Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Queensland Election" ABC Interview with Perry Jewell Independent Candidate for Toowoomba North.

Ah yes readers the only media that the Nationalist Candidate for Toowoomba North has been granted by the powers that be. Even though constant media releases have been faxed and or emailed to local and State Media sources nothing to date has been released. This has been a very effective media blockade directed towards Perry Jewell.

It must be noted that out of the other five Candidates all have received full coverage in the Local Paper. But in an attempt to cover up this blockade the Toowoomba Chronicle has allowed Mr Jewell 30 words in tomorrows addition of the Chronicle. What a bloody joke.

The interview this morning on local ABC was a part of the regular election coverage that allows each candidate 3 minutes to answer questions. These questions have been outlined to the Candidates during the week by the ABC producer. 3 minutes isn't long so you have to get the message out as best as you can. In Perry's case this was his only chance for the people of Toowoomba North to hear what he has to say.

Here is a copy the original email that has been sent to us discussing the questions to be asked and the format.

"We look forward to confirming your acceptance of this invitation to address voters in Southern Queensland.

Questions will be

What is your background

Why are you running

What do you consider to be the major issues in your electorate

Why should people vote for you

Can you please advise the best phone number to contact you on between 930 and 10am on this day.


Vicki Thompson

Acting regional program manager"

You will note that this question is NOT on the list. "What do you consider to be the solution to those issues that you have outlined". With less than two minutes to go and yet another question "Why should people vote for you" not yet answered Belinda Sanders drops this "What do you consider to be the solution to those issues that you have outlined". Now if you listen to the recording you will understand that the issues raised would need at a minimum a full discussion paper and plenty of research for anyone to be informed on what he plans to do. Having answered the question he then explains that he was not asked to explain solutions in such a brief time constraint. Belinda Sanders then states that they did in fact ask Perry to also explain solutions. Again look at the email above. I have seen the original and yet no such question appears anyplace on the email. Strange you think? Nope very typical.

This has been a bloody joke. From the get go not one mention about the Independent Labor Candidate being an ex crim an Anarchist and a Marxist, not even the slightest hint that the LNP Candidate is the manager of a Sleazy Night Club known for serious drug abuse and violence, not one question to the ALP member about his back flip on legalised Prostitution.

That's Democracy folks.

In the coming days after the election we will also post the thoughts from one of our staff members who actually fronted the Independent Labor Candidate Niel Riethmuller earlier this week. Now that was fun. Sadly he could not get at Dan Toombs (Mark Coplands mate) because he took off like at bat out of hell. (and that's how he came across at the debate this week) Dan was last seen fleeing out the back door with his mate Kerry Shine the QLD Attorney General. Doesn't that make all you QLD Nationalists feel safe? Tombs and the Attorney General. We all better hope that Toowoomba South doesn't elect Dan Toombs.

Perry Jewell interview HERE.

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