Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ever wondered how they became supporters of Zionism?

Well we have. How could someone claim to be a White Nationalist yet support Zionism or Israel? I think this video explains an awful lot. I must admit I find it hard telling the difference between these brain washed white Christian kids and the brain washed Muslim kids. Well besides the obvious. This is child abuse. And the parents should be strung up by the thumbs.

I have had it with the White Zionist lobby that attempts to now convert from the ranks of the true White Nationalist movement. These people, these Christian Zionists are just as big a threat to the survival of the White Civilization as the Islamic Extremists.

Once again we see how Zionism uses our own people to weaken and destroy us. To all you pro Israel pro Zionist white folk out there, why wait for the Rapture? Piss off now to Israel and never come back. While you are packing take your Muslim Extremists mates with you.

The world would be a far better place with out the lot of you. The added bonus is that we can have you all in the one spot.

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Noahidiot said...

They go wherever the lies that emanate from the Orthodox Ringlets leads them.

Madness consumes them as they struggle with the reality that it is both Zionist and Anti-Zionist Jews who simultaneously immigrate them into oblivion while silencing their dissent with the illusory 6 millions of the holocaust.

Eventually it fries their tiny minds until relief is granted by suicide or through Noahidiocy in submitting and committing to become a eunuch and concubine of the Pharisee.