Sunday, March 15, 2009

Perry Jewell Candidate for Toowoomba North Speaks Out

Perry Jewell standing in front of the Toowoomba Vietnam War Memorial. Yes folks the one that The Independent Labor candidate Niel Reithmuller demonstrated against. Go Get Em Perry.

Look what showed up in our email. Thanks Toowoomba Patriot.

The illicit drug trade situation in Australia, aided and abetted by an “out of control” Liquor industry is rapidly turning Australia into a “sociological disaster area”. With Federal and State Governments of all persuasions seeking to legislate and Tax every aspect of every person’s life, via their Socialist-Humanist Dogma, legislated political correctness and Social Engineering. The destruction of Parental Rights and authority and Christian Based morality seems almost complete.

Decent, unemployed young Australians have every right to be resentful of the Governments “out of control” immigration and refugee programs. Doubtless disadvantaged Aboriginals can only wonder at our foreign aid largesse. Charity and education must start at home.

Using our occasional skills shortages as an excuse the government continues to dump hundreds of thousands of immigrants and refugees into the melting pot that is Australia, without referendum or reference to the people of Australia

With the two Party Compelled vote (fundamentally Un-Democratic) forcing a vote for the “least - worst” candidate rather than the “best” and at the voters cost. Financially guaranteeing the continuation of these failed old political parties, policies and ideologies. No real changes can occur.

Where is the leadership required to lead Australia back to democracy, morality, patriotism and prosperity? It seems that not only will they sell off our National assets and prostitute our youth, they will tell us that we voted for this. The Fire Sale of Australia’s assets and resources will have to continue in order to fund the increasing number of drugged out, undereducated unemployed Australians, refugees and Immigrants on welfare. If Australalia is to continue to exist as a viable entity this must stop. New policies and strategies must be adopted, the youth of this nation deserve better options than prostitution or unemployment benefits.

New policies must include immediate compulsory de tox and rehabilitation where illicit drug and or excessive alcohol abuse is detected. This should be in conjunction with the introduction of a state based and organised version of National Service and to include some choices e.g. Fire and Flood Alleviation. Coast Guard, Reafforestation, Police Rescue, care for the aged.

This may be costly to implement, but the benefits eventually in saved health costs and job skills acquired, and huge benefits to the individual and nation at large make this imperative.

Please remember you cannot just buy patriotism and import it. It is earned and bred by a Nation and its people. A moratorium on immigration and cessation of the refugee program are imperative. We can better help the 3rd world in the 3rd world.

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