Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Club Death Judaica Weekly . Brendon O'Connell

The Club Death Judaica Weekly Roundup - Introduction. from QuoTodt on Vimeo.

This as far as we can tell was the first of what was to be a weekly video segment to inspire Christians and possibly others into action. It is very moving and leaves the viewer with no doubt that Brendon is an activist who genuinely fears for the safety of this country.

Now he does touch on a few subjects that staff at WLT are well aware of. Especially in the counter surveillance operations and the infiltration of the WN or NS movements. We do not think he is on the right track with but he sure as hell is allowed to express his views. We would like to think that he would look a lot closer to home if he would like to find an example of the Zionist infiltration in the White Nationalist community. Something we know for a fact is present in Australia. Many of us know about the Western Australian disaster. Storm Front anyone?

We would love it for Brendon to take the time and view our evidence on this blog that clearly shows the Zionist in the Left and the Right. Both sides are covered when it comes to controlling certain local issues and outcomes in Australia for the State of Israel. Both sides are used. Brendon must understand that not all WN or even NS are Supremacists and not all Left Wing Socialist are saving pregnant lesbian penguins.

Sadly the same people who whisper in our ears are also controlling the information that flows to Brendon. This insures a split and mistrust in both camps. Its all very complicated.

The WN and NS movement in Australia is a perfect example of how the enemy manipulates us and controls our public image. The arrest of Brendon O'Connell has forced the hand of the enemy within and slowly they are revealing themselves. Sadly we already had an idea who they are.

At this very moment in Australia certain things are happening in the movement that once again lead us to think that another purge is on the way. Forces are once again gathering to divide the movement. But this time like the last they will fail.

On another note I must say its very strange that Fight Dem Back and @ndy Slack Bastard have gone very quite of late. No gloating as yet. Now this could only mean a couple of things. They have outed themselves or they have some deals going on. Maybe have Brendon condemn the Nazis re White National Political groups and beg for forgiveness? Who knows stranger things have happened.

Anyway its a good video. It touches on issues that are rarely spoken of in this country. Well unless you are a evil "Nazi".

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