Friday, April 10, 2009

A Good Face For The Three Dollar Note...

The tragically illiterate and appallingly intellectually challenged Donald Oorst (and friends) take another verbal dump…

Yep folks, Left Wing ‘snitch culture’ is not only still breathing but, emboldened by ever more draconian ZOG laws cynically designed to crush ALL dissent, is actually ramping up.

Darp and Co have hard ons for the growing ZOG New World Order (they’re IMPRESSED) and you can bet they’ll be wanking up An absolute frenzy at the mere thought of people like me being frogmarched off to the gulag for ‘remedial treatment’.

From the FDB Criminal Site:

duck monster
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Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2009 7:58 am Post subject:
Darp Hau wrote:
Fuck yeah! Found some phone numbers and full names of Aussie fuck sticks, and after some googling a potential residential address. How might one confirm it?

Hmmm! Sounds like one of the young ‘uns is venting its enthusiasm for potential violence a mite too overtly for the way more cagey ‘old guard’ at FDB.

Don't sink to their level.

This is FDB code for “NOT on the public section of the Forum, you fool. We only talk about that sort of stuff among ourselves or when we’re taking directives from our ZOG masters”

Stalking people's houses and acting all tough-arse is their shtick. Just look for stuff in the public interest. .

Bwahahahahahahahaha!!! “public interest” Erm, yeah, right, THAT’S what this absurd vendetta without end is all about…NOT anything at all to do with the brittle egos of self loathing mulattos like Ms. Henderson and Co…

And, you know what, this writer STILL doesn't understand how you can “stalk” a HOUSE!?!?!?!!!?!!!

I mean to say it’s not actually GOING anywhere, is it? It’s hardly like stalking a DUCK, is it? Oops! That’ll doubtless be ‘interpreted’ by the brains trust (*snigger*) at FDB as a “threat” against dear Donald…*yawn*…zzz…

Ie (sic) people importing/exporting nazi (sic) memorabilia or organising B&H gigs who maintain a position in society where such activities are frowned upon.

So now, in this perverse Orwellian Multicultural dystopia, authoritarian little suck-holes like the FDB ‘tards continue, unabated, to dob people in for subjectively perceived ‘offences’ purely on the grounds that their genuinely held political beliefs are “frowned upon”??? And by WHOM I might ask?

Who deputised these obsequious useful idiots to do the ZOG’s bidding anyway and to suppress and extinguish the basic sovereign rights of a Human Being to speak his mind about genuine concerns? Can everyone say cynically contrived conspiracy? How about mischievous, vexatious, time and resource wasting?

A youth worker, government employee, Formula One boss etc. Also note that at the Aussie end there's a few idiots who bragged to eachother (sic) on PM's about a few criminal acts here and there. Physical harassment of minorities, theft, property damage etc.

They simply are not for real, are they? I mean, following FDB’s expert sleuthing, and upon the discovery, for example, that a person working in some perceived ‘sensitive’ position is a radical activist from the Socialist Alliance, Resistance, Class War or such-like, can you stretch your imagination far enough to conceive of them reporting THAT to the so-called ‘relevant authorities’. Upon discovering a practising homosexual with free access to kiddies would they be so keen to destroy THAT individual’s life?

If FDB are truly concerned (as if) with crimes such as theft and property damage then they need look no further than many of their own close associates which include Communists, Punks, Anarchists etc who are notorious for routinely indulging in petty theft, graffiti attacks etc and who consider their crimes as ‘political statements against the system’ or other such Left Wing claptrap.

Yeah. Gunna confirm this. Don't go menacing just because of beliefs, rather actively counter-act evil.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

But Donald, it is YOU who are simply pure EVIL personified and no amount of mock concern, fake 'moral' outrage and chutzpah at someone else’s “evil” is ever going to cut it in the real world with real people. It is YOU and your twisted crew who are the peddlars of hate. Your own websites and forums literally drip with blind hatred. Hatred of NORMALCY. Hatred of DECENCY. Hatred of HONOUR. Hatred of TRUTH.

You and the rest of the FDB crew are socio-cultural abominations who, outside of your own pathetic ‘support group’ circle of acquaintances, would be instantly despised and shunned by normal people. You are a lousy phoney and a habitual LIAR of the most repugnant type. You can keep telling yourself that it is YOU who have some sort of monopoly on righteousness but it rings hollow for genuine people.

Currently, in our morally inverted world, which rewards the mediocrity and slavish obedience of the ZOG approved Homo Sovieticus types, non productive scum like you are in the ascendancy and just like the septic pus in an infected boil your despicable tribe are being pushed to the surface and you are enjoying your day in the sun. But nature itself will eradicate you because you are weak, permissive, regressive and perverse, so all that the White Nationalists are doing is helping nature along a little by resisting the efforts of your leprous empire to prevail.

If someone is just spouting dumb bonehead shit on a forum, well, yeah whatever , low priority stuff.

Priority? What, one might wonder, IS the main “priority” of FDB?

If someone is plotting to import fascist contraband, stage fash events, beat up people, or whatever, then let us know, or take SMART action. Don't go vigilante, just let the right people know.

“Contraband”? What is interpreted as “contraband” and would that not fall well within the parameters of the current legislation under which Australian Customs already work? Does “contraband” mean stolen goods, weapons, drugs? What, precisely, might FDB deem as “contraband” and who appointed THEM as ‘expert advisors’ or ‘consultants’ to the Australian Customs, Federal Police and ASIO?

The right people, for instance, might include FDB. If theres (sic) violence being plotted, the right people might also include the cops (Never put your ideology over other peoples physical safety)

Jeezuz! When, I truly wonder, did FDB grow a conscience in regard to anyone’s physical safety or well being? And, yet again, it’s noteworthy to read these ‘radical anarchists’ (Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!) talking about running to the Police. With the likes of Andy and Asher and Cam Smith etc talking up the hardcore ‘fuck the pigs’ radical resistance spiel for years now it’s absolutely HILARIOUS that they have ZERO sense of irony regarding their schizoid hypocrisy when it comes to law and order.

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