Friday, May 15, 2009

Here it is the evil video Support Brendon

"The whole thing's pretty nutty, and will no doubt re-surface somewhere else on teh Tubes."

Yes @ndy Fight Dem Back Victorian founder AKA jew boy Andrew Moran here it is you racist Jewish scum

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Noahideous the Goose said...

O'Connell was indignantly accused of Shhlapping a Chosen One. If Brendon did Shlapp the Chosen One, in response to bit of a touch up from the buffoon masquerading as a "Chosen One", then it is as if Brendon Shlapped G_d himself, and for that there can be no forgiveness.

The correct posture before a member of the Chosen is that of Kneeling, in accordance with the deferential respect and reverence to which they feel themselves entitled to .

Can any of you imagine, or care, how much of an affront it is ????? to stand as equals before them.

It disenfranchises them from their religion of tolerance and renders them irrelvant in the context of their "religion".

Shame on YOU....Shame on you all, for not having the sensitivity and Courage to Care for the hurt you inflict upon their poor sanctimonious souls.


The Best of the Gentiles must be Killed, and especially the heretic.