Sunday, March 08, 2009

You think the APP are confused?

Well I'm not sure what to make of this? While the APP are getting ready to lay wreaths at the Holocaust Museum the BNP are doing... are just watch the vid. Confusing times for Nationalist all over the world.


Britain Awake said...

LOL Pathetic!

Not my type of nationalism by any means, i knew the BNP sold golliwogs but this is a joke!

All joking aside though, much to the dismay of the anti-fascist left, the BNP are starting to get the ethnic vote.

Mainly sikhs and carribeans who see the flood of new arrivals and muslims as a direct threat to their comfy way of life...

Unlike the french NF the BNP have no sizable ethnic membership though!

Just one jew and a cypriot!

Whitelaw Towers said...

Thanks Britain Awake. You see you are the type of BNP member I have a lot of time for. Maybe you guys have no choice but to let the leadership do what it does. I guess its win at any cost for some. You are still true to the struggle.

I just think in Australia we can still do this with out having to sell out our White Nationalist ways. Unlike you guys you need numbers. Sadly the non whites make up a huge part of the UK.

Something I have trouble dealing with as the UK is the birth place of my ancestors. Its not like I can be sent home to my country to be with my people. We no longer have a country that is White European.

We are being taken out of the equation. I call it genocide.

Britain Awake said...

One thing you have to be thankful for in NZ and Oz is the main influx of immigrants will be white anglo saxon protestants...

The way things are going over here mate, we might be sharing a tinny over the barbie before we know it LOL!

For all the BNP's faults - which are many, they still remain our only hope!

Britain Awake said...

Video removed by user...


Whitelaw Towers said...

Now I wonder why?

Celt. said...

Hello Britain Awake.

What do you reckon about this ZionHeart, Lionheart twit, who apparently had the Fuzz after his dimply (@ndy,Matt,Weezil,Ducky,GruffyFlapBunny,the GoldenMan at FlabbyDimplyButtocks all told me so) Lily White arse 'cause he was defaming the Muzzis ?

I beat up on him a bit in the comments and some horrible Yentas leaped like Gollum to his defence. ZionTart whined about his dimples and his potential arrest and pretended to be a dissident in exile as he apparently absconded to the US for some protecshuns from the evil Mr Plod.

It seemed not to register on his whiny IslamRael focused mind that the laws under which he would be accosted as a 'hater' are a construct of the BnaiBrith Jew establishment. FlabbyDimplyButtocks would mention nothing of it.

He stands or kneels before Israel while the Jew immigrates his own into irrelevance. He gets a bit indignant when reminded that the only "Christian" disciple to Phellate the Pharisee was the notional Judas Iscariot, and that he be renamed a
"Judasic 'Christian'" in the tradition of that with which his behaviour is consistent.

The Muslims are there to teach you Brits who the enemy is, so that you fight them in the Middle East for Greater Israel. See that it is true and act accordingly.

If you fight for THIS cause, your country and people are lost. It is that simple. There is no dignity or honour in it or the Jew.
The BNP may already be infiltrated with Judasic collaborators.
The JEWS will infest the battlefield with their agents, removing gold teeth, valuables and the dignity of the fallen soldier, who died not for his own, but the for glory of Judas Iscariot. At home they will piss on the memory of our fallen with their empty platitudes , but secretly, within the maggot infested confines of their own slippery minds, celebrate the passing of that which they envy, but as JEWS cannot possibly have.

Judaisim is and anagram of Im Judas.