Thursday, March 12, 2009

Most Racist Comment of the week.

Suspect 1 Stupid Arab?

Suspect 2 Stupid Zionist Christian?

I don't often give comments a page of their own but in this case we thought we would.

Anonymous said...

"What is Australia...? It s a garbage dump where you can find all the garbage from Europe..

So all of you so called "Whites" are nothing more the the exhaust of Europe, the rubbish, the criminals who were driven into exil by the honest Europeans...

The white Australians usually are of red neck familiy origin

Therefore to the so calle White Australian:YOU ARE NOT MORE AUSTRALIAN than the LEBANESE..

The Lebanese are mostly not of low class families like the White Australian"

Two guesses on who may have written this. The only people who were on line at the time at WLT was one from Engadine (hello Darrin Hodges of the Jewish Protectionist Party or APP) and one from Melbourne. Mmm.

Do we have a Mad Leb or just another tool of the system? Either way it is a rather stupid comment.

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Anonymous said...

Lebanese have hygiene and low income issues. We've known this for 30 years.