Friday, May 15, 2009

Fight Dem Back. Zionist Puppets.

Above Mathew Henderson Hau (Jew)Founder of Fight Dem Back on the stage at a Pro Islamic anti Racist rally.

We just love it when the sniveling little wimp Mathew Henderson Hau crawls our of his comfortable Kosher lifestyle to jump to the defence of his Sayanim empire.

This is the latest from our hero.

Post subject: Re: anti-Jew YouTube poster charged under WA vilification laws
PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2009 2:33 am

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It's nothing new. Far-right loonies have always tried to use the Palestinian issue to legitimise their flagrant antisemitism. Criticism of Israel's policies and military acts is not antisemitic, criticism of Jews for simply being Jews and invoking poisonous conspiratorial crap AND holocaust denial IS antisemitic.

I always find the selective and convenient support of Arabs and Muslims to be kinda interesting. I mean, one minute the far-right are protesting about Muslim schools, Muslim immigrants, Arab youths invading beaches ....but it seems when faced with what they deem as two evils, the fash must always support whoever is opposing 'the Jews'.

Oh Mathew you are kidding. It is in fact Government Agents such as FDB who do exactly what you accuse us evil white folk of doing. Back in the glory days of FDB Old Mathew was always the first one to talk up Muslims in Australia. Oh yes when ever an Insane Muslim Cleric made some horrendous remark about White Australians Mathew was standing with the Islamic community to defend them from Racism. When ever a bunch of Lebs bashed or killed a White Australian you would find old Mathew defending the Islamic community from the evil White Folk who have had enough.

But for every time we witnessed Mathew supporting Muslims it was always protesting about the evil white man. Never and I will say never did he speak of the Zionist crimes in Palestine.

He even attacked a Palestinian woman who dared to speak at a Nationalist Conference in Sydney concerning Zionist crimes in Palestine. Seems White Nationals are not allowed to take an interest in who else is under the heel of Zionism.

Henderson you dog you just don't get it do you. We all know you and FDB are full of shit. Has anyone else noticed that FDB no longer has any Muslim members? I wonder why? Because they only used them to attack White Nationals. They are now surplus to requirements.

Remember the Islamic members from FDB? The ones that threatened White Nationals with MURDER. Oh yeah we remember them Mathew. Remember how your FDB Anarchist member in Queensland joined the Islamic thugs in Brisbane to try and FIREBOMB a BBQ attended by Storm Front members. We do.

You see Mathew we think Muslims are just fine. In a Muslim country. But a funny thing has happened. Israel keeps killing them and sending the survivors here. They are fleeing Zionist aggression you twit. You know the Zionists Mathew you talk to them all the time.

Crawl back in your cave Henderson.

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