Thursday, May 21, 2009


From the Mother Country, well for most of us.


"A Yougov poll survey has shown that seven out of ten British adults want a massive cut in immigration; the poll also showed that only one in twenty supported the current record levels.

These un-fettered levels have seen Britain’s population increase by at least 300,000 every year for the last five years.

The findings suggest immigration could become a significant election issue and sparked warnings that voters could turn to parties like the National Front if mainstream politicians fail to acknowledge their concerns.

Due to EU regulations Britain has not got any control over migration from other EU countries such as Poland and other Eastern European countries.

The poll, commissioned by Migration Watch for the Cross Party Group on Balanced Migration, was published on the eve of the release of immigration figures today.

It found that 79 per cent of people were concerned or very concerned about immigration. Seventy per cent of the 2,072 respondents favoured cutting levels by 80 per cent or more.

Of those, 17 per cent said net immigration should be brought below 50,000 a year - a level last seen in the early 1990s.

Another 39 per cent favoured a policy of zero net immigration, with the numbers settling in the UK matching the numbers emigrating. Sixteen per cent said the number of immigrants should be lower than those leaving.

Just over half of more affluent voters - ABC1s - wanted either zero or negative net immigration, while 63 per cent of 18 to 34-year-olds favoured a figure below 50,000.

Home Office ministers say their new points-based immigration system represents a tough crackdown.

The National Front say that this points-based system will have little effect, especially as Britain has no control over the numbers arriving from EU states. We must firstly leave the EU and its foreign control of our lands this will allow us to continue to trade with European countries without seeding sovereignty to them and being controlled by un-elected bureaucrats.

We would of course call for a complete halt in immigration then begin a process of repatriation. The question is how difficult can it be to secure an island?"

Courtesy of Swindon National Front.

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Fidothedog said...

Part of the problem here is an almost total lack of foresight on the part of this government in signing us upto Euro laws.

At a stroke they allow anyone with citizenship in Europe to come to the UK to live.

Add to that the thousands who come from Commonwealth nations and then throw in assorted illegals hanging onto the side of Eurostar!

People see their jobs going thanks to Gordon being inept and competition increasing thanks to the added migrants.

All Labour can offer is to play the sodding race card by calling any who object a Nazi, rather than tackling the problems they helped cause.

Tossers utter tossers, roll on polling day when they shall get a swift kick to the nuts.