Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Queensland State Elections. The Communist Versus The Patriot in Toowoomba North.

Jane Fonda Traitor! Just like Niel Riethmuller Independent Candidate for Toowoomba North.

Well what have we here? It looks like we have the Labor Party using a Known Communist Sympathiser and Vietnam War Protester as a Independent in the seat of Toowoomba North.

Yes readers you all remember this seat? The one that a certain fellow by the name of Perry Jewell is also running in. Looks like @ndy and the FDB dream team have had to out their Reds to try and steal away the Protest vote from the Nationalist candidate. Nothing new here. But Toowoomba being what it is I reckon this is going to back fire in a major way.

Introducing Niel Riethmuller Independent Candidate for Toowoomba North. Mmm not so Independent we think. More like a Labor Party Plant. Nice work @ndy.

Anti-war campaigner at Memorial service

A TOOWOOMBA man who served two years in jail for setting fire to the US consulate in New Zealand in opposition to the Vietnam War has praised Toowoomba's Vietnam War Memorial.

Neil Riethmuller attended last week's dedication of the memorial, but says his sentiments towards the war certainly differ from some of the speakers at the service. Source

Chaplain fumes over Vietnam comments

A VIETNAM veteran and now chaplain to returned servicemen has slammed a former Vietnam War protester for his support of the North Vietnamese.

Mr Reithmuller was jailed for two years in New Zealand for setting fire to the US consulate in protest. Source

Well what a surprise NOT.

So we have the dirty tricks of the Labor party assisted by the Communist trying to fool the people of Toowoomba North who may be considering voting Independent. I bet that by time this info hits the Media we can easly say good bye to Toowoombas Commuinst Canidate.

So what else has our friend done?

On 11 September a number of other letters were published, with Mr Riethmuller taking exception to a particularly robust one written by Dan Handley which, among other things, accused Mr Riethmuller of being a "professional agitator" and of "dodging the draft in New Zealand"; said that he "obviously supports the likes of Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein"; and ended with an exhortation that Mr Riethmuller go and do "as the monks did in Saigon", a clear reference to Mr Riethmuller's published letter where he recalled "Buddhist monks' fiery self-immolation" in Vietnam. Source

An enthusiastic group of teachers and other education workers have met for the second time in Toowoomba at Centenary Heights State High School to share Indigenous curriculum resources, unit plans and pedagogical approaches to integrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into key learning areas.

Approximately twenty teachers have attended both workshops, which were organised by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Learning and Engagement Centre as an opportunity for teachers to network and share expertise amongst peers.

The latest meeting was enhanced by the attendance of two local educators who have each written texts which explore the local history of the Darling Downs and Toowoomba area, with particular focus on the experience and perspectives of Indigenous people. The Learning and Engagement Centre Library has recently acquired both books, and are available for borrowing now.

The books are:
Darling Downs Aborigines : 1787-2004 : genocide and survival

Neil Riethmuller, Toowoomba, 2005 Source

Although dogs were never used against protesters again, not even during the Springbok tour, an escalation of violence was always on the cards. Horton was opposed and says he had nothing to do with the firebombing of the US consulate in Christchurch in 1973 which earned anarchists Marg Matheson and Neil Riethmuller, an Australian, jail sentence. Source

Civil procedure / by G. Riethmuller ; general editor the Hon. Mr Justice Young

Bib ID 237486

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Author Riethmuller, G. (Grant)

Edition 1st ed.

Publisher North Ryde, N.S.W. : LBC Information Services, 1999.

Description xvii, 181 p. ; 18 cm.
ISBN 0455216568 0455216568 (pbk.)
Series LBC nutshell

Notes Includes index. Bibliography. Tertiary students.
Subjects Court rules - Australia. | Civil procedure - Australia.
Other Authors Young, P. W. (Peter Wolstenholme), 1940- Source

Why is it that places like North Ryde and the words Anarchist/lawyer comes up far to often?

So we have Dan Toombs Fight Dem Back lawyer in Toowoomba South and now a dirty stinking Anarchist/Communist/terrorist in Toowoomba North. Remember when Mathew Henderson Hau founding member of Fight Dem back spoke of the
Arm Chair Racist on the Darling Downs? Is this the Dream Team that has worked so hard to destroy the good city of Toowoomba? We think so. Thanks for the heads up @ndy. And welcome Niel you will be hearing a lot from us over the next few years.

PS I think we may have a few of these. Maybe the Family First candidate would be interested in how our commie friend is pro abortion? Source

Hold the phone! Well it has just been reported that Mr Reithmuller is the Independent LABOR candidate. So we have Labor and Independent Labor. Two votes for one party. What scum bags.


Peter Watson said...

Ha dude, do you think we should like combine our forces and have an alliance? I got lots of information about Labour Party members here in Warwick that I could give to you. I'm a member of the ALP and I'm the vice president of the Warwick Branch. I've been fighting a long battle against the commies in the branch here in Warwick. So, you are trying to fight the reds and so am I. I think we should help each other out. I've also got a long standing hatred of Fight Dem Back and @ndy.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Sorry Pete our game is a little bigger than that.

Pete seeing as you are an ex commie I think you best give it all a break for a spell and just enjoy being a kid.

Have a total break from it all and think about the mistakes you have made in the past. Learn from it.

You have shown you are a dedicated activists. Now take a break so you dont burn out. Going from a Stalinist to Nationalist is a huge leap.

I applaud it but I think you need some down time. Once you commit to the Struggle you can never leave. That is what makes us different from the the others.

In the end Pete you have done what many young people before you have done. You figured out that smoke screen and hollow words of the enemy. You are well and truly on the road to recovery.

May I suggest using some of your energy now and take up some type of community work? Maybe volunteer to help a Veterans group or RSL. These places are a great place to learn moral character.