Sunday, April 26, 2009

David Duke arrested in Prague

Now now what have we here? This is total BS. Not that I like linking Storm Front that much but with all the machinations at Storm Front Down Under the US and UK sites are still worth a read.

In a free and Democratic Society the one that most of our readers live in it is illegal to speak the truth. Europe has been castrated and we all know it. All our TV channels and Pay TV Channels are full of false and misleading History and the world knows it. Time to ramp it up. Every couple of months brings us another MOVIE based on actual events "LIES" that allows more BS to support the illegal and immoral State of Israel.

Dr David Duke will get out of this one but what of Frederick Toben? On Anzac day in Australia we have News Stories that claim that another mass grave is found that contains allegedly (I love that word) the bodies of 700 Jews all victims of the Nazis. Yet over 40 mass graves that DO contain the bodies of German Soldiers and German civilians who were all murdered by Communist Jews does not even get a mention.

When the truth gets out Retribution will be swift and deadly.
And they know it.

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