Sunday, May 24, 2009

Australia Calling

Gulag Australia: where people are sent to prison for what they think
Australia Calling

Telling the truth and speaking your mind are illegal in Australia and you will go to prison for it. During this past week a prominent Adelaide historian has been sentenced to three months in prison because he said that the Holocaust was a lie. In Perth, a fundamentalist Christian has been charged with a thought crime because he quoted the Jewish scriptures that taught race hate and murder. He faces 14 years in prison for quoting scripture. Australia. Perfect one day, a gulag the next.
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Anonymous said...

Foreign student on bail over 14yo's rape

1 hour 56 minutes ago

A 20-year-old Indian student has been released on ba

Anonymous said...

The funniest bit for me re: this whole saga is to hear the Red 'tards over at FDB gloating about this ruthless suppression of dissent and cheering the ZOG on from the sidelines.

Can't they even see a little bit into the future to the day when even they, useful idiots that they are, are no longer considered friends of the establishment?

If there's one thing the Left have excelled at it is the purging of the useful idiots. Comrade Stalin anyone?