searching for two men seen near a house they said was deliberately set alight
at Toowoomba, west of Brisbane overnight.

Police say the fire was the second to be deliberately set in the house yesterday, and
destroyed the rear of the building before being extinguished around 10 pm (AEST).

They say the house had received superficial damage from a fire started inside a room
eight hours earlier.

Police say two men -- one aged about 18 and the other 20 -- were seen near the house
and police were anxious to speak to them.

One man had a dark complexion, possible African appearance with dark curly hair, while
the other was caucasian with blonde collar length hair.

AAP RTV jfs/rt


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