Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fight Dem Back on Drugs. Literaly!

In yet another attempt by FDB to link Drug Abuse to the White Nationalists and National Socialist community we thought we should remind them about who the drug abusers and dealers are.

The founding member of Fight Dem Back "Mathew Henderson Hau" (Jew) has publicly admitted to Cocaine, Ecstasy and Marijuana abuse. So one would think members of FDB would be a little careful about idiotic claims of drug abuse in the Right Wing Movement. Of course we know that they are just pushing an agenda to discredit us, the old Skin Head drugo line is a favorite for the Anti racist.

But the truth of the matter is that its the total opposite. You see FDB you will be hard pressed to find a drug abuser in our circles. You may find the odd ex drug user but once these people realised that drugs are just another way to dumb them down and destroy their culture they quickly kicked that habit. Good on them.

Hell even members of WLT have been publicly accused of being Junkies and Heroin addicts by the Jew Henderson himself. Almost as if he was mirroring his image on his enemy. Strange indeed but not surprising. The latest rant from FDB is that WN are now meth addicts. This goes back to an admission from some young kids who participated in the Cronnula Uprising. Hardly WN or NS. Just pissed off white kids who are victims of today's drug culture. A culture that is nourished in the Left Wing Movement.

As we have stated before we have seen the drug abuse with in the Anarchist and Marxist circles. We witnessed it for ourselves when we infiltrated the Rev Left Anarchists in Brisbane. We saw the drugs being pushed onto the minors by older Anarchists. We saw the drugs being transported from upstairs to the youth in the streets. We actually met the pushers who stayed upstairs only coming down after all the dealing was done. A truly sickening site. Drugs are the only way they can hold onto these Anarchist and Anti Fa recruits. With out the drugs these youth would see right threw the BS they preach.

But it is no surprise that the Anarchist and Anti Fa groups are so deep into the drug culture. When you look at the people who are the big players in the drug scene you understand the connection. No its not Bikers nor is it the Lebs. They just sell the drugs supplied to them. Sure some may run small labs, but they usually go out of business once they stand on the shoes of the big guys. You see they are the ones that get caught. It is their labs you see being smashed by our police Forces around the world. They are just a small part of an even bigger problem.
So who are the drug lords?

Well the DEA thinks that the biggest supplier of Ecstasy in the world is guess who? Israel. They also suggest that the Jewish community in America (well the Powerful Zionist in Miami and New York) are the ones who clean that dirty drug money. For a price of course.

A quick Google will show anyone who can type "Orthodox Jew Drug Smugglers" that the key players in Heroin Trafficking is in fact the Jews of Europe. Not happy with just Diamond smuggling they now see Heroin Trafficking as a good way to destroy their enemy us and make a quick buck. Check it out for yourself.

In the years between the Russian pull out of Afghanistan and the invasion by us the good guys Heroin production dropped drastically. Heroin abuse around the world was at its lowest recorded. But since we decided to teach those evil Islamic Terrorists a lesson Heroin is once again gaining popularity around the world. Funny that. Well not really.

Here is a nice vid. Fancy the same company that trained the 911 pilots being involved in Cocaine Smuggling. What a coincidence. Oh who owns the company? Need we say it?

Funny how the above story just disappeared.

Oh a little more did you ask?

"ISRAELI drug lords are increasingly targeting Australia for ecstasy smuggling.

In March, 45-year-old Israeli man Benjamin Rosenfeld was sentenced to 21 years' jail for importing 112 kilograms of the drug MDMA, the main ingredient of ecstasy, with a street value estimated at $45 million."

"A Japanese court sentenced an Israeli to eight years in prison on Friday after convicting him of attempting to smuggle Ecstasy into the country, according to friends of his family.

The Israeli, who was a minor at the time of the crime, is the youngest of three yeshiva students arrested a year ago while attempting to enter Japan with suitcases containing large quantities of Ecstasy pills.

Rosenfeld organised the drug shipment from the northern Israeli port of Haifa."

You see folks you only see what they need you to see. While its great to see our Law Enforcement smashing drug rings be it Bike Gangs or Leb Gangs or what ever. But in the end they are only killing off the competition so the real drug lords can carry on. The money generated by these drug cartels is used in all types of ways from funding private wars around the world to paying off assassins and bank rolling groups such as the The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) .

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