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Curry and Vegemite No Thanks.

Reflections of the fall of Singapore anyone? Oh yes we remember how the Indian National Army re Turn Coats later worked with and Supported the Japanese. We remember how they assisted in the Murder of hundreds and thousands of allied POWs.

Ana "ka pai, community led anti racist action is on the rise". In the Indian community. Oh and Ana its not anti racism it is ANTI WHITE ACTION. Take a look above at the only stupid WHITE Man present ANA. Along with a handful of Marxist scum to help stage the PR event for Indian Students. FDB anyone? Who is this lone Marxist scum? He seems to be following a proud tradition of Anti White Self Hating behavior. Here is another self loathing traitor who worked with Indians. Oh and he was born in New Zealand same as our Marxist friend with the above comment.

Captain Patrick Stanley Vaughan Heenan. Patrick Stanley Vaughan Heenan (29 July 1910–13 February 1942) was a Captain in the British Indian Army who was convicted of treason, after spying for Japan during the Malayan campaign of World War II. Heenan was reportedly killed in a summary execution during the Battle of Singapore.
By February Heenan had become very cocky, taunting his guards with the fact that he would soon be free and they would be prisoners. It appears that, goaded beyond endurance, the British military police took matters into their own hands. After cards were cut to decide who would have the honour of killing Heenan, it is alleged he was taken to the dockside, where a sergeant executed him with a single pistol shot to the back of the head. The body was then dumped in the harbour. Anyway...


The Federation of Indian Students of Australia Inc has called for a PEACE RALLY in response to the growing anger in the community against increasing crimes.

Mmm Peace Rally hey? More like a touch of financial black mail to us. Hey you know its all about the money when it comes to our Politicians. Considering overseas students pay huge fees to study here. Oh and they end up staying. You see all along the White Australian is being screwed from begining to end. Better guilt them up.


The purpose is to create an awareness about an increasing number of hate crimes within the state and to promote racial harmony and peace. Hate crimes hey? Well lets see who the victims of hate crimes are. No bloody rally for them no bloody NGO support for these poor bastards. I wonder why? Here

Harmony and peace? Ok

They forgot to mention a little Violence and Vandalism.

"One person was arrested during the protest. The 22-year-old man from St Albans, in Melbourne's west, has been charged with criminal damage, riotous behaviour and discharging a missile."

The PEACE RALLY will start on Sunday 31 May 2009 at 11:30am from Royal Melbourne Hospital (corner Grattan Street and Flemington Road) and will conclude at Victorian Parliament House.

We encourage all Victorians to show support for residents of all ethnic backgrounds.

Ah yes seems to have the support of ... ah yes Indian students and two maybe three Self loathing Marxist Scum. So what is this all this about? Well according to them and Fight Dem Back here

"FISA is a one stop information portal that provides a meeting point, a place where diverse cultures meet and flow together, a place where people of different origins, different cultures merge into one whole combined identity. It symbolises diversity that runs through Australia and India."

Fighting anti racism in Australia. In particular the Racist Attacks on Indian Students in Melbourne. Unless you are a White Victim. Who are by the way the real victims.

Look at this trail of racist attacks. Spanned over how many years? About that many are ignored each day in Australia by the media. Why because the victims are white and the perps are NON WHITE.

May, 2009: Indian student Sourabh Sharma (right) bashed and robbed by racist gang on train to Werribee.

December, 2008: Sukhraj Singh bashed in an Indian grocery in Sunshine, which left him in a coma for weeks.

September 2008: Former Australian Medical Association president Mukesh Haikerwal assaulted in Williamstown.

April 2008: Student and taxi driver Jalvinder Singh stabbed by a passenger.

March, 2008: Student Kanan Kharbanda partially blinded in gang attack at Sunshine railway station.

January 2008: Victoria University academic Dr Zhongjun Cao bashed to death in Footscray after a gang of youths, who thought he was Indian, went "curry bashing".

Crikey! So who is responsible? Let the cover up begin. Could it be other NON WHITES who are doing this. YES. Maybe these other NON WHITES need to visit the Federation of Indian Students of Australia Inc Web Site. Get some harmony going.

If the media reported the truth that would mean that Multi Cultralism is a failure. To be perfectly honest we are sick and tired of this Bullshit. Every day White Australians are raped and killed. EVERY DAY! Our News every night at 6pm has the first 15min of it dedicated to crime committed by NON WHITES. To point this out is RACIST.

White Folk get no support at all and the media cover up ANTI WHITE HATE CRIMES to promote and protect Multi Cultralism. Even when it is a blatant Hate Crime the perps are never charged under the new Hate Crime Laws. That is reserved for Whites Only. WTF.


Well it would seem no less than 18 Indian Students have been detained by the Police. Not to mention the amount of info that has gone down the Memory Hole from the FISA web site. Looks like a massive clean out happened in the wee hours of the morn. I wonder why? I can answer that one. It proved who the racist truly are.

Hint to the protesters. Don't threaten the Australian Police with taking matters into your own hands. Well not with out consulting FDB first.

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