Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brendon O'Connell Released on $5000 Bail

Source A Perth man who allegedly posted an anti-Semitic video on YouTube has appeared in court on a charge of conduct likely to incite animosity or racist harassment.

Brendon Lee O’Connell, 38, of Maylands was released on $5000 bail and ordered not to go within 100m of the young Jewish man he allegedly taunted outside a South Perth shopping centre that was hosting a peaceful rally.

In Perth Magistrate's Court today, police requested that Mr O'Connell stay away from any Jewish facilities and Campbell Barracks.

While on bail, Mr O'Connell must report to police daily. He was remanded to reappear in court on June 9.

And what happened to the first person to be charged in Western Australia under these wonderful laws?


Street language ruled to be no racial slur

AN Aboriginal girl who kicked a woman and called her a "white slut" did not engage in racial vilification because the slur was common street language.

A magistrate from the West Australian goldfields threw out a landmark race-hate charge yesterday against the 16-year-old, saying the slur against Kalgoorlie woman Melissa Blackney was "the patois of the street".

So I guess Brendon has nothing to worry about.


Anonymous said...


Read this case.

This is like the toowoomba sudanese.

This sudanese boy lived in townsville and brisbane and then decided to live with in melbourne where he liked best.

He went on to kill an innocent leb kid trying to be friendly.

this is another example of the rural refugee program failing.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


the kid lived in supposedly racist townsville and no one picked on him. When he moved to brisbane that is where he claims he got racially attacked and then joined a sudanese gang

Anonymous said...

Brendon is ;


He's got everything to worry about, if he's concerned about a sentence.

The positive to all this is Stanley Keiser doesn't know what he's done. He has allowed Brendon's case to be a catalyst for exposing the vile background of World Jewry that practice the Mystery School faiths. Thank you Brendon and I will be helping every way possible.