Friday, March 13, 2009

"Niel Riethmuller"& Anti War Protests

As the people of Queensland are asked to cast their vote on the 21st of this month we must be reminded of a particular Labor Party Candidate. It is to bad that the Australian public or the New Zealand public didn't treat the "Independent Labor Candidate in Toowoomba North" in the same way.

"Niel Riethmuller Independent Labor Toowoomba North" Violent Anti War Protester

Niel Riethmuller Ind Labor candidate for Toowoomba was arrested in 1973 for firebombing the US consul durring a violent Anti Vietnam War Protest. For this he was sentenced to two years in prison. Many recall the treatment our veterans received from these violent Anarchist. Many more now suffer from the psychological damage inflicted upon them from such anti war protests. Not to mention the families of these vets who have had to suffer because of the damage done to them not from the war but by these Marxist scum.

Our servicemen and women are being used as the scape goats for the Globalist elite. To bad the soldiers passing by didn't do a bit of Bayonet Drill on these Muslim and Left Wing puppets. Source

Hows that protest grab ya FDB? Get the idea? Its our time NOW.

Nice find Britain Awake.

British Troops Marching Home Parade

Introduced Muslim Protesters who have their arse handed to them by the British Public.

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