Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another Hate Crime "MURDER" you wont find at FDB

Fight Dem Back (Australia's leading Anti Racist gang..cough) considers headlines about a White football player using racial abuse on the footy field as news worthy.

Proof of how important they are in the world wide network for Anti Racism. Southern Poverty Law Centre and Search Light must be proud of you guys. They never miss a Race Crime our intrepid FDB members.

Yet they once again miss/ignore yet another REAL headline. Every week another HATE CRIME is witnessed in this country. All well reported. Yet they are ignored. Why? Because the victims are WHITE AUSTRALIANS.

Again if this was a Black Woman who was attacked by a White kid FDB would be going nuts. They would be running headlines of the KKK burning crosses in Cairns and attacking Non Whites in the streets. B&H would be having a gig in a local pub around the corner on the same night as the crime. Racist material would be filling peoples letter boxes in the surrounding streets.

Mean while Anarchist @ndy FDB core member is more concerned with winning the Spanish Civil War for the Communist. @ndy its over you lost. Whats up guys do you only read the Australian Jewish News?

Beloved gran killed in cowardly bashing SOURCE

POLICE have launched a manhunt for the killer of a "sweet, innocent old lady" and charity worker who was bashed to death on her morning walk.

Beloved grandmother Maria Ball, 81, died in Cairns Base Hospital with her family by her bedside on Sunday night after she was found in a critical condition by the roadside.

"It is such a brutal way for a sweet and innocent old lady to die," next-door neighbour Jasmine Maunsell, 26, said. "She was always helping others. Her life has been stolen away in a vicious, unspeakable act. It is so sad. They should shoot whoever did it," she said.

Police are hunting a man seen running from the murder scene.

He is described as of Aboriginal appearance, 178cm-182cm tall, with short black hair with loose curls.

They believe a black baseball cap found at the murder scene with the words "United By Fate" and images of syringes may be a clue to the identity of the killer.

Here is one from @ndy's home town. I guessed he missed this one also? White Mans Killers Flee Australia.

Oh boy and another from the Sunshine State "Foreign student on bail over 14yo's rape"

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Anonymous said...

By their very silence on incidents such as this Mathew Henderson-Hau, Brian Stokes and the rest of the motley FightDemBack crew prove conclusively their utter irrelevance to any debate on Racial issues and the outrageous chutzpah of their fraudulent so-called 'Anti-Racism' campaign.