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And it all points to Fight Dem Back.

Interesting story that we just came across thanks to

Lets see what it has to say about Brendon being charged, in particular how it came about.

"Detectives acting on a tip from the public arrested the man at his home Wednesday and charged him. He was released on bail, Usher said."

Now lets do a little Detective work. Now what Australian Zionist group trawls the net for Aussie Thought Crime Criminals? Well that would be Fight Dem Back. Now do they have any members in Western Australia? Why yes they do. Hell the biggest loud mouth of them all. Who would that be? Well one of the founding members of course one Donald Oorst aka Duck Monster. What did this gutless wimp say recently about reporting people HE considers a Thought Criminal?

duck monster
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2009 7:09 am
Remember,remember, the fifth of November

Yeah thats how we work in WA. Theres a friendly lawyer that works with us, and I think both our crew AND the coppers prefer to have said friendly lawyer interface with it.

Sometimes you just gotta go to the Blue bloc for help when some motherfucker is threatening to do bad things to your family or whatever, but getting a good lawyer in there , especially one who knows the right knobs to tweak , is a handy thing.

It also depends on how your local police are as well. The NZ cops would probably make me run screaming with some of the stunts they've pulled in the last couple of years directed at activists. The local ones in WA weirdly seem to like us, so I dunno. Guess it depends on the individual coppers.

edit: In australia they have a thing called "Crimestoppers" which is an anonymous tip-off line to police intelligence. Its pretty much guaranteed anonymous, so if you dont want to get tangled in any police webs, its a good way of getting important info to the plodd. If you know that someone is in danger of getting bashed, you really do gotta let folks know, otherwise your partly to blame as well.

Well our little Anarchist who is rather fond of the 5th of November (warning Donald dont smoke around black powder) and the local Police not only has his handy little Lawyer but he likes to make anonymous tips. Well Donald they are not that anonymous you know. Like when you Falsely reported that JVT was hiding in QLD. Oh yeah we know it was you.

But whats the next hint of FDB involvement? Well if you go by what they have done in the past the next thing is that they contact employers media and anyone who may know the intended victim. Not necessarily in that order.

Now recall the Pro Palestinian demonstrators at the shop in the video. Recall how they also had a word to the Melbourne Jews (read FDB informers) about them taking their photo? Well it would seem that FDB using their contacts in the Left Wing movement have poisoned the water and used defamation to discredit Brendon. Yes a great tactic. Call him a NAZI. If that doesn't work the old blackmail is the next trick up the FDB dream teams sleeve. Blackmail you say? Oh yeah they have done it plenty. Nothing could more horrible to a peace activists than to be called a NAZI or a NAZI sympathizer. Standard FDB Searchlight ADL tactics.

Donald Oorst now contacts Friends of Palestine. Or it may have been his lawyer. What a surprise hey?

duck monster
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PostPosted: Thu May 14, 2009 7:34 am
Remember,remember, the fifth of November

Friends of Palestine WA statement regarding Brendon O’Connell’s racist vitriol

Friends of Palestine WA unreservedly condemns in the strongest possible terms the despicable racist views of Brendon O’Connell, the individual who is to be charged under the State’s racial and religious vilification laws.

Friends of Palestine WA has no tolerance whatsoever for racism of any kind, including of course anti-Semitism.

For comments, please call the convener of Friends of Palestine WA Alex Whisson on *************


Oh dear Alex these people are not your friends. If you back down like that to the Jews in Australia I truly can not see you doing much for the Palestinians. But I suppose it would be hard for you to do your job once FDB label you and your group NAZIS.

Many of our readers know exactly what will happen from here. We have seen it many times. The only difference this time is that it is a Proud Christian who believes strongly in what he has said. The law in Australia is now not only persecuting White Nationals but it is now setting its sights on Christians. Nice work FDB I bet this will back up a few of those conspiracy theories. What a pack of dirty pricks hey.

We hope Brendon fights this one with the passion we have seen he has shown on his videos. If he does we encourage every one to get behind him and show him he is not alone. To bad Brendon isn't a Palestinian being oppressed in Palestine. Sadly for him he is just a White Christian in Australia. He has no rights.

Donald I must ask. Do you also have armed off duty Police officers to protect you like Brian Stokes has in Sydney? Or is that just the NSW Police who do that? How does he do it folks. Hell how do any of them do it? One day you can be throwing ball bearings under the hoofs of Police Horses the next sipping a cup of tea with the Sgt at the local station. I wonder what they talk about?

PS not that I do this very often but here is a really interesting thread on Storm Front in the opposing view section. Looks like the Anti's are not real happy with the FDB tactics used or the laws they abuse. Talk about picking on the wrong guy this time. Here

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