Monday, March 09, 2009

Its a crazy old world aint it? How many more people can the APP piss off?

APP Crucify Christian Identity.

Add another enemy to the APP list. They certainly are stacking up. Looks like the Christian Folk from the Christian Identity are next on the list. APP a Nationalist party? Bull Shit. So far any one who dares to actually be a Nationalist has been singled out by the NSW head of the Australian Protectionist Party. One has to ask why Storm Front Down Under doesn't put them in opposing views? WTF?

Take it away Members of the APP and the figure head Darrin Hodges.

It all starts rather innocent but.....

Full Member

"Daz, fellow APP members, is this a possibility? I know most APP guys are Christian, and from my research of British Israelism, most groups seem to be quite on par with most of our values/beliefs. They seem to me to be:
- Ultra-conservative
-Pro-UK, and the "Anglosphere" (alliances with canada, NZ, Auz and America)
- Against the EU police state
-Pro-Christian Europe
- Against Immigration."

In light of the support given to the BNP by the Christian Council of Britain, is a possible alliance with the British Israel groups (a great source of potential members) possible?"

Hey OZ maybe you should contact the Catholic Social Justice Commission and have a chat? They hate "NAZIS" also. Here is a starting point. Just be careful they do like the reds. But hey its all about kissing the correct Butt Cheak to gain popularity?

Mark Copland

Sadly the confused post from Peggy that misunderstands the meaning of British Israel groups has been removed. Peggy thought OZ was speaking of the State of Israel. She thinks an alliance between Israel and the APP is a great idea. Anyway..


"Christian Identity and british Israelism are not the same. Christian Identity is like the bastard step child of British israelism. I do not like the CI folks much, i debate with them alot on Stormfront. They are the fanatics calling for a CI theocracy and such, nutters. And alot of them believe jews are the literal spawn of satan. No way in hell do i want, or would the APP want, to be allied with them. British Israelism as a movement started in the 1800's and is actually favourable to jews. They are quite different."

Yep another member of the APP stirring up White Nationalists on an exclusive White Nationalist web site. Come on Storm Front how about protecting your members? Talk about a confessed agent provocateur.

again OZ

"Already covered this, most support a seperation of church and state. I was also not talking about the APP becoming BI, only that the APP could poach some of their members, and appear as a united front on some subjects (like the Liberals and Nationals do). BI wouldnt change APP policy, APP would still be the same APP, albeit with the added support of the BI groups."

Yes its all about poaching members isn't it APP. Hows the Sydney thing going by the way? This explains the harassment of SF members now doesn't it. These people are just interested in dividing the Australian WN community to boost their numbers.

What about Luke Connors the walking piece wet lettuce? He must have an opinion?


"Personally because of the CI connection [not something that is BI's fault but still] I would vote for caution, but the APP leadership from various states could certainly have a different view from me, and a large injection of activists in the current political situation would be enough to make APP the only real nationalist voice in Australia."

Oh ok? Luke you guys are about as Nationalist as a Rabi in Israel. You people are nothing but confused conservatives. You are also the enemy of White Nationalism. So forget APP being a Nationalist voice in Australia. Leave that to the people who are Nationalist. Hands off the movement you bunch of Zionists.


"Im actually very interested in Daz's opinions on this. We have covered this subject in private i wouldnt mind knowing what he thinks?"

Mmmm so are we. But we know what he is going say now don't we folks?


"I think that time is dire, we are failing. Time is running out. I think that parties like the APP should be focusing on building alliances with as many like minded groups as possible.... civil liberties groups, sustainable population groups, other nationalist groups (maybe SCS), maybe the New Right?"

Southern Cross Soldiers hey. Luke has that covered. But whats this the New Right? Hey aren't they already part of the growing coalition of Nationalists that include the Australia First Party? Yep! Sorry OZ try another. The True Nationalist have already formed an alliance.

OK here we go the John Howard of Australian Nationalism himself

Darrin (I'm not a Nazi today) Hodges.

"Christian Identity (CI) is a heresy, a whole doctrine based on racial superiority and they distort the Scriptures to that end. I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot barge poll."

Heresy hey. I'm sure the CI guys reading this know who the False Prophets are by now. For the leader of the NSW Jewish Protectionist Party you sure know how to pick a fight Dazza. My god the other blokes must shake their heads at you. You are the last person to accuse anyone of distorting anything you bloody liar. You do know its a sin to lie? Well unless you are a Jew. Then you can Bullshit away to the Goyim.

Now the rest of the thread is very funny. Old Darrin seems to be suffering a little stress induced break down. In actual fact it reminds us of the little hissy fits Brian Stokes used to have at Fight Dem back central. No surprise considering they both have a tendency to attack WN groups.


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LeaveImAlone said...

The Jews preferred methodology to deconstruct then eliminate a people is first to divide them by ideas, and then set each upon the other.

Stodgey Darrin Hodges seems to have fallen for this Shit in a big way.

Every Whitey seems to want to be THE Messiah and actively compete with others for the title. At least the Self Chosen declare themselves as a collective Messiah and work together for an ascendency as 'Lords of the Flies', however pathetic, but deserving a reward for their snivelling that might be. The Jews will never be a free people.

You're a Gormless Git Darrin and seem to have taken an easy road that elicits the the most craven approvals of the JEW. Why do you seek the approvals of Jews, as do Women ? Don't you know he story of the Garden of Eden, the Memetic template for the Jews' feminism. It certainly has worked a treat on you Boy. Are you flattered by their weaselly words ? What pleasure to you derive from it, as a Male that is ? Males do not traditionally seek the approval of the Jew, unless of course the lure of their lips and the 30 pieces works its way into the psyche.

Darrin's going to want to bitch slap me now. Hell hath no fury like a Woman scorned.

Well....Bite my Hairy Arse Hodgey Boy. Do you really wanna hurt me ?