Thursday, March 05, 2009

Why the mass promotion of Multiculturalism?

because it has the mass support of...
  • Anti-nationalists and certain anti-war activists. These people prefer the multicultural state to the ethno-culture state. They believe multiculturalism will blur the races and nations together into one happy humanity, thus ending hate and bringing peace to the world; however, these people fail to realize that undermining group identification and ethno-cultural state rivalries will not end hate or war. In fact, putting several families under one roof, so to speak, is creating tensions. The other thing is, even if the different races and nations of earth were to successfully meld, arguments over wealth would continue to exist and create hate and conflict between people, which brings us to...
  • The Marxists and international socialists. These people support multiculturalism because its effects blur humanity into one grey mass, leaving only two recognizable groups: those with wealth and those without. Like the anti-nationalists and anti-war activists, Marxist and international socialists do not want to see national people, races and cultural groups; they want a world without groups, borders and divisions. Such a world increases the likelihood that the have-nots will identify as one and initiate a revolution against those with social and economic capital - namely, the big-business capitalists.
  • Ironically, the big-business capitalists also support multiculturalism. Multiculturalism has helped to break down national and cultural boundaries, which has created open international markets. Open international markets have made it increasingly possible for the international big-business capitalists to dump manufactured goods and find cheap labor sources. Likewise, a number of big-business capitalists have made billions exporting a universal, consumption-based culture (a Coca-Cola/McDonald's culture) that is replacing inherited folk-cultures.
  • Multiculturalism encourages the White majority to shelve its preservationist instincts and no longer recognize race, which benefits non-whites living in White-founded countries. With Whites no longer caring about race, non-whites can pursue power or career advancement - in fact, with Affirmative Action, non-whites are given preference. Multiculturalism is also changing attitudes towards interracialism, immigration and reproduction, creating the situation of the present, where Whites are slowly losing the numerical majority in their own nations. As the percentage of Blacks and Hispanics in the U.S. increases and the number of non-Europeans in Europe increases, these people will have more and more power over formerly-White society. Is it any surprise that non-white ethnic interest groups are vocal supporters of multiculturalism?
  • For similar reasons, various non-Christian religious groups support multiculturalism. Multiculturalism has paved the way for non-Christian religious groups to have influence in formerly-Christian societies - even to the point where non-Christian religious groups can take over. For example, Islamic Fundamentalists are trying to infiltrate Western lands, multiply and create an expansive, Islamic kingdom. They also want to dismantle the West because they see it as a "monster", a source of evil which promotes materialism, greed and tolerance of backward ideas. The irony is that the West's liberal/tolerant outlook is what has allowed the Fundamentalists to come to the West in the first place...
  • Alternative lifestyle groups, particularly the gay and lesbian community, also approve of multiculturalism. In a multicultural society, those who refuse to tolerate their formerly-unaccepted ideas are frowned upon and regarded as lowly bigots. Furthermore, Multiculturalism gives these groups a platform to influence the mainstream and try to promote their ideas. Why would they want this? Because, as their ideas become more prevalent, these groups encounter less resistance to their ways and have more power to shape the societies they live in.

Who loses with multiculturalism:

-Whites who wish to make a decent living and not be discriminated against. Whites who do not want to be attacked by degenerate "g's from the hood". Whites who are fond of their own culture and want their children to grow up proud of their culture - with the will to preserve their race. Whites who do not want to see their women whored out and pimped by non-whites. Whites who are tired of half-truths in the media and bias, speech-restricting laws. Whites who are tired of the glorification of non-white history. Whites who are tired of the demonization of Whites in history. Whites who do not want to become the minority in the nations they founded. Whites who do not want to be under the control and manipulation of others in these nations.

-Christians who want their secular, Christian-influenced societies to remain responsive to their beliefs. Christians who oppose a public ban on the Christmas-time display of manger scenes. Christians who want to live by the Bible instead of statutes implemented by the government and education system. Christians who oppose the marketing of degeneracy to youth. Christians who believe in the sanctity of marriage.


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