Thursday, April 02, 2009

On the Cover of the Rolling Stone.

And who was a member of the Jewish Task Force Forum? Australia's newest Anti Fascist Darrin Hodges. And who does Darrin support? Well he is the New South Wales spokesperson for the Australian branch of the BNP the Australian Protectionist Party.

And what does the APP think of the Australia First Party? Well this quote from the latest issue of the Rolling Stone Magazine may come as a surprise to some. Well if you have been asleep for the past few years. Darrin Hodges calls them "cranks and Hollywood Nazis." He says: "They stomp about with their ridiculous ideas, outdated ideologies, it's caused enormous damage to nationalist politics in this country."

But the APP/Darrin openly support Israel and have posted on Storm Front Down Under a free membership for any SF member if they sign up. Who else would like to recruit from Storm Front? Well the JTF of course. Here.

So who was behind the failed attempt to shut down Australia First? Well it was Darrin Hodges of course. Here is Darrin on Storm Front in 2006

But remember he did deny ever being a member. So who was working with David Innes Hell Banned moderator on Storm Front Down Under? Darrin Hodges. And what did Darrin and Baron Von Hund do at SFDU. They attacked Australia First and caused nothing but infighting on the forum for nearly two years. They banned nearly every member of Australia First from the forum and even had the leader Jim Saleam thrown into opposing views. Back then SFDU looked more like the FDB forum with all the Nazi name calling.

So who just recently attempted to spread disinformation about the relationship between AF and the NZNF? Well again it was Darrin. Here

See a pattern? Nothing but lies and deceit from this Zionist. But hey remember when it was pointed out that he was a Zionist Christian? Remember the stink that caused in 2006. I dare any one to refute that claim now.

We have come to the point people that the media no longer go to Fight Dem Back to attack White Nationalism in Australia. They now go to the APP spokesperson Darrin Hodges.

Special note for Fight Dem Back and other confused Left Wing Ding bats. Please no longer consider this man or his lackeys as White Nationalists. He is a Zionist. They have nothing in common with White Nationalism. They are supporters of Israeli Nationalism and are committed Zionists. FDB is in a bit of a bind. Considering the support they give to Israel also. Here.

Hodges and FDB both batting for the same team. What to do FDB? Jeez you guys also use the same rhetoric against White Nationalists. Just a coincidence right? A bit like the hell banned mod from SFDU handing over pictures of AF members to you guys. Nah no conspiracy here.
So FDB please stop labeling him as a Nazi it only upsets his Jewish friends. And its a bit of an insult to the real White Nationalists in this country.

The cold war is heating up between the WN groups in Australia and the Right Wing Pro Zionist group APP. It is up to the APP from here. But maybe it has already gone to far to retrieve anything from the membership at APP Zionist Central.

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Anonymous said...

There are many, many agent provocateur types such as our fine swarthy friend Mr.Hodges. There are plenty of people out there who see straight through him, and all his type.