Wednesday, March 04, 2009

So what does an anarchist do when they retire?

Wanted for Political Violence and Terrorism. Known to associate with the Labor Party of Queensland.

So what does an anarchist do when they retire? Well they join the Labor Party of course. Hard to believe hey? Well its not new. Former Premier of NSW Morris Iema's top political advisor was the founding member of the Australian Communist Party and infamous member of the Zionist Aaron's family.

Now this chap above looks like your every day Australian right? Hell he doesn't look like much to worry about. You could pass him on street and not even give him a second look. Maybe you could find yourself sitting with him at your local church? Well unless you go to the same church as Mark Copland and Dan Toombs its not likely. You see this rather innocent looking chap is an ANARCHIST. A bloody old one to boot.

Asher Goldman Fight Dem Back organiser and Well known Anarchist knows who he is. Hell he read all about it in this book written about Anarchism in New Zealand. Asher tells all HERE

Asher must be jealous. Seeing as he and fellow Anarchist Valerie Morse can only dream about real Political Violence? But they do try read about it HERE

Here is an extract from the book above.

"The universities were always rich pickings, with various accounts of hairy anarchists overrunning stuffy campus meetings (such as the Young Nationals gathering, which was sufficiently hijacked as to be able to pass a demand for the Nats to push for the adoption of workers' and peasants' soviets throughout the land); and a handful of stunts which would deserve headlines in any age, whether for dramatic reasons or humorous.

Of the former, the most notorious were surely the 1973 firebombing of the Christchurch accountant's office used by the honorary consul to the US, as an anti-Vietnam War protest (the perpetrators were jailed for about two years); and the suicide-bombing in 1982 by a young anarchist-punk, Neil Roberts, who blew himself up on the doorstep of the Wanganui computer centre, in what was apparently a nihilistic protest against the power of the state".

And the perps? Well look at the old fella above. But he is now a respected Labor Party candidate for the seat of Toowoomba North. OK.

Good times hey. Who would have thought that the old man pictured above who was gaoled for 2 years for the firebombing of a US Consul in New Zealand during 1973 would now show up in all places Toowoomba? Strange hey? Better still he just so happens to be running against a Nationalist Independent. Still strange you think?

How about that he is a candidate for the political seat of Toowoomba North. That is right next door naturally to Toowoomba South. Who is running in Toowoomba South you ask? Well Dan Toombs Social Justice Lawyer and good mate to Mark Copland. Mark and Danny boy are real good friends to White Nationalists you know. They just love helping criminal gangs and Government Informers like Fight Dem Back. As many readers here remember it was these people along with Mathew Henderson who have inspired this blog. Ahh just a coincidence hey?

What are the chances of this old bloke and Mark running into each other? Well Mark Copland is not just a great liar he is also the Author of many books that attack White Australians over the treatment of the Aborigines. Not to mention he is the man behind the Sudanese Refugee settlement program. Funny that this old fella pictured at the top of the page is also an author on the very same indigenous issues. Nah again just a coincidence.

What about Danny boy? Well I guess we may be drawing a long bow but lets see. Dan Toombs friend and colleague to Mark Copland. Dan is a candidate for the Queensland Labor Party. What of the old fella? Hang on he is also running for the Labor Party but as an Independent Labor Party candidate. Interesting hey.

So what is an Independent Labor Party Candidate? Well that is an oldy but a goody. You see when the incumbent Labor Party member is under threat the Labor Party always run an Independent Labor person. You see to save the incumbents neck they run the Independent who they hope the disillusioned Labor Voters will vote for. The Independent guy then does Preference deals with the Incumbent and bango they are back in the show. Tricky hey.

Whats even better is that it siphons off the Independent vote of the real Independent candidate. That's Democracy in action. It works even better if the Independent candidate just so happens to be a Nationalist who is willing to talk about the Refugee Settlement program set up and run by Mark and Dan. Boy its confusing aint it?

So in a nutshell all these bastards are Marxist Traitors. The old ones never left. They just finished uni got jobs as lawyers and such and joined the Australian Labor Party. Now they are doing what they dreamed of. Destroying everything they hate. That is us.

Well I suppose our time here at White Law Towers may be coming to an end? Now that we have exposed the whole stinking tragedy of Toowoomba the Australian Labor/Marxist Party and the Multi cultists. I guess the powers that be will make sure sooner or later that blogs and people like us are silenced for a long time. We say bring it on. We are passed caring about what you will do to us. We would rather die on our feet than live on our knees.

And for you people out in there who read this blog. Our message is learn from it. And never give in. The age old battle between the Nationalist inspired White Folk and the Left will continue on. But remember. These guys are playing for keeps. So for Gods sake help yourselves before its to late.

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